Sgt. Trista L. Moretti
United States Army
KIA 25 June 2007

Memorial Page Established by
Dennis Scalera
In Honor Of Sgt.Trista Moretti
In Honor of Trista Moretti,
who lost her life while saving ours, along with the many billions
around the world. She stood very strong with her brave courage. She remains
our hero today.

June 14, 2012
Bernadette Noonan
Hi Trisa,
Today is your birthday and I was just thinking about you.  I wish I could talk to you, but being
able to write something brings comfort even after all these years.  You were always a
beautiful person and I will always be proud of everything you did for your family, friends and
country.  I will never forget you and promise to always stay in contact with your family so
they know how much you will always mean to me.
Happy Birthday!

Jennifer Moretti
In Honor Of Sgt. Trista L. Moretti
Trista Moretti was killed Monday June 25, 2007 on her
FOB located right outside of Nasir Lafitah, Iraq when insurgents
attacked her base.  Her trailer, where she was said to be asleep, was hit with
a mortar at 12:45pm. Twenty-one other soldiers were said to have
received minor injuries during the attack. Trista was the only casualty.

She had just celebrated her birthday on June 14th (Flag Day) and was
only 27 years old. Flag Day....the day when we are supposed to honor our
red, white and blue....that was the day my beautiful sister was born
on.  Maybe it was fate that she was born on that day.  She died
protecting that very flag and the absolute freedom that it represents.

She was my best friend and was supposed to be my maid of honor in my
upcoming wedding.  We had last talked Sunday June 24th at 7:11pm only
hours before she was killed.  I always knew when she was calling because a
weird number would appear on my cell phone and I always picked up.
This night our conversation was no different then the previous ones.  She
spoke about how she was a little bored at work and about how excited
she was to hear that she may be home mid-November.  This meant she would
have plenty of time to make it to my December wedding which I had
postponed once already to ensure that my "little" sister would be able to
be at the alter to witness my wedding vows.  Our conversation lasted
about a half hour and we ended the call like always saying we missed each
other very much and loved each other very much.  I thank God for that
to this very day.  Thank God I didn't miss that call.  Thank God my last
words to my sister were "I love you".

She was naturally beautiful and wore little to no make-up.  She is
probably the only girl I know that can still look amazing in camo.  As I
look at all her army pictures, I still cannot believe how cute she looked
in her big army helmet.  Any other girl would look hideous.  Not
Trista though, she managed to look stunning even in a baggy uniform.

Trista grew up in South Plainfield, NJ.  She loved playing field hockey
and running track in high school.  She briefly attended William
Paterson University, but really wanted more out of life.  Now when I look
back on her joining the army, her decision really shouldn't have been so
shocking. Well, maybe just a little bit.  She loved doing new things and
going to new places.

She had a great attitude about life and never gave a damn about what
anyone thought about her.  She lived her life the way she wanted to and
never let anyone or anything get in the way.  She was spontaneous and
fun to be around.  She said whatever was on her mind and a lot of people
were attracted to her because of these qualities.  If she liked you,
you definitely knew it AND if she didn't like you, you knew that too!
She definitely wasn't a fake person.  She was upfront and brutally
honest.  That's one of the many things I'm going to miss most about her.

She used to write me cards all the time telling me how much she looked
up to me and used to hope that I was proud of her.  I now cry
uncontrollably just thinking about those things she wrote to me and wish so much
that I could reach out and hug her with every ounce of my being and
tell her that I am proud of her.  That I am the one who should be looking
up to her.  

I believe...I mean deep down in the pit of my stomach believe...that
one day I am going to be with her again and I can hardly wait until that
day.  I will end this tribute to her now saying the same things we
always said to each other:

I love you.  I miss you
I love you.  I miss you.


With love,
Your Sister and Best Friend

October 16, 2011
Gloria M Anthony
Well triscuits it has been a while now since you sacrificed your life for us, yet I still think of
you everyday.  I talk to my friends and my daughter about how special of a friend you were
to me.  I miss you so much, and I hope you know how much you mean to me.  I can not even
begin to list all the memories that I keep of you fresh in my head and heart. You made my
childhood the very best it could have been.  I remember the roast beef hanging from my
glasses and playing house all the time! I remember marco polo and calling you mr. perfect
in the pool.  Remember swimming everyday tris?  I love you trista and I hope to see you
again one day.  I am so glad that you met my daughter tris.   love you trista and I remember
you everyday and I will never forget you....  thank you

May 27, 2010
Robbie K. Esposito
It has been almost three years now since you gave your life while protecting ours.  I
promised your sister, my best friend, that you would never be forgotten... You could never
be forgotten, really.  I think of you often, even though we only met once.  I really know you
from the stories Jenn has shared with me.  You seemed like my kind of girl!...I guess I just
really wanted to write this tribute to you, because I finally could.  Besides the times I
regularly think of you and pray for your family, I try to honor you every year on your
birthday.  Flag Day.  Indeed, very fitting.  At your sister's request, she would rather others
think of you in happier ways.  And, so, I celebrate your life on your birthday.  I celebrate who
you were. I celebrate the memories and love you shared with your family and friends.  My
sister and I make it a point to celebrate sisterhood, in honor of the relationship you and
Jenn had.  I am actually making a special trip to Atlanta to see her over the weekend
encompassing June 25th.

- Trista, the pain of your loss still deeply upsets me, and I only hope that I can continue to
be here for your sister the best I can.  I promise to try to be there for her as much as I can,
for as long as I live.

You will NEVER be forgotten.  You will always be thought of with the utmost respect. You
will always be in our minds and hearts.  We are forever greatful for you having walked this
earth, and for having sacrificed your life in the service of protecting ours.  Love, Robbie

August 13, 2008
Sabrina (Beaner)
It has been over a year  since your passing.  I attended your wake,
your funeral, I visit you often with my children, husband and sister and
still I can't believe its true.  We have been best friends since we
first met in 6th grade.  When I moved away we still saw each other every
weekend, trading off on whose house we would sleep at that weekend.  We
were torn a part several times due to life events but always remained
great friends...not one fight in over 16 years!  I still remember the
first time I came to your house and you snuck us all in your pool and then
your dad came home and you made us all hop the fence to leave before
he saw us LOL..I had never been so scared in my this day I
swear he still knows me as one of those bratty kids that snuck into his
pool...I will never forget truth or dare with you, Jen, Gerard, and
Gloria...or your hamsters..when the crazy mom ate her babies!!!  So many
great memories and great times. Walking to and from school everyday, t!
rick or treating, our many walks to 711 and our other boy crazy
adventures through South Plainfield. The hot icecream man! who got a flat in
front of my grandma's house! You are so truly amazing and one of a
kind.  Beautiful on the inside and out, funny as hell (only person who ever
shot back at my dad's ball busting and he adored you for it! ) You are
a true one of a kind and no one will ever compare to you. I love you
and miss you so much words cannot boys adored you
especially Anthony, I only wish you could have met Sofia, she is a real pisser
you would freakin love her!  One of our last conversations you said
"finally Beaner you got one that looks like you!" and its so true, I will
make sure she knows you and all 3 of my children never forget you.
You are my bestfriend, now, forever and always...we will meet again and
until that day you are in my heart and thoughts always..I will try my
best to keep in contact with your family, if ever they need anything!
.  I guess I have wrote enough, no words can describe the pain I feel
for your loss, your families loss and I cannot say goodbye because I
know we will be together again.  So I will say see you later girl!  I
love you with all my heart and soul and you will NEVER be forgotten.  You
are forever my friend and forever a hero!  God bless you and the world
thanks you for your bravery and courage.
Love always
Beaner (Sabrina)
I love you!
PS Thank you soooo much for creating this site, it means so much to me
and all who love and adore Trista.

Jan 28, 2008
SFC Rod Brewer
Sergeant Trista L. Moretti, 06/25/07, Operation Iraqi
Freedom. Christmas in Arlington... Rest easy, sleep well my sister. Know
the line has held, your job is done. Rest easy, sleep well. Others
have taken up where you fell, the line has held. Peace, peace, and
farewell.... Trista, You Will Not Be Forgotten... Rod.