James E. Whitehead
United States Army
21 December 2006

Memorial Page Established By- Victoria L. Whitehead

James was tragically killed the day after our beloved
son's birthday, four days before Christmas, December 21, 2006. He and
two others perished when their Black Hawk crashed and nearly
disintegrated during a night Iraq training mission. James was so loved by so many,
largely due to his friendliness, intelligence, thoughtfulness, and
sense of humor. He seemed to always have a dimpled smile on his handsome
face. Boy could he "turn a wrench" as he used to say (he was a superb
mechanic). We lived a full, healthy and happy life. Tons of beautiful
memories, lots of beautiful people. I miss James so bad. What words are
there to describe the pain and emptiness? I am comforted knowing he's a
sweet angel in Heaven and waiting for us. Another hero and courageous
soldier called home. I'll cherish you forever my darling James

November 20,2012
Gunnery Sergeant Donald R. Chamberlain
I knew Whitehead for many years during his time in the Marine Corps. We deployed together
a couple of times and had great memories. I will always remember you Bro. Your family is in
my prayers.

August 24, 2011
Sgt Christopher F. Fitts, Sr.
In Honor Of CWO2 James E. Whitehead
I was devastated when I learn that we had lost James.  No surprise that he honored his
family, friends, country and all whom he came into contact with.  I also served with James as
his Platoon Sergeant while he served in the United States Marine Corps, 24th Marine
Expeditionary Unit (24th MEU).

James, Semper Fi and I am personally at a loss as the world had lost on of The Great One's

August 01, 2011
Sgt Frank E. Calabro Jr
In Honor Of CWO2 James E. Whitehead
I had the privilege of serving with James when he was in the Marines in 1993-1994. He was a
young man then with a positive attitude about everything! He always had a smile on his face
and was extremely hard working! I was his Sergeant at the time and I was proud that he was
on my team. I知 not surprised at all that he became a pilot and left this world defending
freedom! I had not seen James since 1997 and just found out of his fate yesterday 7-31-2011.
Strange thing about it was I was thinking of him all day before I had got the news.
God Bless you brother and Semper Fi, I will see you again one day!

December 6, 2007

In Honor of James Earric Whitehead: Soldier, Son,
Husband, Father, Brother, Friend

What can a memorial to James, or for that matter, to any of the many
fallen soldiers honored here, hope to accomplish? I am exploring that
question right now as I write down the words that come to me while I hover
over the memory of the bravest brother-in-law I could ever have wanted
to know.

Memorials are in large part constructed for the living. We who so miss
James' presence in our lives, likely feel that only sentiments and
memories can now fill the void his absence leaves behind. His parents, his
sisters, his wife, his children, other peoples' children from the
church group who called him Mr. James, and his close friends...  and
sorrowfully, his fellow Dark Horse Troop soldiers/comrades who grieved the
loss of three of their friends on a cold December night in 2006 near Mt.
Rainer, at the site of the BlackHawk Training Mission Crash. All of this
in the beforemath of their emminent deployment to Iraq (and the
subsequent loss of CWO Josh Flynn this past summer while on active duty, the
one who claimed he "Broke James' Cherry" in-flight and the one whose
honor it was to escort James' body to North Carolina to be laid to rest
last January).

If James were still here, he would not want us to take a little thing
like being alive for granted! Rejoice! Even in his absence, the love he
had for all of us can be felt in our hearts! Rejoice! This was a good
man, James, 'JT', Gunny... he answered to many names over his relatively
short life. Taken from us at 32 years young, yet he managed to
accomplish so much. Including his bi-lingualism, did you know that you could
speak Spanish just by adding the letter '-O' to the end of words? el
car-O; el boat-O, el problem-O, el bathroom-O? James did! His sense of
humor was appreciated, but beyond his light-heartedness, there was a
widely held respect for James by those who knew him, commanded by his
competency and excellence in the goals he pursued, and always eventually
achieved. Excellent-O!! In his memory, may we all strive to accomplish that
which is seemingly unattainable!

A memorial CAN accomplish good if, other than filling up a page with
words, it  encourages sharing memories of the past as much as it calls
attention to the tragic loss itself. That is why I make mention now of
the pride James took in his natural ability, and his very proper
collection of well-organized tools, that enabled him to "rescue" many a
stranded motorist! He was the quintessential knight in shining armor when you
needed the right man and the right tool for the job! And even if he
showed up without a wrench in his possession, you could sense his
compassion for others, and that was all the handyman any of us could ask for.  

         With Love, all things are possible...God is LOVE!
James may never return to us on earth; neither can he leave our hearts,

Oct 26, 2007
Lauren Reeves
So many fallen it is hard to believe how I can even
consider a problem in my life a 'problem'.  James you ARE an angel.  I
think of you often and tell your courageous story to many whom now also
honor you and you continue to affect lives of people you have never even
met.  As many before you and many after you, you ARE truly a hero.
Thank you.
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