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In Honor Of SSG Sweeney, Paul
SSG Sweeney or as he love to be called Paully; was my first team leader when I join the
military in 1996.  We were members of the A Co. 2nd Platoon 1st BN 23rd INF REGT at Fort
Lewis,WA.  While under his tutelage, SSG Sweeney was a great leader.  At the beginning, he
was hard on the new soldiers or  CHERRRIES  as we were called. But after a few months of
training and getting to know us, his demeanor changed from a rough hard leader to a more of
a person you can count on.
The one thing I do miss about him was his sense of humor.  No matter how bad the situation
was, SSG Sweeney had a way to keep us laughing. And he always had this contagious smile.  
He was well respected by all of us and we privates did not want to piss-him off.  In October of
1996, I PCS to South Korea for my oversea tour.  I was a member of C Co. 2ndPLT 1st BN 9th
INF REGT at Camp Hovey.  SSG Sweeney eventually PCS a few months later but he ended
up as a member of the 2nd BN, 9th INF REGT at the same camp.  My oversea duty was
particularly hard for me because my new chain of command was not what I was expecting.  
But I was lucky that I still can count on SSG Sweeney's mentor-ship.  That is the one of the
many things I miss about SSG Sweeney, he did care for his soldiers.  He was a true leader
and a friend.  I have ensure that my Army values follow the Sweeney way.
This great American was killed in Afghanistan doing what he loves to do. Next month will be
the 8th Anniversary of his death.  I really miss his friendship.  To his wife and two sons, my
condolence and prayers to you all.

Staff Sgt. Paul A. Sweeney
3rd Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne)
Based at Fort Bragg, N.C.
Age 32 from Lakeville, Penn
KIA 30 October 2003 during an ambush near Musa, Qalax, Afghanistan

Career Highlights Awards
US Army since 1991
Special Forces
Staff Sergeant Special Forces
2 Tours Afghanistan
1 Tour Iraq
1 Tour Korea
2 Tours Germany
Purple Heart (posthumously)
Bronze Star with "V" Valor
Army Commendation Medal
Army Achievement Medal
Good Conduct Medal
National Defense Ribbon
Overseas Service Ribbon
Army Service Ribbon
Expert Infantryman's Badge
Parachutist Badge

October 29, 2011
Tim Sweeney
This was a very touching article.  I am Paul Sweeney's younger brother.  I would love to
speak to you, just to hear stories about Paul.  My email is . Paul was
the greatest man I've ever known and I'd love to hear from those that served with him.
Staff Sgt. Paul A. Sweeney

United States Army Special Forces
KIA 30 October 2003, Afghanistan
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32, of Lakeville, Pennsylvania. Sweeney died of wounds sustained during an ambush near Musa,
Qalax, Afghanistan. Sweeney was assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group, Fort
Bragg, North Carolina.