This Memorial Page Established by-Jim Davis
In Honor Of Lance Corporal James H Lumpkins

I remember the way you always stuck up  me when the
older kids picked on me. I thought you were invincible. I wish i could have
helped out in you're time of need. I'm sorry for the way your family
treated you. A hero deserves better than that. You will always be a hero to me.
May you rest in

November 19, 2012
Please call me..i want to tell you something..i served with James Lumpkins.....8326544226

October 19, 2012
Robert Casto
I had never meet LCpl James H. Lumpkins, but it feels like he has been around my life as long
as I have had this K.I.A. (killed in action) bracelet. I have always wondered who this man was.
I have been wearing this bracelet for going on what seems now 10 years. I just recently found
it. I inserted his name into a search engine and it brings me to this page. I read what people
have written about him and it seems that he was a great guy to know and hang out with. If I'm
able to get ahold of his family to hand over my bracelet I would do so with a strong heart
knowing that they will have it.

March 25, 2012
LCPL Thomas James Davis
I served with Lumphy in Desert Storm, we also went to LAV mechanics school together.  We
lived in Okinawa together and had some great times.  I miss him, he was a great kid, quiet,
funny at times and wanted to hang with the guys mostly.... Friendly fire for a A-10 is the real
reason Lumphy isn't with us any more..... sad but true... love you my brother rest in peace!!

Memorial Day 2009
Nickole . H. Lumpkins
James Lumpkins was my uncle. i never got to meet him. he died before i was born. But i hear
he was a nice man. Every time i hear him call out my name and say ILOVEYOU.
In my living room i have a pic of him on the wall every time i look at it i see a tear running
down his face of he winkis at me.
I am so sorry that he died but he is in a better place now. God needed him up there. I wish i
could meet him. In my writing class when we have to do a story i sometimes use him. When i
talk about him i always cry because i feel so bad he died, I know he didnt deserve it but he
helped us have our freedom=[
Sorry i couldn't be there to help in time of need
   Love you& Miss you
LCpl. James H. Lumkins
United States Marine Corps
KIA Operation Desert Storm
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