Memorial Page Started By- Justin Cabino

My brother My friend.

Shayne growing up with you, our fights, our laughs, our good times, never would I have thought it wouldcould be taken
away in an instant. Never have I imagined life without having you there. We all miss you more and more as each day goes

I have a picture beside my bed I look at all the time of you with that smile. That smile that was so infectious, you could turn
the energy of any room. Just to touch you again, to hold you, and let you know it will all be ok is something I can only dream
of now. I will forever have youi n my heart, my I'lil brother. I love you so much.
Lance Cpl. Shayne Cabino
Franklin, MA
February 15, 1986 - October 6, 2005

06 October 2007
In Honor Of Lance Cpl. Shayne Cabino

Hey I just seen this website today and I read this
about Lance. Every time I see things like this I cry and cry. When I was
reading this I started to cry because it reminds me of my cousin Luke!
When I found out my cousin might be getting sent out to Iraq I just been
having a hard time with my life a little bit. To the family of Lance I
am sorry this happened but Lance became a soldier because he loved our
country and wanted to help our people. I hope you all are doing great
about this because I feel sad that this happened! I will keep lance in my
prayers and in my heart all the time.

May God bless you always to Lance's family

15 Sept 2007
Robert T. Pirelli
In Honor Of Shayne Cabino
This letter goes out to the Cabino family

Please accept my deepest condolences, as someone said to me at the
funeral home of my Son Rob "you don't know me but I can honestly say to you
I truly know how you feel" looking down at an older woman in crutches
as she told me her son a Marine was also just Killed in Iraq and said
she just had to come all the way from Melrose to meet us.
Our Sons now are in the hands of the lord and we get to talk and listen
to Shayne and Robbie on those quiet nights when we are alone. I too
can say I truly know what your going through as I think about our sons
and all the soldiers that have giving their lives so we may enjoy the
things we have always taken for granted.
As one of Five brothers in the Marines we try to understand the sons we
raise and at some point in there lives they just want to do something
for their Country.
I know your life has changed in a big way and I have that change
confronting me right now as I try to put together the words to write you and
your wonderful family.
Just know that we will never be without both Shayne and Robbie, they
are still with us only in a different form.
May we met one day and share the comfort of one and other.

May our love walk along side them forever

Robert T. Pirelli (Rob's Dad)