Our Immediate Needs
                                Our Fallen Soldier Needs you…........

To help keep our projects  running  though out the year.  There are many ways you can get involved and
help us keep these projects going.  Through fund raising, public awareness and awesome volunteers,
these programs exist and thrive.

Blue Jean Friday's:  This is a fun and simple fund raising opportunity for businesses big and small.  
Whether you have 2, 20, 200 or 2000 employees - this is a fun and easy event to put on.  

Frequent Flier Mile Donations: We are always in need of  airline tickets to assist both families
of fallen soldier trying to get to funeral or memorial services and families of Wounded soldiers at various
hospitals and rehabilitation  centers across the country.  Soldiers are often facing multiple surgeries and
countless hours of therapy and rehab.   We try to provide their families with travel whenever possible to
aide their soldier through recovery.  This is a very important aspect to the soldiers recovery and
psychological wellness.  Many families become financially exhausted from all the travel they may need to
do after a soldiers combat injury.

Volunteers: We are always in need of volunteers to help us implement some of our programs.  There
simply are not always enough of us to adequately assist all the needs we sometime face.  We are not
looking for long term commitments, as we realize people are busy.  You can give a hour or whatever time
you can afford.   We will match you with a volunteer opportunity that best suits your needs and desires to
help.  It could be administrative or helping us with a actual event.  Groups such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts
and civic groups are always welcome to volunteer together,  as well.

Awareness:  Help us raise awareness to the daily sacrifices our military and their families undergo on
a daily basis.  Simply by showing your support of our troops on "Red Shirt" Friday's  is a great way to get
involved.  Make a donation to Ourfallensoldier.com by purchasing one of our Red T-shirts or wear anything
red.  It is a great way to show your support.

Donations: Without the generosity of public donations, our assistance programs can't be
maintained.   When thinking about giving, please keep Our Fallen Soldier in mind.  
We spend 95
cents out of every donation dollar
to assist military and their families around the nation.