Sgt. William J. Rechenmacher
Jacksonville, Florida
United States Army
KIA 18 January 2007, Baghdad,Iraq
William J. Rechenmacher's mother said he had wanted to serve his country since he was toddler. And
Tom Cruise had something to do with it. "When he was about 2 or 3, he loved 'Top Gun.' We went
through three 'Top Gun' tapes because he would constantly play it over and over," said Joanne
Gutcher, his mother. "He would sit there and get his dad's motorcycle helmet and plunger and
pretend he was flying the plane _ that's what he wanted to do." Rechenmacher, 24, of Jacksonville,
Fla., was killed Jan. 18 by a roadside bomb while patrolling Baghdad. He was assigned to Fort Hood
and volunteered to return for another tour. "He knew the risks were higher this time. He was more
scared this time, but he still served with honor," said Gutcher. "Every picture that I have from over
there he has a smile on his face." He also is survived by his father, Rhett. "It's a hard time but we all
know that he was happy doing what he was doing," he said. "He was a man of courage beaming with
energy, devotion, humor and the strength to tackle tough challenges _ he was one to always stand
up in the storm," said Andrew Molchan, who served with Rechenmacher

February 23, 2011
James McCay
I didn't work with him much or know him very well, but the times I was around him he was a lively fun
guy, Im sorry he met his fate far too soon.

September 01, 2009
CW4 (Ret.) Steven Schantz
In Honor Of Sgt. William J. Rechenmacher
Joanne Gutcher

I am so deeply saddened by your loss!  I had the opportunity to serve with "Rech", as we called him,
during his first tour in Iraq. During this tour, he served with a burning fervor, always volunteering for
patrol duty as he thought he was the right soldier to protect us all from danger. He was quick to take
on the most dangerous assignments, as if this was his purpose for being in Iraq. He never
complained about assuming his role as a gunner in a convoy; rather, he welcomed the challenge. I
am sure that his actions were the same during his second tour and on that fateful day of his greatest

His actions will not be forgotten! FIRST TEAM! Rest in peace my friend for you have done your duty

CW4 (Retired) Steven Schantz

April 10, 2007
Joanne Gutcher

To My Son, My Hero
There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of you or miss you.  
Our time together as mother and son was way to short.  I know that we
will be together again one day.  It is just not the same.  I am humbled
by the impact that you had on the lives of everyone that you touched.  
I have meet friends that I didn't know you had and I have got closer to
the ones that I know.  I don't think I would have made it through the
memorial at Ft. Hood with out sammie and Sgt. D.  They were great and we
still keep in touch.  Thank You for the 24 short years that you gave to
me.  I love you and miss you so very, very much.  
Love always,
Joanne Gutcher
In Memory of My Son
SGT. William Joshua Rechenmacher
01/07/1983 to 01/18/2007

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