This Memorial Page Established by-  Johnathon & Ellen Barney
In Honor Of Miguel M. Mendoza

My Son : We miss you SO much, we are proud of you and  think of you everyday, we LOVE
you. God bless you. DAD and MOM

April 29, 2015
Elizabeth Marie Miller-Naves
I saw Mikey's Facebook page and instantly I broke down and began to cry my eyes out. I
Love you with all my heart ~ Always Have ~ Always Will. I'm torn up My son is going into the
military and he's leaving soon. I pray to you Please Watch Over Marcos. I'm scared to death
for him to go. Then I have to remind myself the last time you and I spoke you had a solid plan
and you followed thru. Thank you for being so amazing, and for your ultimate sacrifice. My
heart aches from the outcome, but please be aware...I am so very proud of you! You're An
Angel Now and Believe Me You Have Lots More Work To Do! Please Michael Protect Me and
Mine until I'm called home (including my pReCiOu granddaughter too) God Bless Your Babies,
Your Brothers and Your Mom. Lastly, I Thank My Heavenly Father For Bringing Us Together
In This Life Time. I'm Blessed To Have Known You and To Have Such Strong Feelings. It's A
Natural Love I Fee!
l For You and Until we meet again...I Will Always Love You! RIP BiG SmOoOcHiEs To YoU.

June 06, 2011
My son, you are missed everyday. Not a day goes by without thoughts of you, and my heart
aches, my mind is distracted and tears well in my eyes from the loss of you in our lives. Soon,
June 11 th, will be one year since you were taken from  us and everyday that passes is a day
unfulfilled without you. We LOVE VERY MUCH, and always will. Dad.
Spc Miguel M. Mendoza
United States Army
Died 11 June 2010
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He passed away as a result of injuries he received in Iraq. He passed in his home in Sacramento
on the morning of June 11, 2010. His rank was SPC, and his last duty assignment and major
command was, WT CO A Warriors FT CA MC. He is buried in the Sacramento Valley Veterans
Cemetery, between Vacaville and Dixon California.