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29 December 2011
Floyd S Mora Jr

I still haven not forgotten about u dear friend. The only thing that has changed is that now i am
older and have three kids. Dave and i still bring up the old times. Im am so sorry i did not go to the
wake........ but i .... could not bear to see you other than i remember u. I still to this day regreat it.i
am so sorry.  Dont freat though. I will always be thier for you and your family .see you soon my
dear friend.                                               
Floyd mora jr

21 December 2011
Zane Haworth
I never met this young man in person, yet his life has touched mine. My brother gave me this a
hero bracelet in memory of Stephen, just after he enlisted. I wear it all day every day. I tried to
enlist my self but due do knee injuries I wasn't able to. I will never have the honor of serving my
county like this young man and many others have. God bless America, and the brave man who
protect it. Thank you Stephen J. Perez.
Lance Cpl. Stephen J. Perez
United States Marine Corps
KIA 13 April 2006, Iraq
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San Antonio Marine wanted to teach

SAN ANTONIO — Lance Cpl. Stephen Joseph Perez, a Marine from San Antonio who dreamed of getting his
teacher certificate and working with children, has died in Iraq.

The Department of Defense said Saturday that Perez, 22, was one of two Marines who died Thursday in
Anbar Province. The other was Cpl. Salem Bachar, 20, of Chula Vista, Calif.

Perez was assigned to the 1st Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary
Force at Camp Pendleton. Bachar was assigned to Headquarters Battalion, 1st Marine Division, I Marine
Expeditionary Force at Camp Pendleton.

Conrado Perez Jr., of Eagle Pass, said Marines told him shrapnel struck his son in the right temple. The
shrapnel came from an explosion between Fallujah and Karma where there had been heavy fighting.

“They were engaged in battle almost daily,” his father said in a story in the San Antonio Express-News.

Perez received both the word of his son’s death and a letter from his son on the same day because of the lag
time in the arrival of letters from Iraq.

In the letter, Perez told his father, “I can’t wait to taste your ribs again, Daddy.”

He also said that his company was having trouble with insurgents.

Perez grew up in San Antonio with his mother, Diana Marie Perez, and older brother, Kenneth Perez. He
called Eagle Pass his second home, his father said.

“I never saw him angry,” he said. “His mother did a fantastic job of raising that boy.”

Perez was due to return home in August and planned to work toward a teaching certificate.

At least 204 Texas service members have died in Iraq since the war began in March 2003, according to the U.
S. Department of Defense.

— Associated Press