Sgt. Erich Scott Smallwood
United States Army
KIA 26 May 2007, Iraq

Memorial Page Established by- Amanda Carter
In Honor Of Erich Scott Smallwood
You were my lover, my best friend, my husband to be,
I can't understand why, through my pain, my misery
All of our laughs, our good times we shared
the hour long talks, for which our souls we bared.
You asked my dad, for my hand in marriage, just to show u cared.
How am i supposed to face this Erich, Help me, I 'm scared.
You were always so brave, I admired that so much
I'm gonna miss your hugs, your kisses, your touch
The sound of your voice, or your silly little ways
the staying up all night, just to sleep all day.
I can't begin, to explain how i feel.
I just want to wake up. i want this to not be real.
wakeing up without you, is so hard to do
But i guess it's just something, I have to adapt to.
These last few weeks, i could simply hate
But i keep my smile, In hope to see you at the gates.
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