July 01, 2012
Joseph's Mom
Joseph was a brilliant, truly compassionate soul. He was full of energy, passion, a desire to
understand everything around him and the need to care for those whom he came in contact
with.  Joseph had a awesome sense of humor and loved to create new ways to make people
smile.  He was complex yet simple...and he is missed, loved and thought of every single day.  
Thank you for the stories on site....they make me smile and remind me of his life.  What a
great son...

March 25, 2012
SSG MacDougall, Shane
Your star burned out far too early but it did shine the brightest. You left lasting impressions
on everyone who knew you. You were the joker, the guy who brightened up everyones day.
Your memory will live on because of the positivity you spread. Every brief you gave in AIT
began with that broadcasters voice "I'M PRIVATE MEADOWS!". You had such
infectious enthusiasm, you are truly missed.

March 03, 2012
Sgt Spencer Smith
We had a lot of good times in high school. Years later still thinking about your funeral and just
everything in general. We miss you man

June 29, 2011
Spc. Mills
Joe was like a brother to me, we grew up together and was always the life of the group. He is
missed greatly and I know that he is watching over all of us. I miss you bro, one day we will
cause havoc together again. Until then i will keep fighting the good fight.

May 31, 2011
WO1 Rick Coker
I was one of Meadows AIT Platoon Sergeants back at Ft. Huachuca.  I must have come in
contact with over two thousand new soldier in my time there, but Meadows is one I will
always remember. I can still remember him calling from Afghanistan back to the company
thanking all the Platoon Sergeant for training him and asking to tell all the new soldiers to pay
attention to us. Even after he left us he was still trying to look out for his battle buddies. He
was the type of soldier every leader hopes for, and every all of us who wear the uniform strive
to be. You are gone but not forgotten…

May 11, 2011
SGT. Griffin, Gregory
Bro, i wish u were here, u had so much more to learn, and in this life, R.I.P, MY BRO...

October 04, 2009
Mary Ann Gobelle
In Honor Of  Colman Joseph Meadows
Joseph was our first Grandson.  He was fun, mischievous, loving, taxing, promising,
inquisitive, smart, caring, courteous, and ambitious.  We have been without his wonderful
spirit for 10 months and it seems like forever, and then again, only yesterday.  He is always
with us in the rustle of the wind, a passing butterfly, and a pesky bee or mosquito who loves
to just "hang around" and irritate you.  He was loved beyond measure and, trust me, took
advantage of that fact whenever he needed assistance!  Thank you to everyone, who having
known Joseph, for writing momentous of him, it helps to know that he also made a difference
outside of the family.  

We will always have a hole in our hearts, only to be relieved and filled when we are with him
once again.  We are ever so grateful for being privileged to have had Joseph with us as long
as we did.  He was definitely one-of-a-kind.


Jan 06, 2009

Memorial Page Established By-Tinsley Ball
Joseph was a good man and a great friend.  Though I did not know him for very long the time
we spent in our class and just talking are some of the best times I have had.  I was extremely
lucky to have known him and called him friend.  JoJo I miss you brother.

August 18, 2009
Joshua Bone
Coleman had just gotten to the unit he wasn't with us for very long but he had this charisma
about him, NCO's loved him I knew from the first conversation we would be friends and he
was really there for me he was a good man and a good soldier I distincly remember being up
at the Battalion MWR at 2AM and meadows would walk up to me and say isn't it past your
bedtime and WE would just BS about whatever which really wasn't much but he made sure
everyone around him was smiling but then again it was kinda hard not to smile around that
boy anyway he left us way too soon I really miss him Love ya always brother dont start the
poker games until I get there
PV2 Colman J. Meadows III
United States Army
KIA 16 December 2008 Afghanistan
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This Memorial Page Established by-  Battle
In Honor Of PV2 Colman J. Meadows III

Pvt  Colman Joseph Meadows, III

Feb. 8, 1989, USA -Dec. 16, 2008
Kandahar, Afghanistan

PV2 Colman J. Meadows III, 19, of Senoia, Georgia, a 2007 graduate of Northgate High
School. He was known to everyone as Joseph. He joined the Army in January 2008 and was
assigned as a special electronic devices repairer as part of the 2nd Battalion, 2nd Infantry
Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, based at Fort Hood, Texas. Deployed to
Afghanistan in June, he died at Forward Operating Base Ramrod, Afghanistan, of injuries
sustained from a non-combat related incident. His awards and decorations include the
National Defense Service Medal and the Army Service Ribbon.

He is survived by his mother, Kelley Hooper and her husband Michael of Sharpsburg; father,
Coleman Meadows, Jr. of Jonesboro; half-brother, Montana Meadows of Jonesboro;
grandparents, Mary Ann Gobelle and her husband Dave of Scotsdale, AZ; Ken Fore and his
wife Cathi of Colorado Springs, CO; Pat Meadows of Jonesboro; George Hooper and his wife
Rosemary of Andover, KS; Aunts, Heather Hooper of Edwardsville IL, Theresa Hooper of
Andover, KS; Uncles, John Fore and his wife Kim of Sharpsburg, Bud Fore and his wife Nicall
of Luthersville, Warren Meadows of Jonesboro, and numerous cousins.