This Memorial Page Established by-Rachelle Vaughn
In Honor Of SGT Richard A Vaughn

As a freshman wrestler, Ricky became friends with a senior named Randy Rosacker.

"Rosacker lived in Murphy Canyon housing as did Ricky and his family. His father, like
Ricky's, was a Navy chief petty officer. Rosacker, a gifted athlete, passed up college sports
scholarships to join the Marine Corps."

He kept in touch with Ricky even after he deployed to Kuwait in early 2003 for the invasion of
Iraq. Rosacker was killed on the fourth day of the war.

Rosacker's death changed Ricky's life. His half-formed idea of joining the military hardened
into a clear plan.

Although Ricky's father served in the Navy and his buddy in the Marine Corps, Ricky opted
for the Army so he could work on tanks. With his wrestling coaches help whom was also a
recruiter, he enlisted after graduating from Serra High in June 2003.

Ricky served one tour in Iraq from Dec 2005 to Nov 2006. During his 15 months between his
first and second tour, he got back in touch with a high school friend. They married Jan 29th,
2008. Ricky left for his second tour March 8th, 2008. His wife found out she was pregnant just
17 days later.

In Sadr City, Spc. Joel Geesaman was with Ricky on April 7 when bombs and rifle fire rocked
their convoy.

“I shook the cobwebs out (and) I looked down at Sergeant Vaughn, who was dismounted,”
Geesaman said during a speech at Vaughn's memorial service in Iraq. “I could see that he
was grinning.”

Then Ricky got to work, said Capt. Roman Izzo, his commander.

“He moved forward to cover his brothers,” Izzo said. “He advanced into hostile fire.
Sometimes, even when you do everything right, the enemy slips one by.”

Barely a week later, Ricky's wife, parents and brother, drove from their home in Santee to
Gillespie Field to bring him home. The family held a memorial service with full military honors
on April 17. Ricky wanted to be cremated, so his ashes were spread in the ocean at his
favoritre beach where he enjoyed to surf on his following birthday, July 19th.
Sgt. Richard A. Vaughn
United States Army
KIA 07 April 2008, Iraq
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Richard Allen James Vaughn
Son of Ricky whom he never got to see - now
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Ricky and Rachelle
Last photo taken
Ricky at the airport on his way
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Ricky on his tank- Iraq