June 12, 2018
Joyce Blair Mitchell
You will live forever In our hearts Neal.
We miss you everyday.
Grandma and PawPaw

Memorial Day 2012

Not a day goes by that you are not the first thing on my mind in the morning.  I wish I could tell you it
get easier as time passes but it doesn't.  Son, I love and miss you with all my heart.
I love you,

Karaline Mitchell

In Honor Of Raymond Neal Mitchell III(Neal)
My beautiful brother.
I'll never forget you.
I'm sorry big brother....
I wish you could have lived to see me turn 16.

Carolyn  Parsley-Mitchell

Words are so hard to find at a time like this for it
will be 6 months as of  July 6,2007 since my son was killed.  His sister,
father and I have all suffered the ultimate loss  out son our brother
our grandson.  "Raymond and Joyce Mitchell Sr" his beloved Grandparents
now in TN. Both of whom he loved especially his Grandma.  We lost our
baby boy to sniper fire on Jan 6 the worse day of my life . Seems as if
it only happened yesterday.  He was in the Army stationed out of Ft.
Drum , NY.  He thought it a bit cold for his taste though.  All we have
of our son and brother are warm memories and his childhood stunts what a
challenger he was . He was born in Nashville TN. Grew up in Aurora
Colorado his favorite place . But stayed with is grandparents a couple of
years in West Memphis, AR. What a little hero he was from the moment I
heard his first cry, A mothers love is hard to explain but everlasting
and unconditional.  

He was so much like me the protector , the challenger not afraid of
anything really.A black diamond , snow boarder , black belt in martial
arts, and could zoom a fast ball at 90 mph.  He was a very exceptional
young man.
The brother part well of course he loved his sister like all big
brothers do but his job in life was to tease her and torment her . lol  They
were quite the pair growing up.

We all miss you Neal and will never stop.  You are so much more than a
hero to the US even though they " society" has forgotten you we , your
family will never forget you my beautiful , blue eyed angel.  I LOVE

MOM and Caroline

December 30, 2011
Nicole Lindley (Cousin)
Happy Birthday Cousin!!!! I miss you so much and think about you all the time!!! Even though your body
is not with us anymore your memories still are, so today I celebrate your birth by remembering and
charishing the moments we got to spend with each other!!! I know you are up above celebrating as well
with some baseball or playing some computer games just like you and Jared use to always do!!! I love
you cousin and thank you so much for being so brave and fighting so strong for our countries freedom!!
You are a true hero and always will be remembered as one!!! =)
RIP Raymond Neal Mitchell 111

May 28, 2010
carolyn mitchell MOM:
In Honor Of Neal Mitchell
Hi Baby Boy

Its been 3 1/2 years and it still hurts like heck.  i sure miss you i think about what our future would
be like, Your wife , your children your future
What you would look like now but now matter how much you would have changed
I'd know my blue eyed Angel.  I miss you son so does your sister like you would
not believe. But she is grown and left the next . You would be proud of her Neal
I love you and miss you so


November 06, 2008
carolyn mitchell
In memory of my son. It will be 2 years coming around
the corner since your death
I have had a very hard time letting go of you and don't know if I ever
will completely. I see that smile that will never die in my mind those
amazing blue eyes
you have that change with what you wore.  I think of your sister
Caroline and how hard a time she has had with your death. I'm aware I am
speaking to you as if you were here but somehow I think you may know. I
surely hope so. You were such my little clone in personality, giving and
loving and generous and funny. Though you look like my uncles. We still
miss you son and is so hard to accept your not coming home again.
I know your Dad and sister and grandparents still miss you so. I know
their hearts will never mend but I have a saying that it's not how hard
your hit but how well you rise back up again.  You were such a survivor
like your Mom such a challenger and that is what your name means "
champion".  I will be at your graveside on Christmas like last year and
decorate were you rest. I miss you so much and wish would could
trade places .  I hope you are at peace and feel you are. I still have
dreams of you
and meet you there instead of the world.  I love you son and so does
you are my hero, my son, my little challenger and I have never felt the
love I feel
for you and Caroline nor the pain I feel from losing your presence on
this earth
R.I.P. my beautiful boy. I love you so much and hope you watch over
your sister
I will never say goodbye for I know wherever you are we will be
together somewhere
somehow some way when my body dies.

I love you MOM

Jan 28, 2008
brandon kazimer
Raymond N. Mitchell III known to all of the boys of 2-14 as neal
with each passing day it hurts more and more knowing that i wont get
the chance to see your face and just be around you like i had such a
pleasure of doing so in the past but with each passing day and memory that
i do have of you i will do my best to keep your memory alive and
celebrate your life as best i can each and every day and try to keep my chin
up and live my days the best i can only wishing that you could take
mine in exchange for yours. you were a brother to me and brought out the
best in me as much as you could through all of the tough times we had
went through and the one memory that will forever be etched in my mind is
your priceless smile that only made another fellow soldier smile when
seeing yours. i love you with all of my heart and hope to see you
someday soon in that big mansion in the sky.
with love honor and respect
Spc. Brandon James Kazimer

January 8, 2007
Stephanie Frogg
In Honor Of Neal Mitchell
You continue to honor Neal's life in everything that
you do that is good and strong and patriotic.  Thank you for sharing him
with us.

Gary Barrington
In Honor Of Spec Raymond N. Mitchell III
I have paused today during my "running about town"
usually caught up in the things that apply to "Me" to honor not only this
young man who served our Country with much Valor but his comrades both
past, present and future.

My hope today is that we as a Nation can put aside our differences and
draw together as one to follow the example that Spec Raymond N.
Mitchell III and his fallen comrades have set before us.  This Country is
worth fighting for.  

Now let's all do our part and keep our Country together and strong.

God Bless the Families and Friends who have lost their loved ones.

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Spec Raymond N. Mitchell III
United States Army
KIA January 6, 2007
21, of West Memphis, Ark.; assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade
Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, Fort Drum, N.Y.; died Jan. 6 in Baghdad of wounds sustained
during route security operations.