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1Lt  Robert F. Welch III, 26, of Wylie, Texas died of wounds sustained when a mortar shell
landed near him while he was patrolling the perimeter of his forward operating base in the
Khost province, near the Pakistani border. He was on his first combat tour.

Robert graduated from UT-Arlington in 2008 with a degree in military science and was
commissioned as a second lieutenant.

"When the soldiers on the FOB found out, over 200 of them lined up to give blood for Robby,"
said Morris Vincent, a longtime family friend. "They just couldn't retrieve the blood fast

Services are pending, Lt Welch will be buried at Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery.

Welch is survived by;
Wife, Becky
Son, Robert Welch IV
Mother, Barbara Welch
Father, Robert Welch II, LTC, USA Retired
Sister, Jane
Family of Robert Welch III
405 Sheffield Dr.
Wylie, TX 75098

Memorial Day 2015
James Coffee
I had the distinct privilege to honor your family as the soldier who stood the Final Salute
Detail the day of Lt. Welch's funeral ceremony. I want you to know that your gesture to come
back down the sidewalk and even cross the drive to give me that heartfelt, embrace after the
funeral, was the greatest honor that I could have ever received . I trust that the special dog tag
that I folded in your hand that day will be special as a healing tool for young Robbie in the
years to come .

February 18, 2013
CPT George Cox
To the wife Becky, and the parents, Robert and Barbara. My name is Captain George Cox of
the 352nd Combat Support Hospital FOB Salerno, Afghanistan. I was serving in the hospital
the day your loved one came in. I was hands on him before he was on a litter. I remember that
Sunday extremely well. I am a Army Nurse with specialties in critical care and trauma. I would
love to tell you a first hand account of the efforts used to save your husband, son and father.
I know the 2 yr anniversary is coming up soon. There is not a day that goes by that he is not
remembered in my mind. The vision of his men carrying him in and the genuine concern and
terror on their faces. I don't want to get into too much detail here. But I would be very glad to
speak with you and his parents, if you are up to it.
My unit arrived in country about 2 weeks prior to this attack. We were well seasoned at that
point because we hit the ground running. I'm sorry if this is painful and brings back memories
that have been trying to be locked up in the recesses of your mind. But shortly after your
loved one was struck down, My room mate was killed instantly by an incoming rocket,. Fired
from Pakistan.I was the one to provide comfort for my friend during his passing. This April, a
group from our unit will be going to Pennsylvania, again to visit my friends grave and spend
time with his family. I found this to be a great source of comfort for Josh's family and us also.
 If you are interested in speaking to me of that day, you can reach me at 309.269.4883. I live in
upper west  Illinois. And as I stated before, I think about LT Welch everyday and, not only
him, but the other soldiers we tried so hard to save. People often tell us that we were angels
for the lives we saved. We don't necessarily dwell on the good things we have done. We
remember the ones we've lost. The ones we could do nothing for. Those are the ones we
remember. My friend CPT Josh McClimans, LT Frieson, White and Goudet in the helicopter
crash. And who could forget the Chinook that went down in August. The hospital staff feels
all of the deaths.... and we take every single American life as a brother or sister. I would be
interested in telling my story of that day,. if you are interested
  Please feel free to contact me and I will tell you everything I can about that day.

  CPT George Cox
  USAN 66H8A
  352MND CSH

Memorial Day Weekend 2013
Karen Boykin

Barb, Bob, Jane, Becky and little Robbie,
Just wanted to let you know that God put you on my heart during my meditation today. I
know He sees your grief and wants you to be comforted.  My heart is heavy for you this
Memorial weekend.  I hope you find peace in knowing that the world notices your loss and
that you do not grieve alone.  I felt it would be comforting for you to know that God placed you
on my heart.  I know He loves you and is taking care of you all in ways seen and unseen.  
God bless your lovely family today and always,

Karen (Grupp) Boykin
St Louis, MO
1st Lt. Robert F. Welch III

United States Army
KIA 03 April 2011, Afghanistan
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26, of Denton, Texas; assigned to 201st Brigade Support Battalion, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st
Infantry Division, Fort Knox, Ky.; died April 3 in Khost province, Afghanistan, of wounds
sustained when insurgents attacked his base with indirect fire.