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In Honor Of Pfc. Jaysine Pilar Sucgang Petree
Pfc. Jaysine Pilar Sucgang Petree paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country alongside with
Pfc. William Dawson on September 24, 2010 in Cop Carwile, Afghanistan.  Their humvee was
attached by an IED as they travel for transport to Baghram Air Field. "JenJen" as we fondly
called her in our family will forever remain in our hearts. She was a driven, kind-hearted
individual that chose to serve our country with pride.  Her presence in the US Army was
equally coupled with pride as a resident of the US Territory of Guam.

JenJen we love you and miss you so much.  This land is free because of brave souls like
you.  Thank you for your strength in stepping up to a position most of us would not dare to
even think about.  WE ARE PROUD OF YOU!
Pfc. Jaysine P. S. Petree
United States Army
KIA 24 September 2010, Afghanistan
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19, of Yigo, Guam; assigned to 17th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 3rd Maneuver
Enhancement Brigade, Fort Richardson, Alaska; died Sept. 24 while traveling between Ghanzi
and Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, when her military vehicle was attacked with an improvised
explosive device. Also killed was Pfc. William B. Dawson.