Spc. Brian Alex Vaughn

United States Army
KIA 21 June 2005, Iraq
As a 10-year-old, Brian Vaughn was already confident of his ability to save lives after he received
first-aid certifications. His mother, Terry Savage, said Vaughn took that confidence with him into
the Army when he became a medic. "Anytime we saw a wreck, he was like, `Mom, stop the car. I'm
trained. I have a card,'" she said. "He knew no fear." Vaughn, 23, of Pell City, Ala., died June 21 of
small-arms fire in Iraq. He was stationed at Fort Carson. Vaughn's aunt, Cheryl Vaughn, believes
Vaughn's fearlessness would have prevented him from choosing a course in life other than the
one that led him to service in Iraq. "If he knew how it was going to end up I think he still would
have gone over there," she said. Savage said Vaughn had not been home in almost two years and
she had encouraged him to take some leave time, but Vaughn chose to continue working. "He
said, `I can't leave my guys because if something happens to them I have to be there to take care
of them,'" Savage said. "He felt like they were his responsibility."

Memorial Page Established by Terry Savage
In Honor Of Spc. Brian Alex Vaughn

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his
life for his friends.     John 15:13

I have fought the good fight. I have finished the course. I have kept
the faith. 2nd Tim 4:7

These two scriptures describe Spc.Brian Alex Vaughn perfectly.  He was
killed in Iraq while on a mission that he took instead of a fellow
medic. He literally laid down his life and that medic’s life was spared.
Alex had the simple trust and joy of a beloved child of God and he
tried to show that to others in his everyday life and work.  He made Jesus
real to people without having to preach to them and we will never know
how many lives he touched in his 23 short years here on earth.
He was a natural comedian and storyteller who always had time to talk
or just listen to a friend.  Alex truly loved with a pure heart and he
lived to make others laugh.  Since his death I have received countless
tributes from friends and family and Army brothers and sisters and they
all have the same theme:  “Alex was my best friend”, “he loved us
for who we were” and “we will never forget the difference he made
in our lives”.  Some even claimed he was an angel sent to earth, including a few non
Alex “walked the walk” that so many of us struggle with in our life
here on earth. He was a servant in his everyday life and loved his
work as an U.S. Army Combat Medic in Ramadi, Iraq.  To his soldiers, he
was their medic, their confidant, and their friend. He refused to take
leave the entire year he was there because no other medic could take care
of his men like he could. He said “They didn’t love his men like
he did”.  And his men loved him in return because of his selfless ways
but also because he was a real person with problems and fears of his
own and they could relate to him.
The love of God radiated from him and others were drawn to it even
though they might not even know what it was that was tugging at their
hearts.  They just saw Alex, the huge hearted, goofy comedian and friend who
would never let you down. The buddy who wasn’t a saint but who
showed you that it’s your heart that matters to God and his was the
biggest heart we’ve ever known.  
I know that he’s waiting for me in heaven and he will run to me on
that day, laughing and whooping and bursting to tell me what he and Jesus
have been doing while we were apart.  I can just hear him saying
“Hey Jesus, watch this!” as he pulls some amazing and hilarious stunt to
make the Lord smile just like we did.   

Terry Savage
Proud Army Mom to Spc. Brian Alex Vaughn  KIA 6-21-05

November 20, 2007
Brandon Schumacher

If a fellow Soldier names his own first born son after
that Soldier, then you can imagine what kind of man that Soldier was.
I will teach Brian Alexander Schumacher to carry on Vaughn's spirit of
love and dedication to his fellow man.  Vaughn lived all of the really
important virtues and none of the stuffy ones.  He kept his eye on the
big picture.  Our world needs more men like Vaughn.  God bless Terry
and Peggy and all of the family.

    November 19, 2007
Vicki Bayer
I knew Alex through his grandfather Martin Rosser.  It  has been a shattering, far reaching
loss.  He is at peace with Our  Father.  Respectfully, Vicki
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Alex with Iraqi Children
Alex, Army Combat Medic,
Confidant and Friend