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THE BOY in 34 G (34 G is the number and letter that marks my son's tombstone)
There’s a boy  in 34G,
A hero lives there you see.
To you I want to tell,
A story I know so well,
Of how he came to be
the boy in 34g.
To his country he’d pledge his allegiance,
everyday at school.
Those words had become so  real  to him,
he realized then what  he had to do.
The boy in 34G.
Came time for his graduation,
and with a sense of obligation,
proceeded to join  the fight,
for our country,it’s freedom , and those things that are right,
felt the boy in 34G.
“It’s where  I’m going ,mom to serve my nation”.
To a land far away he went,
to Afghanistan he was  being sent.
The boy in 34 G.
One day the dreaded news arrived,
of how Private  Diego Montoya  had died.
In grief,  pain and sorrow his  mother cried,
for her boy in 34G.
September 2, I won’t ever  forget.
“We’ve come to inform you
with  much deep  regret”.
“There’s been a mistake!”,
my voice in a shout!
“His dog tags were checked,ma’am”.
“We’re sure,there’s no doubt.”
And so it was he would be,
The boy in 34G.
To Dover his casket they flew,
draped in Old Glory,the red,white and blue,
These colors don’t run,
And neither did he,
this  soldier,a hero,my son,
My boy in 34 G.
There’s nothing a mother won’t do for her own.
I would escort  him home,I would do it alone.
My Lord gave me strength,and courage and pride,
From  Dover we left in God’s morning light.
Just  me and my boy
now in 34G.
In Mission,his hometown ,we laid him to rest,
where all those around  him , are also the best!
A number and letter mark each grave,
for the soldiers and  heroes  who everything  gave.
They are especially marked for only the brave.
The lines and rows will go on forever,
We should make it our cause to forget  them ,NEVER!
24 A, or 19 B,
They all did their  part  so we can  be free,
Courage and valor describe him the best!
Courage and valor  describe all the rest,
Let’s not forget what these brave soldiers have done,
Like Private Diego Montoya, America’s son
They laid down their lives,
We will always be free,
As did  my boy in 34G.

You’ve  now heard my story,
how it came to unfold,
of my third born , my son, my twenty  year-old,
Your hero, God’s son,
my boy in 34 G.

Written by Rosie Pena Guerra
Mother of an American Hero
Pfc.Diego Miguel Montoya
United States Army
KIA 2 September 2010
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20, of San Antonio; assigned to the 720th Military Police Battalion, 89th Military Police Brigade,
Fort Hood, Texas; died Sept. 2 at FOB Mehtar Lam, Afghanistan, of wounds sustained when
insurgents attacked his unit with indirect fire.