This Memorial Page Established by- SFC Rod Brewer
In Honor Of Specialist David J. Ramsey, Sept 7, 2006. OIF

Specialist David J. Ramsey, 27, of Tacoma, Washington.
David was medically evacuated from Iraq on August 25, and died from a
non-combat related incident on September 7, 2006 in Spanaway,
Washington. The incident is under investigation. He was assigned to the 47th
Combat Support Hospital, 62nd Medical Brigade, Fort Lewis, Washington.
Guestbook at that can be signed with memories
passed on by his loving sister Christina.
Christmas in Arlington...
Rest easy, sleep well my brother, Dave.
Know the line has held, your job is done.
Rest easy, sleep well.
Others have taken up where you fell, the line has held.
Peace, peace, and farewell....

December 15, 2011
Just wanted to pop in, the Iraq War ended today. Wish you were here to see the news. I still
think about you often. You were such a great friend to everyone! Still seems like just
yesterday we were working the ICW. Wish there was some way to bring you back bud.

August 20, 2009
Sarah (Schmude) Arriaga
I served with SPC David J. Ramsey In Mosul Iraq from Oct. 2005 until May 2006, David was
my best friend. We both worked the same shift and the same ward. We would often walk to
midnight chow together, or go to use the phones together....Dave always made sure that you
were ok. Hed come knock on the door and say come on lets go to the phones, or lets go use
the internet. He was such a caring person. I wish I had gotten to say good bye. If it wasnt for
david, im not sure id have gotten out of bed some days. He just had a way of making you feel
better even on the worst of days. I remember one particular evening dave and I decided we
would go get midnight chow for ourselves and the others working our ward....IT WAS DOWN
POORING OUTSIDE! We got to the motor pool wich we had to go through to get to the chow
hall....we were shin deep in water. We laughed all the way to the chow hall. I will NEVER forget
david. I cant wait to see him again up in heaven one day. He was!
a great soldier, and he loved his family sooo much.

I miss you Ramsey!

Sept 23. 2008
Just spent the last 5 days in Washington D.C. at the White House
Commission, 'Time of Remembrance' ceremony. I represented you and made sure
other families of the fallen were told stories of who you were when you
were alive, not lingering on the way you died.
You were an amazing man...husband, best friend. Loving, loyal, and a
great friend to everyone you encountered. Not a day goes by that I don't
think of you and miss you. Even 2 yrs later..
Oh! We were presented a Gold Medal of Remembrance for you and your
sacrifice for your country. The military has you as a casualty as war,
after reviews of your medical records.
I'll always love you and miss matter what. You'll always have
a special place in my heart, 'our' children's hearts, and my family's
(the in-laws).
Proud Widow of SPC David J Ramsey

Sept 21, 2008
Brian Wiech
My name is SGT Brian Wiech and I would like to share
some of my memories of David. David and I were room mates at the 47th CSH
prior to and during deployment to Iraq  in October 2005 to August 2006.
I remember a lot of time spent in Iraq where we would talk about our
days working in the hospital, and the patients that we would encounter.
The times that we would talk in our room about back home and our
families. I remember the laughing and the crying. Talking about the good times
and the bad. I remember us yanking each other out of bed when the
mortars would be coming in or when we would hear that overhead speaker say
"Mass Casualty". I remember David as a caring and compassionate
person. I remember a man who loved his family and his wife. I remember the
last words he said to me when he was evacuated from Iraq. "Don't worry, I
will see you when you get home". I will take those words with me for
the rest of my life until I am home in heaven...
Thank you David for being the best friend I could ask for during our
time in Iraq, Brian
Spc. David J. Ramsey
United States Army
KIA 07 September 2006, Iraq
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