LCpl. Jeromy D. West

United States Marine Corps
September 21, 1986 - November 25, 2006
KIA Iraq

Memorial Page Established by- Ron Klopf

Jeromy D. West 9/21/86 - 11/25/06.  Jeromy was a star
football player and loved his family.  He wanted to serve in the Marine
Corp. and then go to college and play football.  He was an awesome kid
and an excellent marine.  He is missed every day by his family and
friends.  We miss you and love you Jeromy.  Son, brother, angel, HERO

October 7, 2014
Ron Klopf
As we approach 8 years since Jeromy's passing, I just want to express how much I miss
him. He has missed his brother and sister getting married. He has missed 1 nephew and 2
nieces. He has another nephew/niece on the way. Jeromy, you are loved and missed.
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