Spec. Gary L. Reese
United States Army
KIA 14 August 2005, Iraq
Gary L. Reese always found ways to have fun, even while bagging groceries. "There were certain
customers who would come every week. He'd mess with them and hide their carts, as a joke," said Sam
Waldron, who worked with him in high school. "He was kind of a prankster, but always in a good way. He
could make a bad situation better." Reese, 22, of Ashland City, Tenn., died Aug. 14 of wounds received
the previous day in Tuz. He was based in McMinnville, Tenn. Reese was an only child who joined the
National Guard about a month after graduating high school in 2001. "He came out of nowhere with it and
wanted to join. I think it was a good thing for him. I think it helped him to grow and blossom into a fine
young man," said his father, Gary. Retired 1st Sgt. Charles Douglas said Reese turned out to be one of
the best recruits, "young and full of vinegar." He is also survived by his mother, Cathy. "He lived life to the
fullest while he was here," said his Spanish teacher, Jean Hill. "I just think he had an unlimited future, and
it saddens me that it was cut short."


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