Master Sgt. Wilberto Sabalu Jr.
United States Army
KIA 06 May 2007, Afghanistan
36, of Chicago; assigned to the U.S. Military Police School, Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.; died May 6 at
Pol-e-Charki, Afghanistan of wounds suffered from small-arms fire. Also killed was Col. James W.
Harrison Jr.

This Memorial Page Established by-SFC Rod Brewer
In Honor Of MSGT Wilberto Sabalu, Jr., OEF, 05/06/07

MASTER SERGEANT Wilberto Sabalu Jr., 36, of Chicago,
Illinois. Sabalu was killed along with Colonel James W. Harrison at
Pol-e-Charki, Afghanistan, of wounds suffered from small arms fire. Their
deaths were under investigation. Sabalu was assigned to the U.S. Army
Military Police School, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.
Christmas in Arlington.....
Rest easy, sleep well my brothers.
Know the line has held, your job is done.
Rest easy, sleep well.
Others have taken up where you fell, the line has held.
Peace, peace, and farewell......  
Wil, You Will Never Be Forgotten.... Rod.

May 6, 2018
Rafaela Feliciano
Hi Junior Aunque hoy secumplen Once 11 Anos Enmi Corrazon Fue ayer Te amo hijo

May 06, 2016
Rafaela Feliciano
Tus recuerdos Hijo des pues de nueve9,aos estan y estaran presente Junior

June 25, 2015
Rafaela Feliciano
Junior Hoy es Nuestro cumple ano tu 45's y llo pues igual eso eslo Q Tu siempre as
dicho;bueno esos son los Recurdo que tengo son tantos;hijo Feliz Cumple ano Te quiero!

May 06, 2015
Rafaela Feliciano
Will SabaluJr; Junior hijo hoy sean cumplido 8anos de aquel tragico dia que nos dejamos
de ver y tetengo tanpresente como si estuvieras aqui Gracias por todas las alegria que
medistes todo los Buenos recerdos hijo que fueron muchisi
mos tu lo sabes.

April 30, 2015
Benny Alvarez
Wil, it is now 8 years and it still feels like we were both standing in the Shrine Club toasting
drinks to one another before you were to leave to go back to Afghanistan. The years may
pass, but it doesn't get any easier. You are missed today, like you were missed 8 years ago.
The pain has never left either, and sometimes the smallest things remind me of you
instantly. That is when I know that you are watching over us all. Wil you were a true Hero in
every form of the word. I am so glad to call you my Brother. Know that all of your friends
and family still talk about you when we gather and still remember you very fondly. I hope
you can feel that as you watch over us all. Love you Hermano....... Benny

January 04, 2013
Junior Hoy comotodos los dia dede aquel Dia ;abuenocuado la mucica,salsa seque
tegusta latarareo y Bailamos tanbien tu tia magie jajaja.!

December 26, 2012
Rafaela Feliciano
Hijo!hotra Navida sinti

September 11, 2012
Rafaela Feliciano
Hijo mi bendicion:Pues tu hijo;nos esta hasiedo viejos;Bueno tu me intiendes
verda!teprometo que nuca teboy ahorbida y gracias potodo.

June 25, 2012
Hello jummm Que pesastes pues nome heolvidado Tu
Cumple ano cumplimos42 jajajamm tu risa unica.

May 10, 2012
Rafaela Feliciano
Juni or Lounico que mayo 6 2007 Fue y es porque 5anos 4 Dias hoy; esun astaluego hijo.

April 11, 2012
Rafaela Feliciano

April 04, 2012
Rafaela Feliciano
Junior Cada Dia esunreto,pero siempre seras Recordado Con mucho Orgullo.

February 06, 2012
SFC Tom Johnson
Wil you like a brother who always did everything better then everyone and the guy who had
everything. You were truly blessed  in life and I know you would not have wanted anything
to happen to anyone else if you could just take the death. You were always so selfless and
giving of yourself for others. I made the mistake of not drinking with you before you went
back, and I will truly regret it my whole life. Brother I will always think of you my entire life
and regret what I lost when you were taken from this earth. The great ones always get taken
to early.

November 17, 2011
Rafaela Feliciano
Junior Como ahpasado el tiempo eso pasa pero tu nuca;yo tedigo que mi resperto i amor no.

Fathers Day 2011
Rafaela Feliciano
Junior Feliz Dia delos Padres(Happy Father's

Memorial Day 2011
Alan Harig
MSG Sabalu was a great soldier and leader. He taught me many unarmed self-defense
tactics while we were stationed together at the USDB, Ft Leavenworth,KS

He is missed.

Al Harig

Rafaela Feliciano
Will Jr My Herue Todavia Estas yestara Conlosque te Queremos Son.

Nov 13, 2010
Rafaela Feliciano
My love son I miss you all; I wish God give you light and peace I love you son.

Nov 6, 2010
Junior Otro esos tantos dias Queno yegas iel teleno sin timbrar.

June 25, 2010
Rafaela Feliciano
Junior Hoy es un dia Especial tu savez llo tambien pues me tome dos tasas de cafe negro
una porti.poeque tu siepre seras recordado Hijo  

June 24, 2010
Rafaela Feliciano
Junior seaprosima tu cumpleano bueno nuetro cumpliremos 40th cuarenta.june 25 1:45am
we will go to Dance!OK

June 13, 2010
Rafaela Feliciano
Junior Que cres hoy mientras mirava las planta recode como te gusta.le puse agua.porque
seque tu me estabas viedo.

May 29, 2010
Rafaela Feliciano
Will Junioniio Tu estas y Estaras;En mi Corrazon miheroe.                               Descansa En Paz

May 15, 2010
Patrick B. Monahan (Former Major, USAF)
I remember your wonderful service and professional demeanor. Your snappy salutes always
shined amongst the crowd at Camp Eggers. I also remember the day you left us. It was one
of the most traumatic moments of my life. We all grieved for you and your family. I was just
days from going home myself. In fact, I remember when you and I went home together on
the same flights for Christmas R&R. You served as my chock leader...and you guided me
home safely to my family. I wish I could have done the same for's just not fair. You
were the best of all of us, and yet you're the one who had to fall. I've coped with a lot since
coming home, but I don't think I'll ever get over the loss of my fellow combattants. I left the
military, I suffered from PTSD, I got a divorce, and yet I still roam this earth in decent
shape...all of which I'm sure you would trade to be in my shoes. I didn't know you on a
personal level, but that doesn't seem to matter. You were my fri!
end, my brother, my responsibility, through combat service. So...I miss you and I always will
MSG Sabalu. I'm sorry.

April 24, 2010
Rafaela Feliciano
Junior; Quepuedo Agregar Tu siepre Estas presente y Estaras.

Sept 11, 2008
John Stir
My dear friend Wilberto and family are always in our
hearts and prays.  I can't forget the memories that our families have
shared from Leavenworth to Panama and back.  During this Patriots Day the
memories come rushing back and a mixture of tears and smiles cross my
face.  Amy, you and the kids are alway in our thoughts.
John, Diane, Emily and Luke

June 25, 2008
SSGT "Gabby" Evans
In Honor Of MSG Sabalu
I had the great honor to work with MSG Sabalu and also
lived in the same house in Kabul, Afghanistan.
On 6 May we went to work together as we did many times. My last words
to him, was "nos vemos hoy por la noche en la casa" see you tonight at
the house.  Of course that never happened.
He was a great soldier, friend...he would always make us smile.. I
would always get on him for being for Puerto Rico and I from Uruguay.
You are very missed! We did not forget you at Camp Eggers...nor when we
were blessed and came home.
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