Sgt. Eric L. Snell
United States Army
KIA 18 June 2007, Iraq
Eric Lamar Snell   

Sgt. Snell attended Ireland Private School,
McGalliard Elementary School, and Grice
Middle School and graduated from Hamilton
High West in 1989. He was a member of the
Hamilton Little Lads, Hamilton PAL, the American
Legion, Babe Ruth League, Hamilton Township
Recreation Program, flag football, baseball,
track and basketball. Sgt. Snell was the 54th
draft pick by the Cleveland Indians and later
decided to play for Old Dominion University in
Norfolk, Va. He later enrolled and graduated
from Trenton State College in 1994. His
professional baseball team affiliations included
the New Jersey Pilots in the Atlantic City
Baseball League. He also was a male model in
New York and later was employed with Glorious
Foods Catering Company of New York and AT&T
Wireless Services. Sgt. Snell joined the Army in
2005, and graduated as a cavalry scout from
Fort Knox, Ky. He was assigned to 3/61 Cavalry
Squadron, 2nd Brigade Combat Team and Fort
Carson, Colo. In 2006, he deployed to Iraq in
support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Sgt. Snell
served honorably and received several awards
and decorations, including the Bronze Star
Medal, the Purple Heart and the Army
Commendation Medal. Surviving are two sons,
Shameer Horton of Hamilton, and Khalil
Young-Snell of Union; his father, Arthur L. Snell
(Maria) of Mount Holly, and his mother, Mittie
White of Trenton; a sister, Alaina Snell of
Hamilton; nephew, Adonai Broach of Hamilton,
and his dog, Moocha, and a host of uncles,
aunts, cousins, other relatives and friends. In
lieu of flowers, please make donations to the
Eric L. Snell Memorial Fund at Sovereign Bank,
Hamilton Little Lads Baseball Association, Babe
Ruth Baseball Association, American Legion
Baseball Association, Hamilton PAL Baseball
Association and Hamilton Township Recreation
Published in the Star-Ledger on 6/28/2007.  

Memorial Page Established by- Khadijah Lee
In Honor Of Sgt. Eric L. Snell

Eric was born on January 18, 1972 in Trenton, NJ to
Arthur Snell & Mittie White. His life came to an end on June 18, 2007 in

Eric excelled in sports. On November 11, 2006, he was inducted into
Hamilton HS West Hall of Fame fo his outstanding participation in the
Sports Program & in the community. Eric was the 54th round draft pick by
the Cleveland Indians in 1989. But after a long deliberation, he decided
to attend college on a full scholarship. He palyed for Old Dominion
University in Norfolk, VA for 1 year & then transferred & graduated from
the College of NJ in 1994.

In 1995, Eric made a career change to modeling. He appeared in several
publications including Mademoiselle, Heart & Soul, EM, Modern Bride,
Vibe, & the New York Times for Barneys. His runway work included shows
for major designers & he later appeared in a music video for R&B singer
Gina Thompson called "The Things You Do."

Sgt. Snell traveled all over for modeling including Italy & South
Africa. While on his tour in S. Africa, he tried out for the role of
Mohammad Ali for the Ali movie. He was called back twice but the role was
given to Will Smith.

Eric enlisted in the US Army in August 2005.  He graduated as a Calvary
Scout from One Station Unit Training at Fort Knox Kentucky.  In May
2006, he was assigned as a Scout to Black Knight Troop 3/61 Calvary
Squadron 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Div at Fort Carson, Colorado.
Sgt. Snell deployed to Iraq in October 2006. He served honorably with
Black Knight Troop as a Dismount & Gunner completing numerous

Sgt. Snell was awarded the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, The Good Conduct
Medal, Army Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal, Iraq Campaign
Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Overseas Service Ribbon, Army
Service Ribbon & the Combat Action Badge.

Eric has two sons: Shameer, 17 & Khalil, 4.

May 27, 2017
SSG Carlos De Len
My name is SSG Carlos De Leon, I served in 3/61 Cavalry where I had the privilege to meet and become friends
with Sgt. Snell. Sgt. Snell was a great example to all and always demonstrated great character. I will never
forget Sgt. Snell and his sacrifice for our freedom. I will see you in Valhalla Brother.

May 03, 2015
SSG Christopher Tolbert
It's been almost 10 years and I can still remember him calling us to attention at basic training. I can remember
the stories him and Sprinkle used to tell as we were keeping watch on fire guard. He was the very first Army
leader that I had and not a week goes by that I don't think of him. What an awesome leader and a great loss to
this Nation. I leave with a quote. "The greatest treasure the United States has is our enlisted men and
women. When we put them in harm's way, it had better count for something. Their loss is a national tragedy.

General Tony Zinni

Rest in peace brother. You are not forgotten. Echo Troop 5-15Cav.

February 13, 2013
Colby Bowman

So Romesha received the Medal of Honor for his bravery.  He speech was very humbling and it was for the
brave men that died that day, but he was also quoted saying, "it was for everyone he has served with over
his 11 years in the Army."  It was a great honor to meet this man for a reunion.  I wish you were here.  Just
to see that huge smile and to hear the life stories to make us better people.  I did pass the Peace Officer
Selection Test and the physical test.  I am not going in for an interview.  Plans have change since we had one
child and now we are going to be having another at the end of this summer.  I miss you so much bro.  The last
few weeks have been had as feelings have been brought up, since Ro will be receiving the MOH.  The book I am
wanting to write about you has been on the back burner.  I had people committed in helping me, but no one has
followed through.  Hopefully, one day it will be finished.  Love you bro.

November 05, 2012
I am SGT. GARY A. SPRINKLE and I was SGT. ERIC L. SNELL "Battle Buddy" in basic training.

I would like to share a story with everyone.  In training, you are assigned into groups.  We were in a TROOP
called, "Echo Troop".  Now, this troop was split into 4 Platoons.  We were 4th Platoon.  Moreso, SGT. SNELL was
our leader.  His position was named, "Platoon Guide" or "PG" for short.  Every Platoon had it's own "guide on"
flag bearer.  This, of course, was my position.  I'll never forget SGT SNELL in front of our formation and centered
facing forward, our leader.  I won't forget, because as the flag bearer, I was standing out in front with him.  We
stood out and apart from our peers and I was behind him and to his immediate left.  We held that position longer
than anybody ever will!  Drill Sergeants pair off all soldiers, and SGT SNELL was my BATTLE BUDDY!  I can't
believe it!! I hate that he didn't make it!!!  LORD GOD... Please be with us all!!!!!!!

**I've attached our BASIC TRAINING PHOTO with us "Highlighted"...  Please help me by submitting this**

June 18, 2012
Shane Loncosky
I still think of you brother. sometimes i'll have a fleeting memory of you waking me up with a howl like a wolf
when i was trying to get some extra Z's on a cot somewhere, or maybe when i'd wake up in the morning and you
would be outside enjoying a sunrise taking a quick "bath" from your helmet and a washcloth. You
taught me so much on how to lead and to work hard for what i have and not let anyone get me down. I've taken
so many life lessons from you, even in recent years. I love you Brother and look forward to seeing you again, i
will try not to cry that your gone, i will rejoice that you lived and i was able to be around you for a short while.

November 17, 2011
Colby Bowman

Sergeant Snell,

Not a day goes by where I don't think of you. I am proud to have carried you off the battlefield and send you
home to your loved ones, however; I am still troubled to this day of losing a profound friend, whom I looked up to
and admired.  You were such an inspiration to others and I am proud to have served with you brother.  You can
never be replaced.  In my heart is turmoil, and I will someday make it to your grave and pay my respects.

Memorial Day
May 31, 2010
Christian t Stewart
What a beautiful human being I worked with Eric a lot as a model. His smile would light up the room. He use to
get all the print jobs. I was like when will I get one E? So much energy and a heart that was so giving. He was
always a competitor and never backed down from anything. I wish I could have worked with him more and got to
know him much more. But I am glad that I had the pleasure of knowing him. God has an Angel. You will be
missed always E Every time I see the Raymour and Flannigan Furniture sign you are rolling by. Miss you dude
God Bless Love You Christian

June 25, 2009
Oneika Mays
In Honor Of Eric Snell

June 25, 2009
Lazandra Cooper
In Honor Of Eric L Snell
I am sure it is amazing to Eric's family that there are people out in the world who still think about him. In my
mind, it is impossible to forget him. He was such a beautiful person inside and out. He knew how to make a
person feel special and important. I did a name search two years ago at the end of June and found out about his
death. Of course in shock...I never saw the military thing coming. I thought he was still in South Africa or some
exotic place being fabulous. I cried off and on for days....I thought maybe one day I would run into him on the
streets of NY and we could laugh, catch up and act crazy. It hurt so bad to know that wouldn't happen. I've never
stopped looking for his face in the crowd...  
Rest in Peace Eric.

March 17, 2009
Cecelia Williams
In Honor Of Sgt. Eric L. Snell
It has been 1 year and 9 months since "Eric's" departure, and it still pains me to know he's gone. It is so difficult
for me to fhathom, to this day I am still saying I can't believe it! So many of us didn't know he joined the military
and to be watching the 6am news and see his photo appear on the screen as a casualty of this war put me in a
state of shock. The emotions I felt that day, I continue to feel every time I think of him. I was telling our mutual
friend Marlon that the lose of "Eric" still bothers me immensely. I am so sorry this happened to him.

To the family & loved ones of "Eric", he and I worked together in NYC, and what I remember most, is that he was
a very happy fellow, he "always" had a smile on his face.(which was contagious) "Eric" truly lite up a room
when he entered. It troubles me to know he joined the military so he could provide a stable life for his children
and that opportunity was taken away from him. To hear he had a "fiance'" I can only imagine how devastating
this is to you. To his parents, you were blessed to have "Eric" for 35 years,and he accomplished a lot, I know he
has done you proud. To lose him in such a way, I know is heart wrenching. I am so so sorry for your lost....

You have my deepest sympathy
I will remember him always!
Cecelia D. Williams

November 1, 2008
Oneika Mays
Missing you toady

September 09, 2008
David Jones

I did't know you joined the service bro. I wouldn't have let you go
man!!! Your missed you bro...I pray that I see you again in heaven.

August 29, 2008
Ms. Bobbi White
Oh my God, Eric, I can't believe you're gone. I'm so
sorry.  You've been heavy on my mind and I wanted to find you to tell you
that I now have a house and live in NJ, I did a name search online to
see if I can contact you and this site came up; a knot hit my stomach;
only to see when I clicked open that it was really you.  I'm so sorry
we lost contact for 4+ years.  You was a great friend, a great roommate,
you will always be in my heart.  My heart goes out to Eric's family &
Fiancé, you have my deepest sympathy.  You will truly be missed.

November 26, 2007
Qiana Williams
To Eric's family - I pray that God will cover you in
his strength and guidance every day.
Eric was a beautiful person. It was a gift to know him and share this
world with him in the short time we had together.
RIP, my dear friend for we will see each other again.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten
Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have
everlasting life.

November 22, 2007
Ashley Hughes
Eric i hope you knew that we all loved you and you will
always be in our hearts.

November 18, 2007
Kyle Murphy
I went to inprocessing and basic training with Eric
Snell. He helped me out  when i needed help the  most! he was the only
person  out of over 60 people in our group inprocessing who acted like a
friend   even though  we just meet! He gave me suport and  advice when
i felt lost and alone!  i only new him for 5 months but i will never
for get him!
thank you Eric Snell!  REST IN PEACE!

October 31, 2007
F. Alers
In Honor Of Eric Lamar Snell
I just recently found out of Eric’s death.  I am
really saddened about it.  I have known Eric for several years; he used to
work for me as a model.  My predecessor introduce him to me as “One
of the Best” and she was right, every chanced I got, I booked him!  We
all always had fun at our shoots, never a dull moment with Eric
around.  In that time we became friends but friends who lost touch, which I
am so sorry for that.  Words can’t explain how a beautiful person Eric
was. I miss him dearly.  We lost a great soul!  Thanks E, for being a
Wonderful Person, A Friend and Everyone’s Hero!!!!  I know you are in
Heaven smiling down on all of us!  I am trying to get in touch with
Eric’s family, so please contact me.  
Many Blessings,

October 10, 2007

Torri Barber
In Honor Of Eric Snell
Eric you were in many people's eyes: A Role model
Model citizen, Loving Father, Soldier,Brother and Son
It pains me to see a man so patriotic and brave
Taken away so early
But what the creator has chosen cannot be undone
We live in a different time
Where the innocent are taken in a blink of an eye
I truly have a feeling in my heart that others may feel
Knowing how you were a trailblazer in whatever you chose to undertake
WHat lives after a man is gone?
The words he spoke
His ways and actions
His convictions
His pride
I always feel proud to have known you:
In my heart you'll eternally reside

August 2, 2007
You are not forgotten. We appreciate the sacrafice you
made for us. May your son's have peace, health and happiness knowing
that their Father was such a special person. I never met you but, just
reading about you made me want to send you a tribute to say thank you.

July 16, 2007
Charity McPike
To  Eric's  fiancé Natasha and family who we've never
met.  We are so saddened for your loss.  We knew only how much Natasha
loved Eric and we became friends in our discussions regarding her missing
him while he was in Iraq while my husband was preparing to leave for

Eric brought such a beautiful smile to the face of a gorgeous lady in
Colorado.  I think the Lord knew their future children would have been
far to beautiful for this earth to behold.  

We wish Eric's sons all the best and pray they will go as far as it
sounds their proud father would have pushed them.

It's obvious Eric's parents were loving and full of pride for their
respected and talented son.  Job well done!

God Bless you all.  Brian and Charity McPike in Colorado Springs.

July 10, 2007
Luis and Wendy Torres -Colon
TO: Dede, Terry and Family,
Our Condolences regarding your cousin. Our thoughts and prayers are
with you and your family during this difficult time. Should you need a
shoulder to lean on, please count on our family.

Love always,

Luis, Wendy, Gabriel and baby Sophia xox

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