This Memorial Page Established by-T'Ana Reynolds Scott
In Honor Of SSG Edward Charles Reynolds Jr.

In loving memory of SSG Edward Reynolds Jr. You were a wonderful man, father, and soldier.
We miss you dearly everyday. Your sacrifice will never be forgotten. You are our angel even
though you are not physically here to protect us, you are still doing it from afar. With all our
love from T'Ana, Edward "trai" Reynolds III, Cristyahna, and Zaivyur.

October 30, 2013
Carla Reynolds
SSG Edward C. Reynolds, Jr. and I we're first cousins!!!  He was affectionately known as
"Jay" to our family.  He is missed and forever will be in our hearts and memories! I never
knew before, to what  magnitude sacrifices we're being made by the US armed I
do!  Thanks cousin for your ultimate sacrifice!  Freedom isn't free!

January 08, 2013
Brian Jackson
Staff Sargent Edward Reynolds and I were childhood friends. I always respected his
leadership skills so his joining the armed services was a no brainier. When I heard of his
passing it hurt because he was so passionate about everything he did. I am very sorry for his
family's loss.

Brian Jackson
Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Staff Sgt. Edward C. Reynolds Jr.
United States Army
KIA 26 September 2006, Iraq
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27, of Groves, Texas; assigned to 1st Battalion, 67th Armor Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 4th Infantry
Division, Fort Hood, Texas; died Sept. 26 of injuries sustained when his M2A3 Bradley Fighting
Vehicle rolled over while maneuvering in Baghdad. Also killed was Pfc. Henry Paul.