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Dec 31, 2007
dawn spencer
In Honor Of LCPL William D. Spencer

You will never be forgotten we love you

David Sidebottom
I have written a song for our fallen soldiers so they
may be remembered and honored as they deserve so very much!
please listen to "A Soldier Died" at:
David Sidebottom
formerly SSGT, USAF 1969-76

Dec 30, 2007
Cpl Andrew W Nunn
In Honor Of Sgt Ryan Mitchell Wood
I was stationed in Schweinfurt with Mitch.  We met in
Kuwait on our way back to Germany, however we were in Samara together.
We spent a lot of time together after we returned.  I miss him
terribly.  Life will never be the same without him.

Debbie Vaughn
In Honor Of Sgt. Thomas P. McGee
Sgt. Thomas Patrick McGee
23, of Hawthorne, Calif. assigned to the 546th Military Police Company
385th  MP Battalion, Fort Stewart, GA. Died on July 6th 2007 of wounds
sustained when a roadside explosive device detonated near his vehicle
in Wazi Khwa Afghanistan.

Dec 23, 2007
In Honor Of Wayne D Hoard

TO My Dad Wayne D Hoard US.Air Force I am very proud of
him. and others so I made a site called so check it out

Dec 20, 2007
Heather Suarez
In Honor Of John Hennen

John Michai Hennen,26
June 17,2007

Peggy Whipp   (mom)
In Honor Of Special Agent Thomas Crowell
To Tom---You are a true hero. We love you and miss you. God bless

Dec 12, 2007
Jim Wylie
A tribute to our soldiers.

Nov 11, 2007
In Honor Of Mazzuto
I miss you brother......God Bless

Nov 8, 2007
Deborah M. Ardron
In Honor of  Brian Daniel  Ardron
His comrades knew Daniel the soldier.  I knew Daniel my
son. His wife knew Daniel the husband, and new father of a son who was
only 6 months old when his dad was killed.  He was so proud of what he
did, and felt that indeed "Sappers Lead They Way"!  Freedom is indeed
not free, and he and Cprl. Davis and SSgt. Weaver paid the ultimate
price on May 21, 2007. We must never forget.  To forget dismisses what
they did and stood for.  We must always remember and pray.  Our family
will never let Daniel's memory die.  His son needs to know and understand,
as do children everywhere that only through the courage and dedication
of these men, do we stand tall and brave.

God bless every man and woman everywhere in the service of our country.
Please come home safe.

Oct 30, 2007
Richard Brink
In Honor Of Cpt. Sean G. Lyerly
Recently i received a braclet, and then i prayed for
your family and friends and all the fallen HEROS that paied the ultimate
price. I will wear it proudly.  Anyone that would like to text please
do so.  

Oct 27, 2007
Stacey&Sean Steigerwaldt
In Honor Of Sgt Eric Lill
Eric was a great man,father,son,and big brother to
Kort.He was also the best friend
anyone could ask for. The nation lost a fine solider on July 6th 2007.
We will always
treasure the fond memories we have all made with him. We love and miss
you,but we will see each other in our dreams.
Love,Stacey&Sean Steigerwaldt

Oct 19, 2007
Erick Lopez
In Honor Of All
To all that have given there lives for my Freedom I
want to Thank You from the Bottom of my Heart.
I don't know much about a Battlefield or People that are dying around
me but, I am very Thankful that you have chosen to Fight for a cause
that so many others thought was in vain But, I say that it is not because
you are a Hero that makes a Difference every day as I walk here and
enjoying the Freedom that you have provided for so many of us who are
back here in the United States of America and I Thank You for a Heart that
made a difference and I know that we make take Freedom for granted but
I as an American will do my duty to up hold that which so many have
given there live's for Thank You Ladies and Gentleman for What you have
done and I'm behind what you are doing and Keep up the Good Job for
America needs you!
I wish you the Best and God Bless and Keep you in His arm's for you are
America's Soldier's and you have someone whose keeping you in his

Oct 18, 2007
Lisa Waldrop
In Honor Of: = Soldiers Name: Richard Gilmore III
In Memory Of Richard Gilmore III

Ruth Reyes Munoz
Manuel "Joaquin" Holguin
We all miss you very much.

In Honor Of Lamas
I love you bro. I found this page today and i finally
realize how much it hurts that you are gone! I miss you bro! and i want
to let you know that every time we kicked it, it was awsome. I went to
your funeral and i made sure it went right. It sure did. The patriot
guard was there!!! it was cool....well dude, i miss you man, and trust
me, every new guy that comes in will now who you are, and once again bro,
I MISS YOU!!!I will write more tommorow cow bow ..

Oct 16, 2007
Tiffany Taylor
In Honor Of 1st Sgt Michael Curry
Michael,you will always live in our hearts.

Oct 14, 2007

Kimberly Blamires
In Honor Of SGT Jesse Blamires 25

Oct 7, 2007
Penny Punnett
Running To Honor The Memory of Fallen Soldiers
I am a 5k, 10k, and 1/2 Marathon Runner, a former
Marine, mother and a wife. I usually run an average of 2 to 3 races a month.
I never win them but I run and I finish them. I want to support my
fellow soldiers in some way and to remember the fallen in my special way.
I want to show the families of these soldiers that their loved ones are
honored not just by people that knew them personally but by others who
just recognized them for the outstanding and self sacrificing
individuals that they were.   

I would like to honor the memory and sacrifice of a fallen soldier in
each race I run. To do this, I would attach the name and photo (if
possible) to my bib number and run showing everyone that this person gave
the ultimate sacrifice for other people. I would like to get permission
from the families of these soldiers before doing this though. Please, if
this is something that you would like for me to do for you and your
fallen soldier, let me know by responding to this tribute or email me at or go to my space and search for
Runner4TheFallen. You will be able to see some of my running photos and get to
know me a little better.

My heart goes to all who have lost.

P.A. Punnett
St. Augustine, Florida

Jack Velez
In Honor Of Michael Yarbrough

Tracy Carrithers
In memory of  LCpl  Amanda L. Carrithers

I saw her from a distance
As she walked up to the wall
in her hand she held some flowers
as her tears began to fall
and she took out pen and paper
as to trace her memories
and she looked up to heaven
and the words she said were these...

She said Lord my boy was special,
and he meant so much to me
and Oh I'd love to see him
just one more time you see
All I have are the memories
and the moments to recall

So Lord could you tell him,
He's more than a name on a wall..

She said he really missed the family
and being home on Christmas day
and he died for God and Country
in a place so far away

I remember just a little boy
playing war since he was three
But Lord this time I know,
He's not coming home to me

And she said Lord my boy was special,
and he meant so much to me
and Oh I'd love to see him
But I know it just can't be
So I thank you for my memories
and the moments to recall

But Lord could you tell him,
He's more than a name on a wall..

Jose R. Pena
In Honor Of Juan  M.  Alcantara
I alway remeber you my brother as person who give his
life for better and for good. I will miss you for ever.

Dolores Avalos-Corcoran
In Loving Memory Omar Mora,
A very loved husband, father, son, brother & grandson who we are very
proud of and will be deeply missed. You will be forever in our Hearts.

Ray Mathis (SSG)
In Honor Of Dwayne L Moore
To Brother Moore a friend in Christ Jesus whom I miss
and a big influence in my life.
every day we become better leaders as we accept the challenges and
embrace the sacrifices. A salute that will never come down until we meet
Brother Mathis

Lavette Curry
In Honor Of 1st Sgt. Michael S. Curry Jr.
A Soldier isn't gone until he's FORGOTTEN

Nicole Kennedy
In Honor Of Adam P Kennedy
Adam, you will never be forgotten! I will always
remember the last time we were together and how we laughed over our parents
trying to get their camera's to work.  We may not have spent too much
time together as adults, but i have memories of childhood, that will
always be close to my heart. You are now a special guardian angel and I know
in my heart and soul you are watching over me and Christy.  See you on
the other side. I'm honored to call you COUSIN.
p.s. you're my favorite

In Honor Of Daniel F. Reyes
I miss u Uncle Daniel

Kelley Moore
In Honor of Soldiers Name: Dwayne l Moore


Johnny Patrick
With all due respect. Our soldiers give us their all so
we can be ourself. We all appreciate them

Michelle Hall
In Honor Of  Richard Gilmore II
I would like to say to his family that I am truly sorry
for there loss.  I would like to solute Richard for being the
honarable man that he was to give his life to protect our country.  
I'm so sorry a young man life had to be taken so soon. My thoughts and
prayers are with  his family.
Thanks, Michelle Hall

Brittany Carlisle
To All the Fallen Brothers and Sisters and Their Families
We appreciate the sacrifices given by our fallen
soldiers and their families. These people have given so much so that we can
have so much. Though words can never convey gratitude, thank you.
Silver-rimmed cap
Shone in the sun
Polished black boots
And holding a gun

Back straight as a rod
Unwavering gaze
Tears shone, almost spilling
Ending boot camp days

The young man stood
Saluting and proud
In a line of soldiers
In front of a crowd

I remember that noon
Quite as well as the rest
When I watched him march off
Among the best

My Marine, my pride
Endured the worst
Insulted and pushed
Berated and cursed

He came home a man
A warrior and more
Then my Marine
He was called off to war

“Semper Fidelis”
That’s what they say
“Always Faithful”
And faithful he stayed

The day I said goodbye
An emotional scene
But there would be another time
I would see my Marine

The calls came
The letters went
I can’t recount
The hours I spent

The nights in turmoil
The worrying days
Dreading the knock
The unwavering gaze

The eyes that would tell me
He wouldn’t have to talk
I’d know just as soon
As he came up the walk

A letter came home
And that afternoon
While the sun shone

Beating down on the people
And lawns trimmed clean
Passed children playing ball
Scattered leaves no longer green

The car came up the street
Two Marines inside
Turned right on Maple
And into my drive

I didn’t hear them
As they came up the walk
With eyes that would tell me
With no need to talk

Oh, my Marine
Yes he came home
In a beautiful coffin
With a flag of his own

And as I stand here
His medals in hand
It doesn’t take too much
To understand

“Semper Fidelis”
There’s pride in that phrase
“Always Faithful”
To the end of his days

Rich Perez Sr.
In Honor Of  LCpl Richard A. Perez Jr.

Tamie Deady
In Honor Of To all soldiers
Thank you for your devotion and sacrifice you have
given to ALL the poeple of the United States, My family is forever
grateful. May you rest in peace.  Brock, Tamie, Chris, Quentyn,Joshua and
Mariah Deady

Debi Brand
In Honor Of Sgt. Emerson Noah Brand
To my beloved son, my one and only son, my one and only
You are safe, son, in the arms of the One I entrusted you to.
Here, I'm finishing up my work, then, as usaul, with out delay, I'm
coming home.
All my love.
Forever, Mom

Sheena Cumins
In Honor Of SGT. Jesse Williams
What to say...You always kept me laughing whenever me
and tim came over to your house or you were at the CQ desk. You are sooo
missed...not just by me, all of your friends, and family, your wife
sonya and beautiful daughter in peace homie, you will never
be forgotten!!

Wesley Garrison
Only a soldier's family truly understands the price of freedom.
In memory of every man and woman, that gave the
ultimate sacrifice, may they rest in peace. May we make them proud and
exercise the freedoms and follow in the cause they lived and died for. My
sincere gratitude and deepest of condolences go out to every grieving
family and friend of a fallen hero. I hurt with you, and I cry with you. God
bless you.

Sweet Child of Grace
Wesley Garrison

Desperate for the strength to carry on, I look back one more time
At a coffin draped with stars and stripes, with grievers right behind

I saw your picture on a website, of fallen hero’s in this war
For those who gave their all, during a patriotic tour

Branded in my heart, a memory I can’t replace
Farewell to my hero, Sweet Child of Grace

Incomplete and empty, lost and out of touch
Is the state my life is in, for the soldier I miss so much

A smile that once lit up a room, has left us in the dark to cry
For the smile is gone with a man we thought would never die

The lifetime of memories that I shared with you, can never be unwound
And though you’re gone to a better place, I can feel your still

Deep in the fabric of all our lives, is a soldier we still embrace
A father, a brother, a son, and a friend… Sweet Child of Grace

Maybe we weren’t meant to understand, and I know that war has its
But when the world witnessed the fall of a man, it never quite realized
what it lost

Lady Liberty stands taller today, and America sleeps well right through
the night
And for freedom you laid it all on the line, and gave terror one last
good fight

You fought proud for your country, right beside your friends, and when
it was over you came home
But next to dieing for a war, the second hardest thing to do is cry

Your love and your laughter, live on long after, all the pain and the
sadness wash away
And though we’ll never know, why you had to go, I know I’m gonna
see you some day

And with heaven more secure then ever before I’m sure, the angels
will rest easy in that place
The clouds will be whiter, and heaven even brighter, with a smile from
that Sweet Child of Grace

David Sidebottom

July 22, 2007
In Honor of all soldiers
"A Soldier Died" is a song I wrote for our brave and wonderful troops
who have chosen to defend our freedom and so they who died may not be

Please listen to my song at:  There is a
tribute song there also to honor all veterans called "So Carry On".
It's free to listen! It's for them!

In remembrance of our troops,
David J Sidebottom
formerly SSGT, USAF

July 11, 2007
Jennifer and Don Phillips
Sgt. Keith Kline
Email address = Email
I would like to tell Keith's family that I was very
sorry for their loss  Keith was a great man,good friend,and wonderful
soldier. We will never forget that he fought for our freedom and safety
everyday! God bless your family
Sgt. Kline was KIA 05 July 2007 in Iraq

02 July 2007
Holly Bormann
In Honor Of Trista Moretti
I did not know Trista, but I read her obituary in the paper, and really
feel like I missed out by not knowing her. By all accounts, she was an
amazing person. Trista, you may be gone, but not forgotten. Your spirit
will live on in every beautiful summer day, each crack of thunder,
every rainbow that spills across the sky. I am sure you are on to bigger
and better things now, but the world down below will miss you. Most
sincerely, a friend from NJ

24 June 2007
Christy Van Houtin
In Honor Of Karen Clifton
Karen was a wonderfull person to be around. Chris you
raised a brave daughter who believed that anything could be done. She is
a HERO with her wings now. She will always be there to watch over
everyone she loved.
Spc. Karen N.Clifton, 22, of Lehigh Acres, Fla., died June 21

June 22, 2007
Steven Woodward
In Honor Of James Arellano
James was a good kid he left behind a wonderful family
along with his kind young wife and he will be sorely missed as a
soldier, friend, and a brother.

June 12, 2007
Maria Booker Loney
Staff Sergeant Darryl D. Booker

I will always remember my son, Darryl.  He was a true
hero in our eyes, Not only in the military, but in his personal life.  A
man of integrity and a man of strong belief in God.  We will miss him
and also Clonel Kelly, his friend and his fallen comrade.  Darryl, you
will be greatly missed.  You are a son that any mom will be proud of.
Love You,

June 10, 2007
Rodney Brewer
In Honor Of All the Fallen Heroes
Christmas in Arlington....
Rest easy, sleep well my  brothers and sisters. Know the line has held,
your job is done. Rest easy, sleep well. Others have taken up where you
fell, the line has held. Peace, peace, and farewell......

June 8, 2007
Susan Appleman
In Honor Of  SSG. John G. Doles  Sept. 30, 2005
You are in our prayers. We will always love and Miss you.  

June 6, 2007
Misty Day
In Honor Of Cpl. Rusty Lee Washam

In memory of the bravest person I have ever known MY
Killed in Action February 14, 2006 at the age of 21 in Iraq.


As we grew each day
We faced what came our way
Though at times we disagreed
Together we were meant to be

But life is only for a while
In my heart Rusty left a smile
For the bond that we shared
Were like none to compare

Memories will carry me through
Until I soar above the blue
For when to Heaven I ascend
I'll see Rusty's smile again.

Rosalinda DeLeon

In Honor Of LCP Jonathan R. Flores
Although my Jonathan has been gone for 2 years we still
find it hard to live on with out your presence. You are with us in
spirit. I know because I sometimes feel you but I still wish I could hold
you and kiss you. Thank you and remember how proud we are of you for
being so brave. OUR HERO. Love your TIA

Rita  Cuellar Olivas
In Honor Of Sgt.Bacilio "BOZZY" Cuellar   24,  
Odessa Texas.

MAY AMERICA LOVE YOU. AND MAY NONE OF US FORGET ......................................    A HEROES

June 1, 2007
In Honor Of Robert M. Carr
Thank you for serving our community and our country.  
You are truly a hero and will never be forgotten.  

June 1, 2007
SFC  Paul Johnson
In Honor Of Joseph Weiglein

To the family of Joe Weiglein
I worked with Weiglein in Tennessee for 3 years. Joe and I were in a
car accident together back in 04. I considered him a brother. He was
and will always be a positive influence in my life. I will miss him
terribly. I plan on traveling to the service and will bring another friend
of ours. (Welsh) My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

Love and Prayers,

June 1, 2007
Crystal Branley
In Honor Of Kevin Michael Luna
Kevin Michael Luna was killed in his barracks in Iraq.  
He was the father of my son, Glenn.  Kevin was a gentle and caring man
and would do anything to help anyone.  This is why we  remained such
good friends.  We loved each other but kewn we didn't belong to each
other and decided that he would  go into the Army for our child, Glenn's,
sake.  Glenn is 9 years old and has lived without his daddy for 2 years
now.  Please contact him via this site and let him know that his dad
was a good man.  Thank You.
Glenn's Mommy

May 26, 2007
Cheryl Ellis
In Honor Of John Scott Stephens
To the greatest Man I have ever known. As great
Father,Husband,Brother,Uncle,Grandfather,Friend.. and.... SOLDIER... You will
never be forgotten and will live in our hearts forever.

May 25. 2007
Deacn David Mumby
In Honor Of PFC Roy L. Jones, III
Our family never had the opportunity to meet PFC Jones
but our son, PFC Michael Mumby served with him in the 984th Military
Police Company.  We don't know his family but wanted to express our
deepest sympathy to those who knew and loved him.  This couragous soldier
choose to serve his beloved country.  He freely gave his life so that all
of us back here in the United States of America, has the opportunity to
continue to have the freedoms we so dearly hold close to our hearts.  
No life lost in the War on Terror should ever be forgotten and the
sacrifice that PFC Roy L Jones,III made will never be forgotten.  PFC Jones,
his family and all of the fallen soldiers are in our family's daily

May 22, 2007
Doug Brinker DIsabled OIF VET )04
In Honor Of  LCPL Brent Beehler
Although I never knew you personally i feel as a
community member I still knew you.I was there when our community payed honor
to you and as we all witnessed how you touch the lives in your
hometown, we still mourn the days that have passed since you left. I personally
was touched when I watched as you lie in state in the church , for I
easily could be in the very same place as you. I am more than blessed for
God has given me a second chance to carry on the Mission for Him and
life itself. I want to salute you for your unselfish sacrifice to our
country and our community. May the great God he is continue to wrap his
loving arms around you until the day we all are together once more.

Doug Brinker
Sgt. 1461st Trans. Co.
Disabled Iraqi Vet 2004

May 13, 2007
Amanda F
In Honor Of PFC Daniel C
To Danny, you gave up so much to keep us free. When i
enlisted after you you always told me i had to be carefull cause you
didnt want anything to happen to me. You were always there to protect me
when an ex took a hand to strike me. You made me laugh when i woul be
crying. You were the first boy that i have trully loved. You were honest
with me but at the same time you sparred my feelings. I will fight to
keep your memory alive danny i love you and always will. You Are My
Hero. Goodbye

Love Always

May 16, 2007

Arthur J. Beauford jr.
In Honor Of: Sgt. 1st class Richard J. Jackson

To a soldier that meant so much to family and friends,
he will be sorely missed and remembered as a hero to all that new him.  
As a military vet I know how much it ment serving my country,he came in
as a civilian and died what he loved doing and defending his
family,friends and country.  May his heroics not be in vane.  May God Be with him.

May 15, 2007




May 8, 2007
Wesley Garrison
To Our Fallen Heroes
Memoir of the Mourning
By Wesley Garrison

I keep your picture in my pocket
It’s wrinkled and it’s worn

When I see you, I start to hurt
Your face is like a thorn

I remember your smile, God I loved your smile
Something I’ve missed for quite a while

I miss you, I miss you so
Just tell me why, you had to go?

The ways you touched me, in ways you’d never know
Leave your fingerprints in my life, and they’ll always show

You took me in, with open arms, a stranger to you no more
Nothing stopped you from loving me, your compassion I adore

I let you go, I saw you not
You sought me out, and never forgot

I ran from all, and all didn’t care
But you caught up; you were there

You let me know, that it’s ok to cry
You held me tight, and wiped my eyes

Remembering when, and only then
When I thought you’d never go

But life throws us many surprises
For reasons we’ll never know

They say we only know what we have, when it’s come and gone
When we no longer have it, and just have to move on

When I look at your picture, I know it’s true
Because it’s all I have left to hold on to

It feels like I’m dreaming; I wish it weren’t true
I cannot imagine a life, living without you

No longer with us; I say goodbye once more
Your legacy all around me, with us all I’m sure

I keep your picture in my pocket
It’s wrinkled and it’s worn…

May 4, 2007
Donna Caballero
To All Of Our Fallen Heroes and Their Families

Although I do not know anyone of you or your families
personally, there is not a day that goes by that I do not pray for you
and yours, thank your for your sacrifices and dedication, and most of
all, honor you all.

My family and I do not let any special occasion go by without honoring
all of you. We pray for you and your families always.  On 9/11 I lost
one of my best friends in my life, my sister Rosanne and in addition
most cherished nephew, Brendan. Words will never express how grateful,
honored and loved all of you are for protecting our Country.  

May God keep you in the palms of his hands, close to His heart always,
for you are all true heroes and special angels now.  For all the
families of these very special angels, I will keep you in my heart and prays.  
Hold onto and cherish your memeories for they are the things that will
remain true, never to be taken away like our loved ones, will console
you in your darkest of hours thinking about them.  They will make you
cry and then they will make you laugh at times, but more importantly,
will hold you together until we are all together once again!

Know that your loved ones are home now.  Their work in this world is
done and they have now eternal life and love.  The people who you truly
loved in life have accompolished the ultimate and have received the
greatest  This is what you truly would want for someone you loved so much.

Never stop talking to them for they are always listening.  Never stop
asking for a sign, for they will send you one. Always know you will be
in their hearts forever.  Love does not die, it continues.  It is
eternal, everlasting and forever.  So hold onto your memories and your love
for it will unite you together once again.  God Bless you all!

May 2, 2007
Carrie Bumgarner
In Honor Of Sgt. Larry R Bowman
My Name Is Carrie Bumgarner. I got the chance to know
this wonderful young man. He was perfect for our Princess, because he
was a Prince. We lost our Prince on 04-12-07. The time stopped at that
moment, for us , and amazingly everyone around us! That let me know how
special he was.   SGT. Larry Robby Bowman you will never be

May 2, 2007
Novelda Chavez
In Honor Of Lcpl Steven M Chavez
Steven you are and will always be My Hero. Even though
you are not with us in body you will always be with us in spirit.You
have shown us that through your little signs that you have left for us.
We know you are watching over us from heaven.
Thank you for that
I love you Mom.

April 29, 2007
Santiago Neighbor
In Honor of Adam J. Rosema
Adam was a big kid in an adults body.  We're going to
miss that big kid next door.  He use to play Van Halen songs on his
drums.  My 3 year old daughter use to jump around while ne played next
door.  It was so loud that you could hear the drums from over the fence &
through the walls.  Now, there's silence next door.

Its too bad my newborn will never get to meet Adam.

May he rest in Peace.

- Santiago

April 29, 2007
Bobbie Green (Howard)
In Honor Of Michael Wiggins
Bye Wiggins you will be missed! We love you!

April 20, 2007
In Honor Of all of the soldiers

Till today i have not really paid any of my time to
notice actually how many young kids have passed away to save us. it was
very say to me when i saw this web page while looking for stuff about
brandon wallise and graduate from my high school that was suppost to
return home in 2 months. i give my thoughts to the parents of all the fallen
soilders that have died to have us be safe.

We will never forget any of you guys we love you all

In Honor Of Troy Gilbert
Troy Gilbert was one of the best; a great soldier and he
will be dearly missed he was always so positive and i hope the family he
has left behind can find inner peace as his spirit will live on in the

April 18, 2007
kristin schockmel
collin ryan scchockmel
my most beloved i miss you every  second of every
moment i hope you are at peace
love mommy

April 18, 2007
Wesley Garrison
In Honor Of All of Our Soldiers
The Resolve at The Darkest Hour

Today was a day of mourning, for the lost and for the dead
A memorial for our ambassadors, who suffered as they bled

Ambassadors of truth and democracy for all
Passing hope on to others, though they knew they might fall

This day is theirs, their stories shall be told
Let our children remember them, though we are gray and old

These were men and woman, whose allegiance would be tried
Yet they could not be broken, though their lives would be denied

In their darkest hour, they dare show the enemy
That no force is capable of taking what is free

We will not forget them; let us remember in our thought
The legacy of those before us, and the dreams they once sought

Our brothers and sisters, Americans who stood for what was true
Whose desire was the betterment of humanity, for others and for you

We are here today grieving, for those lost to terror and tyranny
For now we realize, that freedom is far from free

They are among the patriots of this heartland, who wish us to endure
To fight this terror by living our lives, our patriotic tour

Let us come together, in unity, as one
To spread freedom to all, till the job is done

It's what those before us would want us to do
Let’s honor their memory, by following through

Flowing through our veins is the blood from distant lands foreign to us
But each heart is pumping freedom, so stand together and take the call

We say goodbye to them today, but soon we will reunite
We are Americans, who stay together, no matter what the fight.

13 April 2007
Cindy and friends
In Honor Of Ebe Ebe Emolo
To our hero Ebe.....
Thank you for all you have done for us!  We knew you only through
emails, but you touched our hearts and our lives. You will be greatly missed
by all who knew and loved you.  You were brave and proud, and we are so
blessed to have known you for too short a time.  MAY YOU REST IN PEACE
11 April 2007
Robert ( rob gotti) Burgos
In Honor Of  Spc. Michael D. Rivera

In the very short time i got to know you, you inpressed
me with your loveing spirit my only regret is that i didn`t have more
time to really get to know you but in that short time i knew you where a
wonderful person.... Rest in Peace Brave Warrior; you did your duty
with great honor and distinction

Freedom is not free; it is paid for by our heroes!

07 April 2007

14th JUNE1980-3rd FEB 2007
SSgt Ronnie LeeSanders, 26
United States Army
KIA 03 February 2007 Iraq

21 March 2006
In Honor Of: Miguel Carrasquillo
Cousin you will always be a hero to me,  and the little
time we had together was beautiful now your're at peace now and God bless
you and thank you for being a hero you will always be remembered love
you Izzy
Spc. Miguel Carrasquillo, 25 United States Army
KIA 09 August 2005, Baghdad, Iraq

March 20. 2007
Heather Sterle
In Honor of  PFC Andrew Nelson
Andrew married my best friend Kristi on November 5, 2005, just days after his Army Boot Camp
training. In high school he was the swim captain, Kristi and I went to all his invites. They moved
to Germany shortly after their wedding in March 2006. They traveled to
Paris, and all over Europe. Kristi came back to St Johns, Michigan for Christmas 2006. On
Christmas Day she received the worst news any wife of a soldier could here. Her beloved
Andrew was killed. His ceremony was peaceful and one we will never forget. You'll never realize
how much it hurts your heart until it's that time. We will miss you Andrew so much. We will carry
all the memories of your smiling face forever. And to
Kristi, you are such an amazing person and I love you! -Heather

Pfc. Andrew H. Nelson
United States Army
KIA 25 December 2006, Baghdad, Iraq

March  17, 2006
Martha Cordoba
Marco A. Silva
I love and miss you so much.
Staff Sgt. Marco A. Silva
Alva, Fla
KIA 13 March 2006. Iraq

March 12, 2007
Elizabeth Rivera
In Honor Of: Micheal D Rivera
This is my beautiful nephew.

God Bless Him

Rivera, Spc. Michael D.
Brooklyn, NA
Died Mar. 7 in Baghdad, Iraq, when an improvised explosive device detonated near their vehicle
during combat operations

March 8, 2007
Julie Ogden
In Honor Of: Richard A. Soukenka
No words can express the sorrow of losing a son. To my
dear sister and nephew yu have given up the ultimate Sacrifice for our
freedom. May God hold "Toni" as we knew him in His hands.  I love you

Sgt. Richard A. Soukenka
United States Army
KIA 27 February 2007 Iraq

March 7, 2007
Elsie Hill
In Honor Of Lorne Henry Jr.

February 26, 2007
Pamela Ann Buttrey
In Honor Of PVE Buttrey Tristen Lee
My dear sweet son. Oh how we miss you. I think about
when you were a baby. My little man.  I did not know how I could go on. Then I
talked to the LORD and friends. Dad was so heart broken and proud as was I.
Your sisters miss you. I never thought of life without you. Now here we
are. What I would not give to hug you one more time. But I know your in
better place. And to all of other parents like us I think of you all and
pray for you. We should be so proud that our sons and daughters had the
guts and glory to want their families to live in a free country. THANK
THANK YOU AND MAY GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILIES                                            

February 23, 2007
Submitted by Debra Didonato
A touching tribute
Remember Me

February 15, 2007
Kelly Angeles
Sgt. Alex Medina

The department of defense announced the death of a solider who died
supporting operation Enduring Freedom: Sergent Alejandro Angeles 38 of
Dallas Tx,Died Feb15 2007,As a result of a bombing in IRAQI.SERGENT

Fran Keller

Jennifer Walker
In Honor Of: SPC Darrell Ship
You started out as my baby brother and now you will be
forever my hero. I love you and miss you deeply.
Your big sister Jennifer

Leslie Alexander
In Honor Of: Bryan S. Wilson
Thank you for your sacrifice.  You will never be
forgotten.  May your family know your country's gratitude, and may you rest
in perfect happiness.  

Kalon and Sandra Orcutt
In Honor Of: PFC David T. Toomalatai
Please accept our deepest condolences. Our son Joshua
served with your Son and has been greatly affected by the loss of his
friend. He is an American Hero. HOOAH!!!!

Kalon and Sandra Orcutt
In Honor Of: PFC John St. John
My husband and I send our deepest condolences to the
family. Our son Joshua who served with him in Iraq  had asked us to send
him a package during the holidays and we were honered to do so. I know
Josh often shared what we sent to his friends and Jon was definitely one
of them. I know Josh is deeply affected by the loss of his friend.
Please know that this family was proud to know PFC Jon St. John and
consider him a Hero.

Kalon and Sandra Orcutt
In Honor Of: SPC Timothy Swanson
My husband and I send our deepest condolences to the
family and to those serving with him. Our son Joshua is also HHC 2/8 1st
CAV DIV out. Hood. Please know that this American family stands behind
you and all our Troops. Timothy is truly an American Hero.

Submitted by Elaine Dills

Because of You, I'm Free
By: Norma Wright

Each time I see a waving flag, my eyes see so much more,
The ones who died to save us from an evil at our door.

The Army and the Navy, the Air Force and Marines,
Have paid the price so I am free to live and see my dreams.

The Army Reserve and Coast Guard, always at the country's call,
To serve, protect and help us as they daily give their all.

And though this country still is young; we're strong and we have power,
Because of those who sacrifice, who'll go at any hour.

I call you friend, my soldier, for someone who'd give their life,
Is more than just a friend to me, for you were there to fight.

And fight you have for freedom and the rights we hold so dear,
You fought so we can live in peace and not live life in fear.

I know there's nothing I can do that can and will repay,
The debt of gratitude I owe when I woke up today.

For when I leave my home today, I know that I can be,
And speak and go where I may want, and that's because I'm free.

This country is so blessed to have the soldier brave and true,
So I salute you now my friend; my hat is off to you.

Because of you I have a choice of where I go to work,
Or where I live or go to school or where I go to church.

I have the right to speak my mind and freedom of the press,
The right to have a weapon or to start a street protest.

But rights and freedoms would not be at our foundation's core,
If you'd not fought the battles and the long and bloody wars.

For those who don't believe in war or going out to fight,
Are those who cannot understand the reasons we have rights.

And those who think that war's a crime and want to live in peace,
Are blinded by the devil's lies, for war has made us free.

We're free today because of you; you've suffered, bled and died,
Not one has ever died in vain for God is on our side.

To thank you seems so incomplete for words cannot contain,
The gratitude that's in my heart for wounded limbs and pain.

The families that you leave at home, the friends you leave behind,
Are proud of you and thankful for the sacrifice of time.

No matter where you go or fight, where you may live or serve,
Please know that there are those at home who mean these grateful words.

Because of you this country lives in freedom, peace and wealth,
And I don't take for granted every battle war has dealt.

Though grateful words are not enough and they can never be
I'll say what's truly on my heart - because of you, I'm free.