This Memorial Page Established by-Marie Chehady
In Honor Of Cpl Mason G. Unruh
My brother Mason served in Korea for 1 year, and was in Iraq for 1 year. While on his tour in
Iraq he was subjected to 4 IED attacks in four consecutive months. May 2007, June 2007,
July 2007, and August of 2007. Mason was then medically retired on Nov. 26, 2009. Mason
suffered from PTSD and TBI. Mason passed away in his sleep on April. 16th, 2010 three days
after his 32nd birthday he was laid to rest in the Leavenworth National Cemetery on April
27th, 2010 exactly 11 days after his passing.

Thank you for you service little brother! You were an excellent Son, Brother, Nephew, and
Uncle. We will miss you very much CPL. Mason G. Unruh

November 28Vuthy
RIP Mason Tank Unruh

July 09, 2010
David T. Unruh
I will love you always little brother! And i will miss you even longer than that!
Cpl Mason G. Unruh
United States Marine Corps
KIA 16 April 2010
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