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February 09, 2012
Mary Wiley
This letter was sent to me after Ross' death and is the best memorial ever.  

Ross was probably the best damn friend I ever had. As I'm sure you probably know we
served together in the war. That man was there for me when I had nothing else and no
reason to live. I used to go out on patrol wishing for death...Ross changed that. He made me
remember that there are good things in this world...not just pain and hate.

I can never repay him for being my friend,and no words will ever truly show the gratitude,
no...distinct honor that I feel for having known him.

Although Ive lost more friends than I care to remember none of them have ever stuck with me
as much as Ross. If it makes me less of a man to admit it then I don't care, I will rightfully
admit I cried when I heard the news. He was and still is my brother,a bond that we share that
most people were never meant to understand or know.

He was the best damn man I ever met,a better father than I will ever hope to be, a better
husband than I was,and a much better friend. The worlds a bit colder...a bit darker without
him in it anymore. There will never be another Ross Vogel but his memory will never die.
He lives on in us...If you ever want to talk about him I'm sure I have stories that would make
you laugh or cry. I don't know about his death...but I know how that man lived,and he set a
standard all of us should reach for.

Forever in your sons debt,
Spc. Ross E. Vogel III
United States Army
KIA 29 September 2009, Iraq
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27, of Red Lion, Pa.; assigned to the 67th Signal Battalion, 35th Signal Brigade, Fort Gordon, Ga.;
died Sept. 29 in Kut, Iraq, of injuries sustained in a noncombat-related incident.