Staff Sgt. Joe Anthony Narvaez
United States Army
KIA 02 October 2006

Memorial Page Established by- Valerie Paez
In Honor Of SSGT Narvaez, Joe Anthony
This memorial is dedicated to

SSGT Narvaez, Joe Anthony
San Antonio, TX

Joey, as he was known as was a great son, brother, uncle, cousin and
friend. He also helped when people were in need. He had a great ear for
listening and was always giving advice. He was a 2000 graduate of John
F. Kennedy High School, where he played football for three years.

I was given the honor of meeting Joey later in his life, I feel his
good years. He was so full of life, and he loved all. I remember going
with him to purchase the vehicle of his dreams, a bright orange mustang. I
can still picture the smile he had the first time he got behind the
wheel. He was like a little boy in a candy store. I can still remember he
drove that car around so much I am supprised the tires never fell off.
I still can picture us in the evenings at the football field at his
high school running around the track, and up and down the bleachers. He
wanted to make sure he was in great shape. Goodness, sometimes he even
convinced me to run with him around the track and he would kill me
running up and down the bleachers.

I was with Joey the day he got sworn in, that day will always be etched
in my memory. He stood there with full respect to the Flag as he
repeated his oath. You knew by staring at him he truly wanted to serve his
country. I remember saying goodbye and hearing his last words to me
"your not family by blood but your family by heart."

He will always be in my heart and mind for that is why I wear his name
around my wrist.

I will forever be grateful to the love he showed me in the year and a
half i knew him, and because of him and other fellow soldiers my
children and I live free.

God Bless His Family

Valerie Falcon Paez  
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February 17, 2016
Elton East
SSG Narvaez was my squad leader in Iraq. Like most of the guys in our platoon, I loved him. He was
tough when he need to be and he was always prepared to help a soldier. I have so many good stories
and things to say about him but there's just not enough time. I plan on visiting his grave this year in
San Antonio.

May 22, 2015
Denise Tirino
Tomorrow 5/23/2015 I will carry SSG Narvaez' name on my race bib while I do the Cpl Chris Scherer
memorial run/walk.  I will ring the bell in his name at the end of the race to signify my completion of
the race in his honor and so that he will not be forgotten.  May he RIP.

April 20, 2009
Cathy Larson
In Honor Of Staff Sgt Joe A Narvaez
I just wanted to say that I am wearing a "Hero Bracelet" with the name of Joe Narvaez to pay tribute to
him and all for the other fallen soldiers.  I feel that this is a small thing that I can do just to say thank
you for fighting for our FREEDOM.
Thank you to all of you, and your families for their great sacrifice.

July 12, 2007
Danielle Falcon
I was only 5 when i meet Joey, and one of the greatest
memories i have is when he was visiting me and my mom at our apartment.
we all went swimming and i got thirsty and my mom didn't want to get me
something to drink. Joey he got out of the pool and took me in his
orange mustang to the diamond shamrock up the street and got me my drink
and some chips, and i did not even ask for the chips. He was nice like
that. he was a friend i wanted for life. i to will wear his name around
my wrist, i took a summer job babysitting just so i may afford my hero
bracelet and i ordered it yesterday.
Joey you will always have a place in my heart
Danielle Celeste