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In Honor Of SPC Brynn Joel Naylor
My son, Brynn joined the Army after graduating from high school.  After finishing Basic
Training in 2005, he was assigned to USA 2-12, Chosen Company at Ft. Carson, CO.  His first
deployment began in 2006 to Iraq.  He was admired by his fellow soldiers and officers, and
many have told us of the courage and encouragement he offered.  Brynn would often
challenge them to 'do what they came here to do' and told them that 'he was not afraid
because if something happened to him he knew where he was going'.  It was his quiet but
sincere way of encouraging them in the hope of eternal life in Heaven with Jesus.  He desired
to go 'green to gold' and become an Army Chaplain, so he re-enlisted on the evening of Dec.
12, 2007.  On December 13th, he was serving his last day of guard duty to protect an area that
they had been securing, when he was shot by an enemy sniper.  This was 3 days before
leaving Iraq.
Brynn is dearly missed by his family and friends.  Although 2 years have passed already, not
a day goes by that I don't think about him.  My heart is heavy with our earthly loss, but joy is
found in knowing that we'll see him in Heaven one day.  

October 14, 2011
SFC Victor J Trujillo
In Honor Of SPC Brynn Nayler
I was the notification officer that had to tell your mom of your death. I have thought of the day
and all that had occurred. Your mother told me all about you, your birthday and what you
were going to do upon your return. I never meet you but I will never forget you. God bless
you and your family.
Spc. Brynn J. Naylor
United States Army
KIA  13 December 2007,Iraq
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21, of Roswell, N.M.; assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat
Team, 2nd Infantry Division, Fort Carson, Colo.; died Dec. 13 in Baghdad of wounds sustained
when enemy forces attacked his unit using small-arms fire.