Sgt. Thomas Neiper
United States Marine Corps
July 11, 2008

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SOUTH PLAINFIELD — Sgt. Thomas Neiper, 25, of the U.S. Marine Corps died suddenly on
Friday (July 11, 2008) while home on leave. Born in Plainfield, Tommy was a graduate of the
South Plainfield High School, Class of 2000.

While growing up in South Plainfield, Tommy had always wanted to be in the Military. Upon
his graduation he immediately enlisted in the U.S. Marines. He began his training in
California and was currently serving his second tour of duty with the Second Battalion of
Camp Lejeune serving in Iraq. Tommy was about to complete his second tour this October.

Tommy loved the outdoors, he enjoyed mountain biking, riding his motorcycle and playing
PSP. While stationed in Camp Pendleton in California, Tommy began surfing and snow
boarding, two activities which he immediately loved and excelled.

Predeceased by his niece, Casey Rose, he is survived by his parents, Carl and Jane (Stull)
Neiper; his sister, Pamela Neiper-Redo; and his two brothers, David, and Carl Jr., and his
wife, Jodi. Also surviving are Jennifer Radzewick of Manalapan who he loved with all his
heart; his nieces and nephews, Danny, Corey, Carly, Jennifer and Caryn; and many
extended family and friends.

Funeral services will begin 9:15 a.m. Thursday in McCriskin-Gustafson Home For Funerals,
2425 Plainfield Ave., South Plainfield, (, followed by a 10 a.
m. church service in Wesley United Methodist Church, Plainfield Avenue, South Plainfield.
Cremation services will follow at Rosehill Crematory, Linden. Family and friends are invited
to the visitation from 2 to 4 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. Wednesday in the funeral home.

In lieu of flowers, donations in his memory may be made to Our Fallen Soldier, 6498 Willow
Place, Carlsbad, CA. 92011.

June 30, 2011
Larry Bellon
In Honor Of  SGT Thomas Neiper USMC
Tom, God I miss you. Nothing is the same. You were my bro. I still try to do the stuff we use
to. Ride motorcycles, surf, snowboard, and long trips to wherever. I just don't enjoy it like i
use to. But i keep on doing it cause I know you would do the same for me. Love ya bro.

December 08, 2010
Pamela Neiper-Redo
In Honor Of  SGT Thomas Neiper USMC
My little brother.  When Mom went in labor with you, I called Aunt Mae at 2am.  I couldn't
sleep.  When the sun came up, Carl David and I marched through the neighborhood happy
and proud "  It's a Boy".  You came home from the hospital at the end of the Labor Day
parade.  It seemed the parade was just for you and you were the highlight at the end.  As a
baby, i use to wake you up so I could give you hugs and smooches and watch you.  Mom
would yell at me for that.  Your life was filled with the purest of Love from family and friends.  
Your existence was both a blessing and a miracle.  As a baby and as you grew, I would
plead with God to never take you away from us.  I was mad at you for reenlisting and taking
a second tour in Iraq.  I was afraid for you.  I distanced myself from you because of it.  
Although you never left my heart and you never will.  In a sense, God didn't take you away
at all.  Because no matter what form you take and no matter where you live, your spirit will
always be alive in us.  In me.  I didn't get a chance to say welcome home or goodbye to
you.  Although you are home aren't you? And because you live in me, we will never have to
say goodbye. I love you little brother.  Always and forever.
Thank YOU! <3 XOXOXO

August 09, 2009
Jenn Faustner
In Honor Of Tom Neiper
I can't believe I have to write to you this way.  I'm much more used to our letters we used to
write a decade ago.  Before you even had a driver's license, I would wait patiently for a letter
in the mail.  You were my very first love, and I still love you.  We used to talk on the phone
for hours, you had to get a calling card since long distance was too much and we didn't use
cell phones back then.  I still have all your letters and my wisdom teeth teddy bear.  I have
so many great memories of you and me and I'm so so so sorry it didn't work out.  I always
wanted to have you in my life and I can't believe that you aren't here anymore.  We would
always pop into each others' lives and that meant the world to me.  I remember when I
moved back to my dad's house and we repainted the spare bedroom together. You brought
coffee :)  Wow, so many memories come flooding back.  Like when we first met at Promised
Land, and I thought the way you said coffee was cute.  And the first time y!
ou called later that summer.... Titanic the movie came out on VHS.  My mom went to Kmart
to get it and you called before the ending... we talked and talked and talked.  You had to
figure out my area code because I didn't realize you needed it.  I hope so much that you
know how much you were on my mind.  Then, now, and forever on.  I've been missing you
a lot lately and I can't believe that I will never be able to talk to you again.  
All my love,
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