Pfc. Kristofer D.S. Thomas

United States Army Ranger
KIA 17 February 2007, Afghanistan

Memorial Page Established by Deborah Getz
In Honor Of Army Ranger Kristofer D. S. Thomas

On the 17th of February 2007 through their selfless and
courageous duty with our armed forces in Afghanistan, they earned the
most honorable name anyone could have...
Their were 22 special operation men on board a Chinook MH-47E when it
lost power to its rear engine causing the Chinook to crash killing eight
and injuring 14.

To read more about them visit it is an
organization whose goal is to provide public awareness and a postive
outlet for families, friends, and communities, to sponsor an annual memorial
and a web site, dedicated to the soldiers who lost their lives in
Afghanistan and Iraq while serving our country.

My son Army Ranger Kristofer Douglas Scott Thomas was killed on 17th
February 2007 in the Afghanistan serving his country in the most
honorable way. It became clear to me that words could not adequately or
sufficiently describe the meaning or value of Kristofer's short life.
Kristofer was a strong and beauitful young man. Though my heart is filled with
much sadness, my message is not one of despair, but one of hope, love,
and celebration. Anyone who had the good fortune of spending time with
Kristofer can attest to his wit and good humor. He was a prankster who
loved to laugh and more importantly, he loved to make others laugh...
something he did with ease. He was the type of person who lived life to
the fullest, and took advantage of each minute. I know Kristofer will
live on in our hearts and we will share his memory through our laughter
and our joy!

Submitted by;
His loving mom Deborah Getz

Feb 11, 2008
SFC Rod Brewer
Private First Class (RANGER) Kristofer Douglas Scott
Thomas. Christmas in Arlington... Rest easy, sleep well my brother. Know
the line has held, your job is done. Rest easy, sleep well. Others have
taken up where you have fell, the line has held. Peace, peace, and
farewell.....  RANGERS LEAD THE WAY..... SFC Rod.

Jan 31, 2008  

Patrick Yrigollen
Debra, I never got the chance to meet your son, but I
do want to thank you and your family for giving us such a Brave Man to
Honor, Protect and Serve Our Country and May God Bless Him.
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