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A music video has just been completed in
dedication to our Gold Star Families  It is a
video by country artist, Jason Meadows,
titled "18 Video Tapes." The song is about a
father's love and tapes he recorded for a
son he will never see grow up.  The artist
has received a lot of feedback from military
families on how much this song means to
them, so he dedicated it to our fallen heroes
and their families.  Some of our Gold Star
Families are in the video and it is a really
touching tribute.
Hope you can all view it and pass it onto
others.  See it here:
Watch 18 Video Tapes

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April 24, 2014
Every Fallen Soldier
SGT. Chris Surdyk
I wrote this song back when I was serving in Iraq in 04-05.  When I came home on
my mid tour leave, I remembered watching the news and hearing about soldiers
who got killed in Iraq, while I was home for 30 days, and no one so much as even
seemed to care what was on the news at the local establishment I was at.  So I
decided to write a poem, then later turned it into a song and added photo's that
either I was in, or I took.  Plus I added a few I found online that went well with the
lyrics and emotions.  Please feel free to share it and comment on it on my
youtube channel.  Thank you all for your service and dedication to our service
members both present, past, and future.

Sgt Surdyk, Chris
U.S. Army

February 08, 2014
All soldiers in Afghanistan and around the world
SGT Michael Puckett
To all the men and women of the Armed Forces around the world God Bless all of
you I am Proud of all of you and I stand behind you 100% I am still in the Army
just at Ft. Jackson, SC. keep your heads down and your eyes open take care of
yourselves and each other you all are my brothers and sisters come home safe
and soon.

SGT Puckett, Michael
1-13th IN REG
Ft. Jackson, SC

July 14, 2012
Families of fallen soldiers everywhere

If the prayers and love for soldiers
could protect them as a shield,
not one life would ‘ere be lost
on any battlefield.

Ron Tranmer©

May 14, 2012
Retred SPC. Nicholas A. Shaver
You are not forgotten.

March 31, 2012
SFC James F. Lefevre (Retired)
All gave some, some gave all.

February 2, 2012
To all the fallen soldiers
To all the soldiers my prayer to the family and friends i can not say i know how
you feel but i hope you all the best and i will keep you in my prayers

December 23, 2011
to those who have made the Ultimate sacrifice
Jack bishop
Christmas for the fallen ones

The sleigh cuts the fresh falling snow
I see places that I should know
The driver, a funny little man
Dressed in red , what is his plan

I can not remember much of any thing
Why am I here what will this night bring
So many stops along the way
A unknown name the driver would say

A man would jump as if in a race
Always with a smile upon his face
Uniforms they all did wear
Pressed and fit all with care
Brass and boots spit polished and shined
Many uniforms of different kind

To the man on my right
I ask were do we go this night
His dress was that of years past
A sailor of the ships and the tall mast
Was a sailors life I did live
For this country my life I did give

To the woman to my left the question I pose
She said it was their wish as she arose
Her dress was that of an Army nurse
The sign of the red cross upon her purse
As she jumped I heard her say
We see them again on this fine day

The sailor saw my puzzled look
He said you will not find this story in any book
We are the ones who’s lives were lost
The ones who paid the ultimate cost
We return but once a year
Giving warmth and hope to those who fear

We return to our time and place
To give our families a warm embrace
Though we see, we are felt but not seen
Children may see hearts so pure, and senses keen
It was they who wished us back
As well as the driver with his toy sack

At that moment I heard my name
The sailor says go son there is no shame
I leap from the sleigh as a bird on wing
I can hear them , my children sing

Of this time of year I will not tire
I feel the warmth of the fire
My family home and all are there
All seem happy without a care

I hear a voice I know so well
“Come children , stories to tell”
I see my dad a tear in his eye
My little one ask why do you cry

I made a wish just for you
I am afraid it did not come true
You never knew your father dear
I just wish that he could be here

He is. I see him there
She points to me with out a care
She describes me from head to toe
All wonder how could she know

She places her hand upon her chest
My daddy was a soldier Americas best
Time has come and I must go
My little one looks to me her face aglow

Daddy you are always with me
I will try to make them see
A solder’s strength is not in arms
It is in his loved ones charms
For everyone he gives his all
For us he answered freedoms call

I feel the cold upon my face
I thank god for his grace
Protect them for another year
Keep them from harm and fear

Protect the soldier and his home
Keep him safe were he may roam
For we are thousands upon this sleigh
Awaiting the eve of Christmas day


December 22, 2011
Ryan Hilbert
I love every single soldier in all branches of our Military. You men and women pay
the ultimate price for our freedoms. There are no words to describe how
appreciative I am of our soldiers.The first time I saw a U.S. Marine I knew at that
exact moment that I was going to be a member of the most elite group of people
in the world. God bless every soldier past, present, and future and to all the fallen
soldiers you paid the ultimate price and I say THANK YOU. SEMPER FI

November 05, 2011
All Fallen US soldiers
Hossein Parsian ( IRAN )
It is now a few years since when American soldiers are extremely active in Iraq
and Afghanistan in an ever-lasting fight against Islamic terrorists. But at what
price should they be doing this ? Do the people of Iraq or Afghanistan appreciate
all these sacrifices made by American soldiers for their freedom? I Think not.
Look at a lot of demonstrations waged in these two countries with expression of
hatred and animosity against American presence there. I believe , and yet to see
this, that the people of these countries are not appreciative of Americans being
there and they do not express gratitude and thankfulness for what Americans are
doing for them. They do not realize that what Americans have done for them by
now could not be done for them in decades and yet they are blind seeing this.
Have there ever been any demonstration in favor of Americans in any of these two
countries ? No, I have not seen any so far.
It hurts me and agonizes my heart any time I see any of your soldiers losing his
or her life for some worthless people among whom only savagery, hatred and
killing is prevailing.I have yet to see any Iraqi or Afghani person commenting and
saying something in the honor of these fallen American soldiers . And still this
trend is going on.
I want to wish luck for all those brave American soldiers who are sacrificing their
lives for the freedom of others. What they are doing will never be forgotten in the
eyes of God's true children and in the eyes of us-- the bystanders in this part of
this God-forsaken region. God bless all those fallen Us soldiers and may God
also reward you for keeping their memories alive eternally.


October 28, 2011
Tim O'Carroll
In Honor of St. Lucie County Heroes of Freedom
Tribute to Heroes of Freedom Saturday, November 5, 2011 at 12PM at the Port
Saint Lucie Civic Center in Port Saint Lucie, Florida.

October 23, 2011
I have made a Birdhouses for every family who has lost a FALLEN SOLDIERS
from Michigan who has been killed in IRAQ, and AFG. aLSO i HAVE MADE A
AND function I can, these FALLEN SOLDIERS will never be forgotten.

October 21, 2011
Julie Green
Honoring our Father Sgt. Green and all U.S. Military Armed Forces
Sharing a Soldier's Prayer YouTube Tribute and our website, hopes to recognize,
acknowledge, honor and exemplify the true meaning of this Prayer.  We wish to
comfort and let U.S. Soldiers, Friends and Families know that they are not alone!
Our goal is that everyone who views Sharing a Soldier's Prayer, realizes that

It is important to me that you know that I care.    

It is truly an honor to dedicate this tribute to the service of you soldier, family,
and friends!  U.S. troops serve our nation throughout times of unrest and natural
disasters.  They provide stability for our country.

TODAY is the day that we wish to say…It is important to me that you know that I

We realize the importance of acknowledging our troops for their outstanding
contributions and sacrifices in the line of duty. We want them to know that WE

Our father proudly served in the Korean and Vietnamese Wars.  He was a veteran
of over twenty years of military service.  Two of our siblings also served in the
military as well. We were raised with strong ethics and family values.  We learned
to respect and appreciate individual differences and similarities worldwide.  Our
global experiences instilled an appreciation for peace and tranquility around the
world. It is with great honor that we recognize our U.S. Soldiers,Veterans and
thank military families.

Show your support by letting loved ones and friends know that they are
remembered, loved and cherished!  Remember our soldiers by thanking them
with Sharing a Soldier's Prayer YouTube Tribute today!

September 5, 2011
These are men who dedicated themselves for their country, & died doing it
for the better of a Nation. Forever remembered guyz.

August 14, 2011
Sgt. Duncan Peak  ( ARMY Retired )
In Honor Of ALL
God bless and thank you R.I.P. to all who gave all.

July 29, 2011
Frank D.
All  those who died in the service of their country
May God be with them all
and may He protect this country against all those who would destroy it;
and may He help this country grow to what it was originally designed to be
- A God fearing, God loving, real democracy under His protection.

June 4, 2011
In Honor of-Army Capt Ernesto M. Blanco,
Army Cpl Mark Bibby, Army PFC Johnathan Cheatham, Joel L.Bertoldi , Army Cpt
Joshua T. Byers, Army Spl Joel L. Bertoldi


Memorial Day 2011
In Honor Of ALL

January 16, 2011
jaydayle robinson
In Honor Of all of them
Hey my name is jaydayle i'm 16 years old and i'm just writing to give appreciation
too the following soldiers......i've been wanting too write some soldiers as pen
pals because i'm  currently attending a private boarding so i'm pretty far away
from home as well as the soldiers i know how difficult it can be too lose someone
because i lost my dad a year ago and he was my best friend just thought that i
would give to thanks to every solider out there.....

January 09, 2011
Connie McKenzie
In Honor Of All Past, Present, and Future Soldiers
They aren't any exact words to describe how I feel, but Thank You soldiers for the
ultimate sacrifice and protecting and maintaining our freedom for us, I have so
much honor and love for you and your families.  Thank You and God Bless you
and your families.  What you are doing and have done will never be forgotten or
taken for granted.  Thank You and much Appreciation...

When the security of our land is threatened,
We call on our soldier's might,
To go wherever they're needed,
To defend us day and night.

They leave their loves ones behind,
A great price our soldiers must pay.
Let us salute their courage and bravery,
May we remember them each time we pray.

Each time we spot "Old Glory"
Waving for all to see,
Let's think of all the soldiers that have
Kept it flying proud and free.

This great country is tolerant
Of cultures from other lands,
But, when they attack our precious freedom
We will punish with a heavy hand.

Our soldiers are tried and true,
Tempered like carbon steel,
Born of American Spirit;
Raised with American will.

Remember our fallen heroes that died,
So freedom may grow,
To nations around the world,
Wherever our warriors may go.

Author Unknown

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.
John 15:13
I am humbled, and thankful.

Roger E. Temle
In Honor Of All Sheepdogs

After reading Charles Grennel's letter: Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs, to Jill
Edwards I was inspired to write the following poem/prayer.  Please share it with
all of our Sheepdogs and their families. Thank you for your service and for your


The Knights of Olde were Men of Honor
Who used their Might For Right!
Today they’re known as Sheepdogs
Those who carry on the fight.

I am a tired old Sheepdog,
The guardian of my flock.
I keep the predators at bay
And stand watch around the clock.

Please stop the Sheep from pulling my teeth.  
I’ll need them for the fight,
When the hungry Wolves come calling
Some dark and deadly night.

I pray I never need my gun
But someday if I do,
May my cause be just!
My draw be quick!
And my aim be ever true!

Heaven holds a special place
For those who do the deed,
Defenders of the innocent
In their hour of need.

May the Sheep someday be grateful.  
There’s a debt they cannot pay,
To the Sheepdogs who lay it on the line
Each and every day.

I am proud to be a Sheepdog.
I’ve done my very best.
I’ll stand my watch until my Maker
Calls me home to rest.

But when I meet Saint Peter,
There’s just one request I’ll make:
“Please let me spend Eternity
Standing guard at Heaven’s Gate.”


This prayer is dedicated to all of the Sheepdogs who make our world a safer
place to live.  
To all of the law enforcement  / rescue / military personnel and armed citizens:
By  Roger E. Temple  7/21/09

July 4, 2010
Eileen Marie Hines
To All Our Soldiers
I am very humbled and grateful to be able to speak out concerning so many of
our children that have died for us and their country. I know many people who's
names would never fit in a large book, through my life, that spoke of soldier's,
men and women alike that were just your average next door neighbor that loved
and believed we live in the best country in the world! My husband and I have
raised our children to respect, and honor those that are serving in any capacity
for freedom and helping other folk less fortunate than our people are here in the
United States. There is something mentioned somewhere that when one human
being suffers, we are all touched by their suffering. This applies as well to our
fallen comrades. We are so very , very,
proud of them and their families for having given the ultimate sacrifice. We also
know that it was not in vain. What we don't understand now , will become clear to
us later. The Commander-in-Chief, (GOD) has them safely with HIM for the
present. We will get to see them later. I'm sure the medals HE will be passing out
are far more wonderful. I know several, personally that have passed on to HIM. I
miss them , but they made a difference for a lot of folk. Thank you guys! You will
never be forgotten, just like those that are serving our country now will not be
forgotten. Sincerely, Eileen Hines

June 27, 2010
In Honor Of All at Wanat Battle
In addition to the heroes at Wanat, I wish to salute Col. Brostrom and the parents,
families, and friends who pursued the after-action reports and, ultimately, were
disappointed with the tribunal in Georgia.

As an American I,too, am outraged and ashamed at the outcome, but believe
accountability will be forthcoming and urge you to not give up hope.  There are
many of us who would support you in a "movement" that underscores our
patriotism and demand for justice and corrective actions.

As we grieve with you, we also share in your pride and respect for those who fell
at Wanat.

With grateful appreciation,

Bob Kramm

June 03, 2010
Carole Winter
In Honor Of Paul Plomin
Uncle Paul, you gave your life for this great country fighting in the Korean War
before I was born.  From everything I've heard about you from our family, you
were a very special guy.  I'm sorry I never got to know you.  Thank you and God

Memorial Day
May 31, 2010
Christine Benson
To all of you that have given ALL...and for those still giving for a FREEDOM...I say
"THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO" May god shine his light on you for you to see...

May 27, 2010
Joel E. Mick Jr.
I just wanted to thank for having such a memorial for fallen soldiers.  I have
shared many of these soldiers memorials with others through a "Memorial Wall"
Remembrance blog that we started at our company.  Our president decided that
one day is not enough to remember all of the fallen soldiers so he has declared
this Memorial Month for which we have been posting friends, family members,
people from our communities and even soldiers that we do not know but who all
deserve to be remembered for what they have done for all of us.

April 12, 2010
Ross (all serving)
Dear Ross,
I just finished reading "They fought for Each Other".  I had already known about
your actions and your bravery and self sacrifice, as well as the heroic actions of
your entire company,  What I did not know is how your loss impacted your men in
the after math of what Charlie Company went through.  Me, like so many others,
walk through our lives like the most  important thing is to make sure we catch our
next flight. I just want you and your men to know that every day I think and praise
all those who have sacrificed and want to let you know you will always be in my
mind and heart, as well as all those who sacrificed to protect what we take for
granted, "FREEDOM".  God Bless you, your family, and the members of your
company who you saved, loved, and love you.  Thanks for your service.

April 11, 2010
Hannah Morgan
In Honor Of PR1 Andrew J. Lightner
Always my baby boy, now my Angel, the
Navy was his passion.  His sense of
Duty and country strong.  A parachute
Rigger was his job, with a rank of
E-6.  Our wonderful young man
Will always be missed.

Just 25 years young, and still
Only a child; he was the
Son God loaned to me.
Each day we will remember the
Person he came to be.
He is well loved by all who knew him.

Light of so many lives
In all areas of his life,
Gone in body now, but forever in our
Hearts.  He made life for us fun.
There was always laughter when he was around.
Now we have our memories to help us get through
Each day we have left on this earth.
Rest in peace, our son!!  We will see you again!!

Andrew Joseph Lightner
July 31,1983-June 18, 2009

April 02, 2010
Obie Wordlaw
In Honor Of All Fallen Soldiers
Soldier Daddy-IN HONOR OF OUR FALLEN HEROES! Thanks for everything.

Listen to-
Soldier Daddy

December 21, 2009
Tony Mountain
In Honor Of All serving members of the coalition

It is with a great deal of sadness, that at this time of year, families and friends
have to contend with a Holiday without treasured family members.
I have not lossed anyone personally but please be assured, many people like
myself are thinking of you and those you have lost in the cause of our collective

May they Rest In Eternal Peace. May your bear your loss with fortitude.
God Bless.
From England.

December 14, 2009
Salvador Frutos

Hello dear Friend I know you are watching in
A foreign Soil trembles when your presence sits in
Gun powder suspended in the air as your soul friend
You are my shield in life and death
I feel you while the superior man welcomes you in

I don't you know in life, but I con only pray to God
that I earn the right to meet you some time
Maybe if I could only see, a glimpse of you looking down at me
My age runs over but you live in me for eternity

You are a rising soldier, and I am the fallen one
You sit on a pedestal of honor
While I sit in petals you have built with your life
You are everyone's daughter, everyone's son
I only belong to gravity you now belong to God

How is it that  I am here and you are up there
Love and happiness seem absent here
Why your distant image makes me cry
Why do I feel I know you since the beginning of time

You are a rising soldier, and I am the fallen one
You sit on a pedestal of honor
While I sit in petals you have built with your life
You are everyone's daughter, everyone's son
I only belong to gravity you now belong to God

November 30, 2009
isabel "Liz" uruo
In Honor Of Army Sgt. Iosiwo Uruo
I am a sister of Army Sgt. Iosiwo Uruo, who was killed in Operation Iraq Freedom
in May 24, 2007. As I come across every page of our "fallen soldiers" web page..I
am sadden and heartbreak to see so many faces of our brothers/sisters in the
armed force who give their lives and leave their love ones to protect our ways of
living. At the same time I am so proud of their courage, and willingness to do
what they had to do.
So I stand here, and salute all of our brave solders for their sacrifice for the
"Freedom" which I am living in today..thank you and may the Mercy of Our God
Protect You All.


Ms. Uruo

Veterans  Day Nov 11, 2009
Ryan Lahne
To all who have/are serving in foreign soil for the U.S.A

I am Ryan Lahne I am 14. My dad served in the army. He was a M.P in Germany he
passed when i was five. I just want to say thank you, for all the things you guys
have done for this great country.

Veterans Day Nov 11, 2009
Angela Goodwin

God Bless you for all that you do.  Thank you for your courage to do what so
many can not.  You truly are America's Heroes!!!!

A Soldier
By A. Aguilar

There is discipline in A Soldier you can see it when he walks,
There is honor in A Soldier you hear it when he talks.

There is courage in A Soldier you can see it in his eyes,
There is loyalty in A Soldier that he will not compromise.

There is something in A Soldier that makes him stand apart,
There is strength in A Soldier that beats from his heart.

A Soldier isn't a title any man can be hired to do,
A Soldier is the soul of that man buried deep inside of you.

A Soldier's job isn't finished after an 8 hour day or a 40 hour week,
A Soldier is always A Soldier even while he sleeps.

A Soldier serves his country first and his life is left behind,
A Soldier has to sacrifice what comes first in a civilian's mind.

If you are civilian - I am saying this to you.....
next time you see A Soldier remember what they do.

A Soldier is the reason our land is 'Home of the free',
A Soldier is the one that is brave protecting you and me.

If you are A Soldier - I am saying this to you.....
Thank God for EVERY SOLDIER Thank God for what YOU do!

The ultimate sacrifice they have given is beyond any words.  God Bless the
families and loved ones that have had to endure the pain of losing their HERO.  
My sympathies, prayers, love and respect are with you all.  

Fallen Hero
By A. Aguilar

I hope you can hear me - so many things I want you to know
Silent communication is all I have left - I will never let go

Your time with us too short - what I would give for more
Left only with your memory to cherish and adore

We will honor your life, so your death is not in vain
Embrace your existence and not succumb to the pain

You are called a 'Fallen Hero' and honorably laid to rest
Eulogies given from all the people that you have blessed

You touched so many lives - each one in your own way
Every moment with you will be remembered everyday

Take the lighted path home to the Heavens above
Thankful to have known you, blessed with your love

Knowing you'll be there as our guiding light
A countries 'Fallen Hero', our 'Angel in flight‘

Your memory never forgotten - Forever in our hearts
Our Angel watching over us, so we're never apart

Sept 20, 2009
SGT Brush
In Honor Of SPC Evans
My name is Sgt Brush I went to Basic With Spc Evans and we were both good
friends it saddens me to find out what had happened to this proud American and
my love and prayers go out to his family

Sept 15, 2009
Robert Brashear
In Honor Of All United States Soldiers
I am just an "everyday" proud American "Joe" and I wanted to just say thank-you
to all of the Families of the "fallen!"  I hope this can bring you just a moment of
positive reflection. God Bless All of You!
Robert L. Brashear Jr.

July 10, 2009
Reinhart Jr. family
In Honor Of  Every Soldier past, present & future
My family and I would like to thank every soldier past, present & future for serving
our country and giving their lives for everyone.
Your heroism and courage will be forever remembered.
Our love and prayers go out to your friends and families who will be forever
proud of you and saddened by the deep loss of you.
We know God has you in His hands and you will be forever our guardian Angels!
Thank you for the ultimate sacrifice!
The Reinhart Jr. family

Memorial Day 2009
Jim Wylie
In Honor Of all Fallen Soldiers
To those that have served before me, that I was honored to follow.... THANK YOU
To those that I served with, it was my honor to know you and call you a friend....
To those that served after me, and to those that continue to serve our nation
and/or your community... . THANK YOU

To those of you that lost family members to military service, I especially thank
you for your precious gift... The cause was, and still is, greater than all your
fears..... THANK YOU

To those of you that have a family legacy of service.... THANK YOU

Memorial Day 2009
In Honor Of All Fallen Solders
I pray for you and your families everynight..thanks for your sacrifice....God bless

Thinking of you and the sacrifice you have endured, we wanted to forward
three different messages in reference to Memorial Day, in hopes they
will be encouraging to you.
Very Respectfully,
Janeth Lopez

May 17, 2009
Alex Tester
In Honor Of All of them
God bless all that has died for this country. I just hope everyone has the love for this country
like I do.  4 yrs in the Corps.  Love all.    Alex Tester

April 29, 2009
Gary Smith
I live in South Africa,I would like to pay tribute to all those US Servicemen and Women who
have made the ultimate sacrifice.
For all the Servicemen and Women ,keep up the good work.
Know that there are those of us out there in the free world that appreciate what you do.
I pray that God keeps you all safe and that one day you will be re-united with your families.
Take care and be safe.
Gary Smith ex SADF serviceman.

April 19, 2009
Robert Mark Smith
In Honor Of All soldiers & their families
I am saddened for the loss of all of our soldiers. We wouldn't have the freedom now we have
if not for all soldiers past & present. Thank you all soldiers past & present..

March 2, 2009
Mark Smith
All soldiers who have fallen during our fight on terrorism, my prayers go out to the loved ones
you left behind. My nephew is in the Richmond, Virginia National Guard. He has been to Iraq
and now is heading to Afghanistan. All soldiers are my heroes. GOD BLESS OUR SOLDIERS..

November 4, 2008
Ken Siemers Sr.
In Honor Of All the Brave men & women
No greater sacrifice for our country and our freedom.
God bless you and my deepest thank you.

June 8, 2008
Matt H.
Honoring all fallen soldiers
To all our fallen soldiers, thank you for what you have
given to our country. I am 15, when i get old enough i am going to
enlist. Pray for me and ask God to protect me if i go over there.

May 23, 2008
God Bless you all, for your sacafrice and service

May 11, 2008
The Allred Family of El Sobrante , California
In Honor Of To All of our fallen Heroes and their families on
Mother's Day.
Dear Fallen Heroes

We know that your mother will not receive a call, email, card, letter,
or gift from you this year because you have already given her and all
good people of the world the ultimate gift of freedom and a better
future by sacrificing your life for the benefit
of humanity; so we are sending your mother this message on your behalf:

"Thank you, Mother, for giving us life so we were able to do our best
for you and everyone.

Thank you for providing all the nurturing and love you gave us.

Thank you for your encouragement and support as we accepted this

Thank you for your sacrifice of part of your own spririt, your own
flesh and blood.

Thank you for not placing blame, on others, on us, on your self.

We did the best we could, as you did.

So, Mother, thank you, God bless you, may every Mother's Day, and every
day, be the best possible for you and all mothers, whether they have
lost their sons and daughters
or still enjoy their company.

Happy Mother's Day, Mother!"

May 1, 2008
Thomas  , Dale , Carl , Patricia , Linda , Roger, Stephanie.
In Honor Of Benzy  Nguyen
Our hearts are broken , our souls are lost , from now
on our high school reunion's
will never be the same ,you were our best friend .
You died for our freedom . Rest in peace.

Feb 24, 2008
In Honor Of JUSTIN

Jan 25, 2008
SFC Rod Brewer
In Honor Of All Fallen Heroes

Christmas in Arlington...
Rest easy, sleep well my brothers and sisters. Know the line has held,
you job is done. Rest easy, sleep well. Others have taken up where you
fell, the line has held. Peace, peace, and farewell......

From Arlington Memorial.

Jan 21, 2008
Tim Johnson
You Did Not Die Alone
You left  to fight for not only
the ones you love,
but for the ones yet to come
you  fought to uphold
the American flag, and for all
that it stands for, you fought for the  wives at home, taking care of the children
while they and  your children sleep peacefully.
You fought for the integrity of  the MIA and the VA and anyone else who
is an amercian. you fought for those who survived
and for those who gave their life for our freedom
You did not die alone, when we lose an American Soldier,
we not only lose  a great person,  we also lose  a part of ourselves.
To  think, our children, brothers, aunts, uncles, sisters, fathers, &
mothers  are over there  dodging every bullet today. Just so they can
get up tomorrow and  do the same very  thing.

God Bless  our  troops, and their families  who were left behind,
You did not die alone, everytime we turn on the news and hear of another soldier who lost  his
or her life, a  little part of  us  die  along with you.

Jan 11, 2007
CPL Christopher J. Nelson
You are and always will be ouy HERO! Rest in peace and
we will see you soon!

Marta Luz Rivera
In Honor Of (deceased) SFC (RET-Army) Castor Pedroza Rivera

SFC (E-7)  Castor Pedroza Rivera , hometown
Patilla, Puerto Rico.  enter U.S.Army 1942  Tortuguero Puerto Rico. served
for 30 years .  fought in  WWII, Korean War, Vietnam , .  retired  1972 .
died in 1982. (Fort hood , Texas) The family and friends want to
thank him for all his years of military serve and  serving our country. He
had 6 (six) children and a wonderful wife.. GOD BLESS.

Jan 3, 2008
Rhonda Kirkpatrick
In Honor Of Eddie Tamez
I am so sorry about your son Eddie.  I am David
Kirkpatrick's mom and I understand what you are going thru.  I know how much
you miss him and how hard the holidays have been for you and your
family.  I think of you and your family often.  I loved hearing the story
that SGT. William Castillo told us about Eddie teaching David magic
tricks.  David couldn't wait to get home and show his 4 sisters the tricks.
I am so glad that David and Eddie were friends.  David was so quiet, I
was worried about him making good friends, but from all I have heard,
he found a very good friend with Eddie.  I didn't know Eddie but we will
never forget him.  He is a true hero and you can be sure that his
memory is kept alive by our family.
The family of PFC David Austin Kirkpatrick
Rhonda, Kenny, Carrie, Jennie, Nettie & Emily  

Jan 2, 2008
from England
In the words of our greatest leader Winston Churchill
" Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to
so few." We as a country look on America as our greatest friend and
although we mourn our soldiers too we shall always watch your back.
An American icon- Johnny Cash covers Tom Pettys I won't back down
Pictures coutesy of United States Army
"Freedom-Your Freedom" Performed
by Randy Hignight
Jierra Clark
To All Our Troops
My name is Jierra. I am a professional/independent singer and I have been working on a Thank You
project for the men and women in service to our country. I wrote a song and created a video with
producer/director Krys Fehervari that has just been released to the world at:

This is to acknowledge all of the good works, humanitarian efforts and aid that these men and
women provide for us and others around the world which usually goes unacknowledged not to
mention the many Freedoms that they make possible for us.  

A great deal of time and care has gone into this project and it would mean so much to me to share
it with you. Please take a few moments to watch and share this video. We want to start a movement
of appreciation that will spread throughout the world.

Many thanks,
By Patrick Workman, Houston, Texas
Son and Grandson of a Marine, former USN and father of a former
By Jim Lienemann
Never Forget”
Jim Lienemann, Artist

Salem, Oregon
18” x 24” oil on canvas  ©2012

There is a verse in the Bible which
reads: “Greater love has no one
than this, that he lay down his life
for his friends.” (John 15:13)  On
that same note, the brave men and
women who have made the
ultimate sacrifice to preserve
liberty for all Americans must
never be forgotten.

The United States Armed Forces
Code of Conduct was promulgated
by President Eisenhower on
August 17, 1955. It applies to all U.
S. military personnel.

Code of Conduct: Article I  “I am an
American, fighting in the forces
which guard my country and our
way of life. I am prepared to give
my life in their defense.”
I created this image as my way of
expressing my heartfelt gratitude
for all those American heroes who
paid the price for my freedom. I will
never forget.