This Memorial Page Established by-Barry Lashinsky
In Honor Of Benjamin D. Osborn

LAKE GEORGE -- Spc. Benjamin D. Osborn, 27, passed on Tuesday, June 15, 2010, in Konar
Province, Afghanistan, while serving with the U.S. Army.
Born in Glens Falls Hospital, Jan. 21, 1983, he was the son of William D. and Beverly
(Burnham) Osborn.
Benjamin served with the 1st Battalion, 327th Infantry, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 101st
Airborne Division, Fort Campbell, Ky., rank SPC 4. He was in active duty from April 2007 to
June 2010, in Theatres of Operation in Iraq and Afghanistan. The following are some of the
medals and honors that were received: Iraq Freedom Medal, Purple Heart and Bronze Star.
On Feb. 6, 2010, he married the love of his life, Nicole LaPier, in Queensbury. He was a caring,
loving and passionate husband, who adored his wife and looked forward to their future.
Ben received his first trophy at the age of seven, when he competed amongst 11 boys in a
tumbling routine. He received first place. This was the beginning of many, many sports
trophies. He received the senior athletic award and played varsity football for four years,
varsity baseball for two years, JV baseball for two years, JV basketball for two years and was
a member of the varsity ski team for one year. He still holds the record at Lake George High
School for career tackles in football, accomplished in two and a half years. Along with his
sports, he was involved in the Sister Cities Exchange Program and Odyssey of the Mind.
Ben will be remembered for his sense of humor, his appetite, loyalty, dedication, love of his
family, brotherhood, friends and Lake George. He was a hero to so many in life and will be
remembered as a hero to all in death. Ben will always be remembered for his ready smile, his
sense of fun and adventure. His readiness to help others any time for anything. His
willingness to stand up for his friends while always ready to get on the floor to play with the
young. Such a genuine person who always respected all he encountered. Ben found true
happiness and contentment in his recent marriage to his beloved Nicole. He was now
complete and ready to face the future. Ben was such a loved and compassionate person, yet
he fully subscribed to the creed of effort. "I firmly believe that any man's finest hour is that
moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and he's exhausted on the field of
battle, victorious." (Vince Lombardi) Ben gave his all for the mission at hand. We lo!
ve you, Ben.
His grandfather, Richard G. Burnham, predeceased him, a four-year Army World War II
veteran, along with his grandfather, Leonard W. Osborn, and grandmother, Marion G. Osborn.
Survivors include his wife, Nicole J. (LaPier) Osborn; his parents, William and Beverly Osborn
of Lake George; his brothers, Christopher Gill and fiance Shana Rivera of Charlotte, N.C.,
William B. and his wife Amanda Osborn of Covington, Ga., Jeffrey S. and his wife Elizabeth
Osborn of Centerville, Va.; his sister, Bethany L. Osborn and fiance Travis Birkholz of
Warrensburg; his grandmother, Vera Burnham of Middle Granville, N.Y.; in-laws, Tom and
Emily (Winslow) LaPier of Queensbury and Fred and Lisa Bartlett of South Glens Falls;
brother-in-law, Fred Bartlett Jr. of South Glens Falls; sisters-in-law, Kara Winslow of
Queensbury, Jessica Winslow and fiancé, Jason LeBlanc, of Queensbury; nephews, Daniel
Jacobs of Covington, Ga., David Osborn of Covington, Ga., Mathew Osborn of Covington,
Ga.; his niece, Anna Osborn of Covington, Ga.; his nephew, Austin Osborn of Centerville,
Va.; his aunt, Roberta J. Burnham of Houston, Texas, Army retired Sergeant Major; his
cousins, Marc Cr!
istaldi of South Glens Falls, 11-year Army veteran, Trista Blyther of Laurel, Md., six-year
Army- currently RN at Walter Reid Hospital/critical care unit, and so many loving aunts, uncles
and cousins, along with two new nieces to be officially part of the family at his sister's
wedding July 10, 2010, Katie and Kiersten Birkholz.

Ozzy, you were and always will be at the top of my list. You did amazing things when you were
here with us and you still do. Every day something incredible happens here, the
general(Petreas) is looking to change the ROE for the war. People have come together for
you and are doing amazing things for good, and are not even sure what drives them...I do
ITS YOU MY FRIEND!! Keep up the good work there and I will see you on the other side.

Dad Started a fund with the school to raise money for kids who need help of any kind to get
what they need, sports gear, extra help with school work, anything of worthy cause for
althetes working hard as you did. look for cool things to come of this...

You never got to go for a ride in the new vette.. so were going to new plates with #40
on them for you, then were gonna tear the streets up OZZY-40

We love and miss you, You are the bravest man I know and are truly my hero....
I never had one before..pretty cool.

Barry Lashinsky

From: Beverly Osborn
Sent: Sunday, June 27, 2010 8:22 PM
Subject: loss of our son SPC Benjamin D Osborn & rules of engagement

David Howell Petraeus

General Petraeus

United States Central Command

Our son, SPC 4 Benjamin D. Osborn was killed in action June 15, 2010 in
Kunar Province Afghanistan , on a mission. On that day, his unit of 20
was ambushed, coming under heavy fire from a Taliban force of between 70
to 100 strong. Due to the "Rules of Engagement", our soldiers could not
return fire to protect themselves until ordered to do so.

Our son, SPC 4 Benjamin D.Osborn volunteered to man the one heavy gun
his unit had mounted on top of an MRAP vehicle. Finally, ordered to
fire, Ben was able to get off 10 rounds before falling silent.

This illustrates to us that there is a very basic flaw in our "Rules of
Engagement" . We believe that it led to the demise of our son, SPC 4
Benjamin D. Osborn and other warriors like him. We have the greatest
fighting force in the world with the most technologically advanced
weapons known to man. We spend enormous resources to teach, train and
prepare our fighting men and women for battle; then send them out with
one hand tied behind their backs.

It appears that our current administration is anti-military because of
the limits placed on field personnel. The "Rules of Engagement" are such
that we allow our enemies one break after another: we can not fire
unless fired upon, if enemy combatants are around civilians we must
retreat, before we can enter buildings we must consult with Afghan
National Security Forces. Such "Rules of Engagement" allow these
terrorists to escape to come back stronger and fight another day.

The Taliban, Al Qaeda and other like-minded radical Islamist groups have
clearly stated their intentions. We are given 2 choices; join them or
die. They are beyond reason. We can not negotiate with them and we best
not ignore them. The question is; what should we do? Should we pretend
they do not really mean what they say, stand up and fight, or continue
down the current misguided path that the current administration is
leading us?

These terrorists do not share our values or views; even the most
precious of all, the sanctity of life. They think nothing of sacrificing
their life to create as much destruction, mayhem and loss of life in the
name of their god.

Since our civilian government runs our military, as it should be,
commitments must start at the top. We need leadership with strength of
character, a clear vision of stated goals and the political will to see
them through. Whether it be Democrat or Republican, it should not
matter. What matters is what is best for America . Winning the hearts and
minds of the Afghans is not what is best for America . We are at war. The
"Rules of Engagement" must be to empower our soldiers, not to give aid
and comfort to the enemy.

We must prioritize and win this war first, then follow through with
nation building. If we can not or will not face this threat there, then
be prepared for more bloodshed here. Set our troops free to engage the
enemy, to conquer, not contain, to kill, not allow them refuge. We must
win, not just engage in skirmishes which mean greater meaningless loss
of life.

Our troops deserve far better.

Ben, you have been and will always be our hero. You joined the Army to
serve your country and to make a difference. Mission accomplished.

God Bless You Son. God Bless Our Troops and God Bless America !


Beverly Osborn
William Osborn
To: Beverly Osborn
Sent: Sun, June 27, 2010 8:26:04 PM
Subject: RE: loss of our son SPC Benjamin D Osborn & rules of engagement

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Osborn, please accept my condolences on the loss of
your son.  

And please listen to my opening statement at the confirmation hearing on
Tuesday morning at 0930.  I will address the ROE issue.  I will note
that commanders have a moral imperative to ensure that we provide every
possible element of support to our troopers when they get into a tight
spot.  And I will ensure that we meet that imperative if I am confirmed
to command ISAF in Afghanistan .

Sincerely, and with sympathy -- General Dave Petraeus

Here's our mission statement

Our Mission:

The Benjamin D. Osborn Memorial Fund has been founded as a non-profit 501 c3
organization aimed to support youth with "NEED". This
fund was created in loving memory of Spc. Osborn who was killed in
Afghanistan, June 15, 2010, while serving in the United States Army
during Operation Enduring Freedom. It is our mission and hope that the
values being learned  such as : a charitable heart, work ethic, sportsmanship,
leadership, discipline, and pride will be encouraged and passed on
through Ben's legacy. As he taught us through example and selfless sacrifice, we simply wish to do
our part by"Giving Kids a little lift" in honor of Ben's memory, as the man who planted the seeds
within our hearts that inspired us to do so; we wish to carry on his legacy and   Make  Him  Proud.

We Thank-you

September 28, 2011
Ozzie!Ill never forget your smiley face and your humor on life. I heard bohemian rhapsody on the
radio today; will never forget you and sashas epic singing moment. You were a gentle soul and a
brave man.

December 05, 2010
Joanne Heusser
Ben, You will never be forgotten, your memory will live strong in all of us that knew you.  I always
told your Mom you would make her proud and you have.  We will be walking another marathon in
June, with your wind at our backs and the "No Slack" attitude. God Bless you Ben.  Sincerely,
Joanne Heusser 12/05/10

July 02,2010
1SG Powell

To the Osborn family and friends:

My heartfelt condolences on the loss of your Warrior. God Bless all of you.

July 01, 2010
Spc. Benjamin D. Osborn
United States Army
KIA 15 June 2010, Afghanistan
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27, of Queensbury, N.Y.; assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade
Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), Fort Campbell, Ky.; died June 15 in
Shigalwashheltan district, Konar, Afghanistan, of wounds sustained when insurgents attacked
his unit using small-arms fire and rocket-propelled grenades.
Ben and Nicole
3 boys