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In Honor Of SFC William Brian Woods

Sgt. 1st Class W. Brian Woods Jr., of Jefferson County, Missouri passed away at age 31 at
Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Landstuhl, Germany, of wounds suffered when he was
shot August 14, while on patrol in Ghanzi, Afghanistan. He was killed while serving as a
Special Forces senior medical sergeant in Operation Enduring Freedom, assigned to the
United States Army, Company B, 2nd Battalion, Special Forces Group, (Airborne). Brian
leaves behind his wife, Elizabeth, and two young daughters, Lily (age 5) and Ella (age 8

Brian Woods was a graduate of Northwest High School, House Springs, Missouri class of
1996. After high school, he entered the Marine Corps when his contract was up, he joined the
Army where he became a Green Beret.

"I remember Brian always had his friends back, no matter what the odds. If we were in
trouble, he'd take the fall to protect us. He'd take a punch or a kick to protect us. That attribute
lived on, but this time he had his country and all its peoples backs, and he took the bullet to
protect us."  - Brian B.

"As for Brian being a solider in the US Army and a medic, I can say it suited him well. He is
one of the bravest and most courageous people I've known. He wanted to be part of the
action. Even at 14 years old he knew he wanted into the military. On August 14th, 2009, the
US Army lost one of its most determined soldiers. The military needs more men like Brian."  -
Lisa W.

Brian Woods was a wonderfully simple, full-of-life extremist who will be missed by all who
knew him. He  lived life at 90 miles an hour, if he enjoyed something, he threw himself into it
wholeheartedly. Brian was a photographer, a rock climber, a base jumper, a thrill seeker, a
friend, a husband and a father. Not one person that was lucky enough to know him in his
short time here will ever forget the man, Brian Woods Jr..

August 16, 2016
Lily Woods
My dad, Sgt. First class William Brian Woods was amazing. He was a daredevil, loving, caring
and overall awesome dad. Today I honor him.(I do that everyday though) On this very day, he
was shot and killed in Afghanistan. Dad, if you can see this, I just wanted to let you know how
much I love you and miss you. You will never be forgotten. I love you so much, and I know
many other people do.

September 07, 2015
casey woods-moore
to my oldest brother time was cut way to short.  i love and miss you so much.
love the little brat.....

March 29, 2012
LTC Adrian T. Bogart III
Tonight I write from Camp Woods, Ghazni, AFG.  Recently arrived here and honored to be at
the Camp named after this hero from the SF Company I once commanded.  We will continue
to honor SFC Woods, his memory, service and sacrifice as we continue the campaign here in
Afghanistan.  May God bless Brian and his family, and lead us to success here in
Afghanistan.  LTC Bogart

Memorial Day 2011
SFC Army Medic
Brian, I honor you today this memorial day 2011. Those who had the privilege to come into
contact with you will never forget you.

Lisa Winkler-McPherson
Remembering you all the time, B. I smile when I see Lily and Ella, and now our little guy, Liam
Brian. You are not forgotten.

October 22, 2009
Your Name: Ron Merrell
God be with the friends and family during the continued rough times.  Brian, we will see you
soon, Brother!

De Opresso Liber

Sept 30, 2009
Elizabeth Woods
My husband, Brian Woods, was the most courageous and "full of life" man I have ever
known. Everything he did, he put his whole heart into. His list of qualities and skills has
always amazed me. No task was ever too big for him. He loved every challenge that came his
way. Living life in such a fearless manner taught those around him the true meaning of
strength and honor. Through the heartache and pain that my family and I have to endure over
his loss, I can truly say with all of my heart that I have never been so proud to have shared a
life with this incredible man. He will be missed by everyone who has crossed his path, for he
touched everyone who ever knew him. My daughters will know for the rest of their lives that
their daddy was a true Hero. He is forever in my heart, mind, and soul. To my husband,
soldier, and best friend, "I love you Brian." Love, your wife Elizabeth
SFC William Brian Woods, Jr
United States Army
KIA 16 August 2009, Afghanistan
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Painted on our front wall when we renamed
the camp after Brian.
Paul "Macca" and Brian