Memorial Page Established By Steve, Connie and Drew Mitchell
In Honor Of Captain D. Seth Mitchell, USMC
To honor our son, Captain Seth Mitchell, USMC, KIA Afghanistan 10/26/2009 and all of his
brothers and sisters in uniform.  We are proud of your service and sacrifice.  Let it not be in
vain.  Love and appreciation to all the families of America's best.  
The Mitchells

October 04,2016
Sybille Sidden
Today I met David Seth Mitchell's uncle while we were both at our local bank.  I saw a decal
on his pick up window in memory of David Seth Mitchell. I asked him about David.  He told me
he was his nephew and told me how he died.  I asked him if he had another decal. I would be
honored to put it on my car. Unfortunately, he did not have another one.  I told him that my
family honors our military and mourns our fallen heroes.
Capt. David S. Mitchell
United States Marine Corps
KIA 26 Oct 2009, Afghanistan
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