Spc. Tenzin L. Samten
United States Army
KIA 12 Mar 2008
33, of Prescott, Ariz.; assigned to the 7th Special Troops Battalion, 7th Sustainment Brigade, 10th
Mountain Division (Light Infantry), Fort Eustis, Va.; died March 12 in Tallil, Iraq, of wounds
sustained when his vehicle was hit by indirect fire. Also killed were Staff Sgt. Juantrea T. Bradley
and Spc. Dustin C. Jackson.

This Memorial Page Established by-JEFFREY F. RUNDLE

what can i say. spc tenzin l. samten you are my HERO
you are a great soldier, i will always have in my heart. im very prod to
be your brother.

i know that you were probole  making some kind if joke, or comment.
haha.  god i realy miss you. i love you alot. you make sure you look out
for all of us up there, you tell our grandmother, hay what , and tell
her i love her to.

hay bro you wernt suppose to be in a dangerous place you were suppose
to come back in januarey.  i know you will spend all of your free time
"free time thats all you have know"  hell in a sad mood i can still make
jokes.  looking out for your wife , and your too beautiful kids. but
every once in while could you come look over mom, and my family, making
sure we don't  do anything wrong.

joshua you ar a great man, a great fallen soldier, who will never ba
forgoten, that i promiss.

so everone that reads this, rember SPC TENZIN L. SAMTEN AKA. (JOSHUA E.
M. RODRIQUES) was in 7th special troops battallion, 7th
sustainmentbrigade, 10th mountain divisi fort eustis va, that went to iraq to defend
our country, and died and became a hero, now it is time for your final
roll call, stand down, you have done your final mission, and i salute
you are my greatest hero

love you always/ and forever

your big brother jeff
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