Staff Sgt. Michael J. Wiggins
United States Army
KIA 23 January 2007
Pastor David Hunter recalled playing Monopoly for hours with a competitive Michael J. Wiggins, a
junior deacon and choir member. Some games lasted until 1 a.m., with Wiggins shunning
low-ranking Baltic and Mediterranean avenues. Wiggins delighted in beating Hunter, who now
offers God some insight into dealing with Wiggins in heaven: "When Michael is aggressive, he's
not being disrespectful." Wiggins, 26, of Cleveland, was killed Jan. 23 in Balad of a non-combat
related injury. He was a 1998 high school graduate and was assigned to Fort Sam Houston. Army
Brig. Gen. David Quantock said Wiggins _ a cross-country athlete with a contagious smile _ had a
nickname. Fellow soldiers called him "T.M., for Technical Manual. He had them memorized." East
Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer remembered Wiggins driving his treasured gray Mustang. "The
brother had his act together," Brewer said. He is survived by his parents, Valerie and the Rev.
Anthony Wiggins. Two days before he died, he sent an e-mail to his sister, Nicole: "Dear Nie, some
people succeed because they are destined to, but most people succeed because they are
determined to."  Source Associated Press

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Valerie J. Wiggins
Mike, we know that the Bible says absent from the body
present with the LORD. Mike we thank God for blessing us with a son
like you.  You have been a blessing not only to your family but to the
whole country. You will always be loved and truly never forgotten. Mommy
would always tell you to take care of you, but I don't have to worry
about that any more because I know that you are resting in the arms of

December 01, 2009
To The Wiggins family, you still have my deepest sympathy & condolences. R.I.P "Wiggins"

Jan 28, 2009
Edie Deyarmin

Dear Wiggins Family,
I had spoke on the phone with Michael's Mom a couple of months ago, about Gold Star Mothers. I would
like to let you know you have been in my prayers and thoughts. As the 2 year anniversary has passed,
just know I know how heavy this is on your heart and soul. I will keep praying for you. I hope it is a
comfort to have a Guardian Angel in Heaven, watching over you.
With warm wishes and support
Edie Deyarmin

Oct 18, 2007
Valerie J. Wiggins
There are thing in life we may not understand, but we
live according to God's devine plan.  For He knows just what's best
He'll help us to stand our test He'll never, never forsake His own.  I tell
myself everyday that theres know need to worry don't cry for my God
knows and I'm glad He does every little reason why things happen the way
that they do.  I continue to remember that all things work together for
good to them that love the Lord.  Mike we miss you so much, but you
will forever live in our hearts, minds, and soul.  Continue to rest in
the arms of the Lord. Love Ya "MoM"

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