"Boots On The Ground"  

The founders of ourfallensoldier.com,  which
was established in August of 2006 have
created a major project  "Our Heroes'
Journey" to  address the significant needs
they have come to see through their daily
ction with Military families across the
United States.   Many of our service members
are facing multiple deployments after a war
that has lasted nearly a decade.  This has
caused tremendous stress to our military,
their marriages, their spouses and children.
Our Heroes' Journey is a adoption program.

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As many of you know Our Fallen Soldier was founded and is
operated by the Gold Star Family of Sgt. Kyle Colnot KIA 22
April 2006 in Iraq.

The organization and this website exist only in the hope that it
will assist all families and friends of our fallen soldiers by
offering our love and support as well as memorializing the
heroes who gave all for our freedoms.

We would like to obtain contact information from all fellow
Gold Star Families as well as friends of the family. This
information will be held in
strict confidence; only to be used
for our family to communicate with the Gold Star community.  
Fund raising activities
will not be conducted through the

Please complete the registration card shown below and send to
us. Again, we share in your great loss and look forward to
knowing you. God Bless

Stand and Salute American Heroes
Honors Petty Officer First Class Dawn Korba

Stand & Salute American Heroes will be honoring another hero on November 11th, at the Indiana Ice Game. Stand & Salute American Heroes is honoring
Veterans from all over the Country, in sporting events, nursing homes and VA Hospitals

PRLog (Press Release) - Nov 07, 2012 -
Sunshine Roth, National Director of Events and Community Liaison for Stand & Salute American Heroes (SASAH), has announced that on Sunday
11/11/12  the Indiana Ice will set be saluting another American Hero, as they host the Chicago Steel.  The puck is set to drop at 3:05 p.m.   Stand & Salute
American Heroes falls under the parent program of "Our Fallen Soldier" which is a 501 (c) 3 Organization and "Our Heroes Journey" our sister
Organization and also a 501 (c) 3.

The event will take place at BANKERS LIFE FIELDHOUSE  in Indianapolis, Indiana at a pregame ceremony.  Tim Alber who will serve as "Our Boots On The
Ground" and nominated Petty Officer First Class Korba has said that she is an "inspiration to be around a true hero for her fortitude and unwillingness to
give up on her dreams."

Dawn joined the Navy in August of 1994 after graduating from High School in Illinois.  She has served on active duty for the past 10 years.  After being out
for a year she joined the Navy Reserves in August of 2005, and is currently still serving in the reserves.  She has 4 years left to serve until she will be
eligible for retirement.  

On April 13, 2011, Dawn was deployed for a tour in Kuwait.  On June 3, 2011, the retina in her left eye became detached while on an IA customs mission.  
Dawn was sent to Germany for emergency surgery.  She spent 8 days at Saarland University Hospital in Homburg, Germany after having 2 surgeries and
recovering.  She then spent 6 weeks recovering at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany before being sent to Norfolk, VA to begin the process of
returning home.  

Since being home, Dawn has had 3 more surgeries, the latest one on September 11, 2012.  It was cataract surgery for her right eye that had complications
and she is still recovering from it.  Dawn lives in Lowell, IN with her husband Richard and her their two dogs Haleigh and Twizzler.

Ms. Roth stated that the staff's appreciation regarding the support of the Indiana Ice Hockey team, saying, "It was a pleasure to be able to recognize the
genuine care and affinity with the Indiana Ice Hockey's community relations staff when they were told the story of Petty Officer First Class Korba. The
Indiana Ice Hockey Team is an organization of "True Class."

For those desiring to attend this honor event on November 11th, please contact the Indiana Ice Hockey ticket office at (317) 925-4423.  You may also
email sasah218@gmail.com for more information.

Stand & Salute American Heroes is a major program of Our Fallen Soldier, a 501 (c) 3 Organization. It is a time for them to be recognized for the service
and sacrifices they have given to ensure the FREEDOM and liberation of others. We honor them one hero at a time, but there are times, such as Veteran’s
Day where many are honored together.

We enjoyed a wonderful family day with
our honorary family members
Koal Middleton
Lamont Amann
Army Combat Medics in training

Stationed at Ft. Sam Houston here in
Military City, USA