Sgt. Jonathan Markham
United States Army
March 2, 1985 - May 28, 2007
KIA Abu Sayda, Iraq
Stacey Markham
In Honor Of Sgt. Jonathan Markham

Sgt. Jonathan Markham was born on March 2. 1985.  He
was killed on Memorial Day May 28th, 2007 in Abu Sayda, Iraq.  He and
his men were on their way to retrieve two men in a helicopter crash when
and IED went off.  Sgt. Jonathan Markham was a loyal husband and
father.  He is survived by his nine month old son Daniel Allen Markham and
wife Stacey Markham.  He loved the American flag as much as he loved his
family, and he proudly served his country.  He earned numerous medals
including the Bronze Star and Purple Heart.  He will be greatly missed.

Dawn Markham
In Honor Of Sgt. Jonathan Markham

To my dear son,

What do I say about the true American hero that you are as well as my
son. It seems like just yesterday you were born and I was admiring your
cute little chubby cheeks, watching you learn to eat, crawl walk,
hearing you for the first time say Mama or I love you.  And now even though
I know God has an awesome plan for you I now have to admire pictures
of you from Iraq, admire the beautiful wooden box that the flag from
your funeral is neatly placed in, the medals and awards that were awarded
to you for your courageous acts, admire all the wonderful things that
people are saying about you, admire all the articles and newspaper
articles that are written about this true American Hero.  I am a bit selfish
in this Jonathan because I don't want to admire these things.  I want
to be able to admire the wonderful son that you were, the wonderful
husband that you were, the wonderful Father that you were, the wonderful
brother that you were this my son is what I lived for, to watch you
grow into a wonderful Man and now just like that is taken away from
me.  I am so proud of you my son and I will always remember you but my
heart breaks knowing that I will never again here Mom or I love you, or
have one of your big bear hugs, or see your big guns in the bathroom
mirror, or see that famous smile that took so long to get on your face.  I
am doing everything I can to keep your name alive my son so I don't
really have to say goodbye, because I can't I just can't.  Now my son I
will watch your son grow into a wonderful Man and I will tell him
everything about his wonderful Daddy, Even though I cannot be there everyday
because of the distance I will make sure that your son knows what a
great Daddy he had. Oh Jonathan my little scooter this tribute is for you
and for me so that I can now admire all the people that are thankful for
you for what you have done for this country and maybe just maybe it
will help ease some of this unbearable pain.  I love you my son and !
I will always remember my little scooter with the chubby little cheeks.



Rachel Hughett
Sgt. Jonathan Markham

There are no words to tell you how much your sacrifice
means to those of us left at home.  Nor are there words to tell your
family how much I appreciate that sacrifice.  As my husband is currently
serving with Sgt. Markham's unit, I can understand the agony.  
I learned of what happened from my mother's neighbor.  I was on vacation and
was staying away from the television.  I just didn't want to know what
was happening over there.  I was finally taking a month just for myself
and our children.  She knew where my husband was stationed and came over
with the news.  It was news I didn't want to hear, because the first
thought is always what if it's my husband?  When they released the
names, I cried as I always do, but it hurt more since they were "our boys."
While I never had the pleasure of meeting Sgt. Markham in person, I
had heard him mentioned numerous times.  I know that he was a great
soldier and loved his family.  Please know that he will not be forgotten
by those who served with him or by the spouses who serve so silently
at home.  You will always be in my prayers and never far from my
thoughts.  May the Lord watch over your family.