Memorial Page Established By- Friends And Family Of Cpl Kory D. Wiens and Sgt. Cooper
In Honor Of Cpl Kory D. Wiens and Sgt. Cooper

Cpl. Kory Wiens September 6, 1986 to July 6, 2007
MWD Beloved Son & Canine Companion Sgt. Cooper Wiens, Yellow Lab
94th Mine Dog Detachment, 5th Engineer Battalion, 1st Engineer Brigade
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

Both Kory and Cooper made the ultimate sacrifice Friday 6 July 2007 in a combat mission  
IED attack. They were assigned to Camp Victory.

Kory was able to teach all commands, including obedience to Cooper.  "I got to teach him all
the things he knows, today." "Seeing him out there working is very rewarding. It's amazing to
see how far he's come." Are all things Kory has said. Cooper literally became his "son" and
introduced him as his "son." Kory even commented on how seeing Cooper grow was just like
watching a kid grow up.

"Its a lot of fun having him in Iraq." "There is never a dull moment with him." Kory has said in
regards of having his son and K-9 partner with him.

Growing up Kory was the gift from Heaven. We all know we should be Christ-like, but are we?
I sure know Kory did a better job of it than me! Never a bad thing he said, never acted out,
always a smile on his face, very funny, helpful, nice, noble, respectful. He was, and is, a great
guy that I will always miss having around.

There is a story about how one time Kory and his friends were goofing around and Kory
grabbed the cheetos then jumped in a cat bed and curled up. He then would meow and eat his
Cheetos. Needless to say, very funny.

I remember Kory and my brother and another friend of theirs would torment me with spiders.
I was scared of spiders so they took it upon themselves to make me go insane. First they
would put just fake rubber spiders around. After a few weeks after I stopped freaking out they
moved to those icky fake spiders with ooze. Needless to say, I went all scared all over again.
By the time I adjusted to that, they decided to get "pet spiders" and put them in the tub or on a
window." I got so tired of it, I went to Kory and told him I really didn't like it and it would be
nice if they would stop (hey they didn't listen to me and my mom). Well Kory, being the kind
and considerate and thoughtful man he is,  decided to stand up for me in such a clever way
that no one knew I asked Kory to stop it. Yeah no more spider spooks.

Kory had always wanted to know what he wanted to do, he wanted to be a Law Enforcement
Officer, K-9 Unit. I recall one day when all of us were playing video games Kory announced he
was going to join the ARMY. I asked him why he would do that. "Because I want more
experience for my law enforcement career," he replied. "Ok, but keep your mouth shut, do as
told and don't volunteer," I replied. He laughed and said ok.

It took me a long time to accept his death, I refused to believe it. Just a mere two weeks of his
death I was in for a routine check up and my doctor made some comment about the war in
Iraq. I snapped at him pretty good and was put on depression medication and put in
counseling. I refused to tell him why, but I eventually did.

Now that I have accepted his death, I stopped and thought "what would Kory do if I died in the
war?" Well Kory, the kind and loving person he is, would of showed support somehow. I now
send letters and care packages to the troops and attach a small note saying its in loving
memory of Kory. I also pray for the troops now too.

May Kory and Cooper Rest In Peace.
We will never forget both of you, and we love you.

Memorial Day 2017
Marie Willoughby
Thinking of you this Memorial Day.  You and Cooper made the ultimate sacrifice. I wish I had
met you and could thank you in person. I hope you and Byron are walking the streets of gold
with Cooper.

May 03, 2015
Susan Herbert
I just read the book, Top Dog, and learned about Cpl. Wiens and his beloved companion, Sgt.
Cooper Wiens.  The love that these Marines have for their dogs is overwhelming and visa
versa.  The relationship among these warriors gives a new meaning to the word trustworthy.

I haven`t been able to get Kory and Cooper out of my mind, but I am so glad that Kory was
able to see his father just days before he was killed.

Prayers and warm thoughts go forward for the family and friends of these two heroes.  I am
blessed having been able to know them through the pages of this book.


August 2, 2013
Rhonda J. Morgan
I had to shed a few tears when I watched the video with Cpl. Kory D. Wiens and his dog,
Cooper.  What a heroic and special pair they were to give their lives for all of us.  I am in the
process of writing a Christian, children's book. In one of the stories,the characters are service
dogs, and one of them is a military dog.  If I could get his parents' permission, I would love to
dedicate a page to Cpl. Wiens and Cooper. All profits from the book will be given to a
children's charity. I am a school teacher who lives near Ft. Leonard Wood. I am inspired by
Cpl. Kory Wiens and Cooper.

March 13, 2012
Gini Smith Steigerwalt
Hi, I think of Kory and Cooper and always say a prayer for them and to watch over our team
of SSGT Chuck Shuck and his dog Gabe.  Gabe is running for the title of Military Hero Dog
and if he wins the American War Dog Association will get the money prize.
Please visit the dogs Facebook site, it is so uplifting and post this memorial on it.  I am an
Eastern Rite Catholic, we are called Byzantines.  We have a song and a saying when a soul
leaves us.  It is "Eternal Memory."  If the memory of our loved ones are with us,
then so are they.  God Bless our Soldiers and Eternal Memory Kory and Cooper.

July 30, 2011
Mandy Armstrong
In Honor of Cpl. Kory D. Wiens Canine Companion Sgt. Cooper Wiens
Thank you both for making our country what is and proud!

November 03, 2009


It has been a while since i last spoke to the two of you, I hope and pray that you are doing
well running around up there chasing all the tennis balls you can Coop, Kory keep strong for
we are doing well down here and know that we have a great dog and dog handler keeping
watch over us. We all miss you still.
Your brother in arms

Cpl. Kory D. Wiens
Canine Companion Sgt. Cooper Wiens
United States Army
KIA 06 July 2007
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