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In Honor Of Daniel O'Leary
Thank you Danny for your selfless service to others and for meeting the challenges called
upon you.  I know this will be very difficult for your family but I hope that with time; that they
can regain their footing in life. You served with the dignity and courage of a fine young man
that any parent could be proud of.
With my only child being deployed; I know first hand that it's difficult for all of us who love our
soldiers to wait patiently back home while you do your job.  To keep busy, I do what I can as
a parent and try to bring comfort to our soldiers deployed.  There are so many worthwhile
things to do.
Danny, I also know first hand how it hurts your "band of brothers" to loose the man who
stood beside them in the daily grind.  My son has lost many of his friends that he has worked
alongside but I think the hardest for him to deal with was a young fellow by the name of
Richard Lord. This has been very hard on the troops you served with. They wanted everyone
to go home together; just as they arrived in Iraq together! It is one of the tasks every soldier
tries to achieve---to bring everyone home.  When you loose a man(or woman); it's a tough
and emotional ordeal few want to occur.   
Your family has my e-mail and a poem that I sent to them that I hope with time brings them
comfort.  You will never be forgotten by those of us who know the challenges and pain that
often goes along with the military way of life.  You will forever be one of our Hero's and I
know you have joined many of your "band of brothers and sisters" who have given their all
to protect those beside them and those that they love back home!    
Young Warrior, you did your best to do what was asked of you.  May you find peace and be
rewarded by our heavenly father with all the rewards you would not be able to obtain in this
mortal life on earth.  May your spirit be among your loved ones during their time of grief and
may your spirit find solace among your fellow soldiers who also gave their all!
Cpl Daniel T. O'Leary
United States Army
KIA 23 February 2010, Iraq
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DOD Identifies Army Casualty
The Department of Defense announced today the death of a soldier who was supporting
Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Daniel T. O’Leary, 23, of Youngsville, N.C., died Feb. 23 in Fallujah, Iraq, of injuries sustained
during a vehicle roll-over. He was assigned to the 307th Brigade Support Battalion, 1st Brigade
Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, N.C.
For more information, media may contact the 82nd Airborne Division public affairs office at 910-
432-0661, or 910-432-0662.