This Memorial Page Established by-Kory M. Thompson
In Honor Of Cpl. Michael Eyre Thompson

U.S. Army Cpl. Michael "EYRE" Thompson was killed along with 6 other fine Americans on
Sept. 18, 2008 when their Chinook Helicopter crashed outside Tallil, Iraq.  Also killed were,
Cpt. Robert Vallejo, CWO3 Brady Rudolf, CWO2 Corry Edwards, Sgt. Mjr. Julio Ordonez, Ssgt.
Anthony Mason, and Sgt. Daniel Eshbaugh.  God Bless these Band of Brothers and let us
NEVER FORGET Red River 44 ,the sacrifices made by these men, and the Sacrifices made by
their Families Forever.

Michael was a fun loving kid who wanted to be a soldier since any of us can remember.  He
wanted GI Joe underwear, the camo clothes, and even had kind of a military bearing about
him even as a child.  His Father served 6 years in the Air Force, and his Grandfather was a
Silver Star Reciepient in WWII.  Michael lived most of his adolescent life in Kingston,
Oklahoma.  Thats right, Marshall County, and he was Dam proud of it.  Dam proud of being an
Okie, and dam proud of his Irish heritage that gave him the middle name of
"Eyre".(pronounced Ir)  He served his first year in Iraq out of Ft. Riley Kansas with the 2-70
Armor, and the 1-41 Infantry, deploying in Feb. 05.  He was in 3rd Plt. "AVALANCHE"  He
served as a 240 gunner, and a dam good 240 gunner he was.  His actions led him to become a
member of the sniper team, and they became "OUTLAW 7"   At first he was the heavy
machinegun backup, but progressed to be a spotter/shooter and later still to being a Team

He was proficient with the 240, the M-14, and the Barrett 50 cal. among other firearms.  
He always shot expert at the range.  In 1-41 Infantry Michael, or Mikey as we affectionately
called him was honored to serve with some of the finest Men I know.  Ssgt. Tracey Friend,
Sgt. Johnny Walker, Spc. Armando Aranda, Sgt. Brian Strube, and many others.  They were
commanded by another of the finest men I know, Major Johnny Casiano.  These and many
others were, and are to this day the Band of Brothers.  Michael made it home safe to us in
Jan. of 06 and finished his last year at Ft. Riley training future deployees.  He got out of the
Army in March of 07 and was a civilian for about 6 or 7 months til he just couldn't stand it, he
had to go back in.  So he joined the Army National Guard in Norman, Oklahoma wanting to be
a Blackhawk Mechanic.  They started him in school and he was doing good.  He then heard
that the unit out of Lexington, Oklahoma needed infantrymen familiar with the 240
machine gun to be door gunners on their Chinook Helicopters, they were deploying in June.  
Mikey jumped at the chance.  He went straight to his commander and asked if he could
transfer.  They called the receiving commander and the next day, Mikey was a Door Gunner
on a Chinook Helicopter.  That young Man had a blast.  Training with the Navy seals was the
best, and he grew to have another Band of Brothers, this  one in Aviation.
The 2-149 GSAB left Lexington, Oklahoma June 8th of 2008 heading to Ft. Sill Oklahoma
where they met up and got assigned to Task Force 34.  Task Force 34 is a unit of Chinook
"Hookmasters" a unit of Blackhawk "Dustoff" and an active duty unit of Apache "Attack"
helicopters.  These units came from Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina, Minnesota,
and Utah.  They trained around 2 months at Ft. Sill before deploying in late August to Iraq.  
"One Team, One Fight" was their motto and it fit them well.  

Again, a finer bunch of soldiers would be hard to find. Michael was one of the last group to
leave Kuwait.  All the others were already in Balad waiting their arrival.  Sandstorms kept
them grounded several days as did mechanical problems, but they got a break the night of
Sept. 17th and the last flight of 4 choppers headed North.  They were the Command Chopper,
chalk 3, Red River 44 was their call sign.  

We haven't received our "Official Army Report of Incident" but from talking to some of the
guys, it was bad.  Red River 44 had fallen back a little for reasons unknown, they banked right
to head to Tallil to refuel and Red River 44 went down.  We don't know why.  They are saying
mechanical problems, but we just don't know and will probably never know for sure.

Michael was one of the most popular guys I had ever seen.  Girls loved him, as did most
people he ever met.  Seems people were just drawn to this young man and he had a way of
making anyone he was with feel like they were his best friend.  He was polite, handsome,
funny, always stood up for the underdog, and just a blast to be around.  He loved bending the
ole elbow, and he loved the Oklahoma Sooners.  He loved Red Dirt Country, and 4 wheel
drive trucks.  He loved fishing and hunting, and he was always looking for a hot time in a cool
town.  His Mother call's him an "All American Hero", and his CSM called him "a phenomenal
young man and warrior who was genuinely loved by all" To me, he was my best friend, and
my youngest Son.

For his Services to this Great Nation, Michael received the Bronze Star, the Oklahoma
Commendation Medal, the Texas Commendation Medal, the Army Commendation Medal, the
Army Good Conduct Medal, , the Iraqi Campaign Medal, and the Global War on Terrorism
Medal.  U.S. Army Cpl. Michael "Eyre" Thompson was a great person and a great American.  
He will be forever remembered, forever missed, and we will be forever awaiting his return

March 27, 2014
brady r. Sims
I knew Michael from Kingston high school. I didn't know him that well, but my brothers did. I
would see him in the hallways, but never talked to him, but I knew who he was. Lol it's funny
I didn't know Michael was in the military until his brother told me. I joined the military, and was
stationed in Ft. Stewart, GA. I deployed in Oct 2007 as a 19D cavalry scout. I was talking to my
brother Thomas, and he told me that Michael had been in a helicopter crash, and even though
I didn't know Michael that well, it still effected me as a brother in arms losing a comrade is
never a good day. Those dam mechanics should of checked those dam shit hooks. Losing
Michael in a helicopter crash and those other solders is a tragedy, and should of never
happened. Michael deployed with my unit I could of seen him, and never knew it. I don't know
where Michael was deployed to, we were all over the place, but they put us in southern

Michael will never be forgotten, and I will see him at Fidlers Green.

February 13, 2014
Greg Kusel
Michael Thompson was a man among men and someone you wanted to be next to if times
got tough.  I met him in basic training and me, him, and another guy Wright were pretty much
the three amigos through that time.  He made such an impression on me that even now, eight
years later, I still Google search his name just to see if there is anything new from his friends
or family.  During basic he talked a lot about his family, friends, and Lake Texoma and it
sounded like the best place on Earth to me.  
Mikey was the best shot, period.  One time me and him were teamed up on a buddy drill where
one of us was supposed to shoot while the other one moves, and back and forth until we
assaulted a bunker.  Well we went to our starting position and Drill sergeant was shooting
like crazy at me while I ran first to my next position of cover.  Then Mikey squeezed off one
round and it was a first-round hit from about 200m and the event was over.  He had hit the
drill sergeant in his lazer tag gear while drill sergeant was trying to shoot at me and the event
was over before it even really started.  That really impressed me that he pretty much outshot
our E-7 drill sergeant from barely any cover laying behind a tree while drill sergeant was in a
bunker.  I can only imagine how good he got with all the training he received after we parted
We stayed in a hotel together on our one free night out in town during basic training and we
went to the mall and bought matching Oakley A-Frame sunglasses.  We liked to sing Merle
Haggard together and he was a Metallica fanatic.  I hope you, whoever you are,  enjoy these
few memories.  I always looked forward to reuniting with Mike and swapping stories about
our times in the war.  Some day I am coming to Oklahoma to drive on the Michael E.
Thompson Memorial Highway.  I will always remember him and his memory inspires me to
make the most of my life.

September 12, 2011
allie davis
I love him so much we always had a wonderful Christmas together i was in the fifth grade
when he died on 2008 and he has been in my prayers ever since

January 29, 2011
James Dickey JD
Rest in Peace Soldier Your Tour is Done. Slow Hand Salute.
I never knew Michael, but have the honor of serving with his Father Kory in the Oklahoma
Patriot Guard.

April 27, 2010
Lane Bullock
I met Michael when he was very young. Seemed polite. I give my condolences to Kory and to
Angie for their loss. May God bless.    lane

April 07, 2010
Randy & Sharon (Okieguy2000) PGR
In Honor Of Michael Thompson

March 18, 2010
Spencer Skipworth
Mikey was my roommate at Fort Sill and was to be my roommate in Iraq. He was one of the
best friends any human could have in life. He lived his life to the fullest and was one of the
funniest S.O.Bs to walk this fine earth. I think about you everyday and think what kind of
trouble we would be getting into right know. I learned a lot from you friend and will keep your
memories alive for ever. One day my friend we will be having a cold one and getting into some
kind of trouble again together, until than. Thanks for watching my back from up there, Love
you man, Skip

August 25, 2009
Jessica (Roden) Pate
Mikeyyyy =)
We're coming up on a year here so fast. It seems like only yesterday we got the news of your
untimely departure. I think about you everyday. Not a day goes by I dont miss you. I found
your old ID bracelet, the one you gave me my freshman year, I gave it to your mom.. I was
cleaning out my bedroom at my dads house and found a mirror that I used to use back in
High School thats got I Love Mike written all over it. Kind of one of those things you see and
it knocks the wind out of you. Stevo deploys one year to the day you passed.. I find it oddly
ironic, I guess that gives me two reasons why September 18th is the worst day of my life.
I will never forget you, you will live in my heart for as long as I live. I will never forget the two
years we spent together, nor will I forget the seven years we were good friends. I know in my
heart you wouldn't have wanted to go any other way but that doesn't make it any easier.
There will always be a hole in my heart where you are, and always be a piece of me missing.
A piece you took with you when you went. A large part of Marshall County died with you on
that fateful day last September. A large part of all of us here, and from people all around the
world that never got the pleasure of knowing what a truly wonderful person you were. I hope
heaven is treating you right, tell Clint I said whats up.
I'll come have a beer with you tomorrow. Bring one from the beer box on the front porch,
I love you Mikey, and I miss you everyday.
God Speed Mikey T.
See You On The Other Side

July 14, 2009
Ryan Mckey
Mikey was an outstanding soldier and my best friend, I still hear his voice going on and on
about the Army and telling war stories. I loved it. He talked me into the best decision of my
life, joining the US Army. I'm proud to follow in his footsteps and hope to be half the soldier
he was. You could never find a better soldier or friend. He made everyone so special. I love
you Mikey and you are dearly missed. Drive on my friend I will see you again one day. Love
ya buddy

June 23, 2009
Laura White
I never knew Michael, but I did obtain his dog tag through Illinois Motorcycle Freedom Run in
Marseilles, Illinois, on June 20, 2009.  I decided to google his name to see what I could find
out.  It makes me proud to wear his dog tag to know what a fine young man he was and how
he loved to serve his country.  He sounded like the All-American kind of man who would do
anything for anyone.  Great to know there were and are people like that in our United States!  
God Bless!

June 22, 2009
Bob Scutt
It was an honor and a real priviledge that you rode my bike on behalf of your son in the
Freedom Run in Marseilles this past weekend.  I'll wear the leather bracelet commemorating
him with pride.    

April 16, 2009
Dennis Lee Long
His father Kory Thompson was and is one of my oldest and dearest friends. I haven't seen
Kory in many, many years,and only this week made contact with him again, only to find out
he just lost his youngest son. From the pictures and comments that I have seen on Kory's
FaceBook site and this web site I can tell that it would have been a pleasure and an honor to
have known Michael E. Thompson. And that he served his country in a great way and made
the ultimate sacrifice for his country and family, and he left behind people that will miss him
terribly. I regret deeply that I never new him. RIP Mikey

June 03, 2009
Rich Pindel
Mikey was one of the finest soldiers and individuals I have gotten the privilege of meeting.  
Mikey was one of my gunners from the start of our deployment with B co.  As his squad
leader for the 08-09 deployment with Bco 2/149 AVN "Hookmasters" I was impressed with his
professionalism and humor.  Mikey was always looking for a way to make us all laugh, and
found a way just about every time he tried.  A bond with me for Mikey very quickly because of
our military backgrounds.  We were both Infantry men and shared the experience of combat
from past deployments.  Mikey will forever be a part of me and alive in my heart.  I will miss
him very much, as do the rest of the "Hookmasters".

March 2, 2009
Shane Canup
My prayers go out to the family and friends of Cpl. Michael E. Thompson. A true American
hero who left this world far too soon. It is in these types of tragedy's in life that we realize how
truly blessed we are to live in this great Country. These young men and women are out there
on the front lines protecting our Freedom and making the ultimate sacrifices at times.

January 13, 2009
William H. Case
God Bless, the young men of Red River 44 & all young men serving our nation!!!!
Cpl. Michael E. Thompson
United States Army
KIA 18 September 2008, Iraq
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23, of Harrah, Okla.; assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 149th Aviation Regiment, Task Force 34,
Oklahoma National Guard, Lexington, Okla.; died Sept. 18 when the CH-47 Chinook helicopter he
was in went down in the vicinity of Tallil, Iraq. Also killed were Chief Warrant Officer 2 Corry A.
Edwards, Sgt. Daniel M. Eshbaugh, Sgt. Anthony L. Mason, 1st Sgt. Julio C. Ordonez, Chief Warrant
Officer 3 Brady J. Rudolf and 1st Lt. Robert Vallejo II.
Deployment day-June 8, 2008
Lexington, Okla
Sniper Team "Outlaw 7"
Camp Taji Iraq
being a badass
Reverse of Mickey's memorial T's,
Nosce teipsum, translate to
"know thyself"
He had it tatoo'd on his left wrist