Memorial Page Established By- Vanessa Adelson

I am the mother of  Stephan Mace, who was KIA at COP Keating on 10/3 along with 7 of his
My son was so proud that I was just about to complete my degree in Veterinary Technology
and was planning on taking my boards in 1/10.  As soon as I complete that task, I will be
working on making sure our military is taken care of by its citizens.  I escorted my baby home
from Dover and landed at a local hometown airport in Leesburg, Va.  When we arrived home,
there were hundreds upon hundreds of people who came out to welcome him home.  Along
the nine mile route hundreds of people were holding flags and signs for my son.  Every time
somebody talks to me, one of my family members or friends, we remind them that they had
the right to stand on the road with their flags for one reason and one reason only.  Our
military.  I am hoping that my fight too will open the eyes of this country and cause them to
start supporting the soldiers.

Thank you,
Vanessa Adelson

February 14, 2017
Anne Harrison
An American hero.  We owe you everything.  God bless.  R.I.P.

June 22, 2015
SFC Romeo Belunta
SPC Stephan L. Mace is my eternal reminder that as a Soldier and a leader, "My duty does not
end at accomplishment of my missions.  I have an everlasting duty to pay tribute to those
who gave their all for their country." I did all I could for SPC Mace, even give my own blood to
try to save him.  But time was not on our side.  I will always remember his last words to me
and use them as a guide, you cant save them all Sergeant.  
Thank you SPC Mace!

June 28, 2011
SSG Romeo Belunta
As I paid my tribute to you and all of Destroyers' Fallen Heroes, I made a promise to honor
you and all your fallen brothers at arms.
Spc. Stephan L. Mace
United States Army
KIA 03 October 2009
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