Memorial Page Established By-Donna R Wilson, mother
In Honor Of SPC David E Perkins
Tribute to David E.“Ted” Perkins:

A ray of sunshine entered the world on June 28, 1980, when David Edward Perkins was
born.  Named after his Papa Wilson and Uncle Carl, he became known as “Teddy Bear”
because of his compassionate spirit.

Ted had an insatiable thirst for the majestic world God created.  From the time he was able to
walk, he wanted to be outdoors playing in the sandbox, walking to the creek, and building tree
houses. He even built an igloo one winter when it snowed.
Like most little boys, Ted was fascinated with moving objects attached to loud motors. GO-
carts, dirt bikes, four wheelers, and yes, motorcycles. His older brother Jay said Ted was the
most fearless human being he knew.  They spent many years together, hiking, camping, rock
climbing, repelling, and cliff diving.

Ted had intuitive gift for animals. He assisted a mother goat and a blind horse, with difficult
deliveries of their young. He never met a stranger and was always helping
others in need. Wherever he went he spread happiness and joy.

While attending Ledford High School, Ted served his community as a volunteer fireman
where he was named Junior Fireman of the Year. He adopted the quote by William Author
Ward, “Greatness is not found in possessions, power, position or prestige. It is discovered in
goodness, humility, service, and character”. This became his mission in life. Two summers
were spent with World Changers International repairing homes destroyed by hurricanes. Ted
was recognized for his academics and leadership qualities by his selection in ‘Who’s Who in
American High Schools. During his senior year in high school Ted chose to begin using his
given name, David, to honor his deceased grandfather.

He attended Western Carolina University where he majored in biology. While at the
university, David participated in a field trip that included Yellowstone National Park.  Returning
home he commented, “I’ve never felt closer to God than I do in this place”. It was only
appropriate that he requested his ashes be spread in the park.  

After the attack on September 11, 2001, David decided to answer the call to protect the United
States and our allies.   David served his country as he lived his life, fearlessly and selflessly.  
A member of the US Army 82nd Airborne Special Forces, his brigade completed missions in
Iraq and Afghanistan. As an Army reservist, he had four remaining years of service.

On July 25, 2008, David was lifted from his motorcycle ride into the heavenly realms above.
Even in death he gave to others. Two fortunate people received their sight for the first time in
their lives, because David chose to donate his eyes to the NC Eye Bank. This has been a
tragic loss for those of us left behind, and eternal gain for those who went before him.
“Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God”

September 13, 2012
melissa nguyen

I'm so sorry for your loss. Your soldier is a hero.
I pass by the adopt a highway sign everyday to take my son to school from high point to
colfax elementary. I didn't realize that David was fallen because the sign says "vet". I've
looked at it every school day on the way from taking my son to school for over a year  and
each morning as I slow past the sign because traffic backs up there; I say a little prayer of
thanks. Thanks for my freedom, that I can raise my child in a better place than so many others
in the world, thanks for so many things that being an American means, and thanks for the
brave men and women in the past and present that make it possible.
I started looking for David on the Internet to thank him for his service and adopting a
highway. I did that with my youth group at church many years ago and thought it was great
that a person who had already served his country would continue to serve his community.  
However, I found a site that said this was a tribute memorial. My heart just sank and ached.
Looking further I saw that David was an animal lover with many gifts and like me, went to
"dullawhee" (I say lovingly as it was called before there was walmart or anything else up
there except God's beautiful nature).
That he joined service later after going to school and could have just continued with his life
but chose to follow a higher calling is even more telling of the kind of raising he had and the
kind of man he was.
I don't know clearly if he passed in service or in a motorcycle accident but it doesn't matter.
Either way, the world lost a wonderful person way too early and your family lost part of your
heart. As a mother, I can only imagine that worst fear. You must be so strong to be able to
keep going on.  I would surely crumble.
My son is almost 10. I hope he will turn out with a sense of purpose, honor, responsibility,
and care for humanity and overall goodness half as much as your dear David.
I will look differently upon the sign when I pass it from now on. When I say my prayers, I will
add one for you and David's loved ones, one that David shall be surrounded in Heaven with
animals and nature and be at peace. I will also make sure,as I already do, but even more so;
that neither I nor my son ever forget the price paid so that we may call ourselves Americans
in the land of the free and the home of the oh so very brave.
Thank you. My heart is with you and yours. Sincerely, Melissa

P.S. I hope that this is the right place for my message. If not, you have my most sincere
apologies. I would never do anything on purpose to detract from honoring a soldier's
memory. I just wanted to share how your soldier,David, continues to touch people. It seems a
little cliche and not nearly enough but I don't have better words other than, sadly David is
gone, but for your memorial, he is not forgotten.
Spc. David E. Perkins
United States Army
Served in Afghanistan and Iraq
Passed July 25, 2008
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