The Founders      

Our Fallen Soldier was founded on
August 1, 2006 by the family of Sgt.
Kyle A. Colnot, who was killed in action
on April 22, 2006 outside of Baghdad,

Kyle was eulogized as a true blue
infantryman, his mission on earth is
done, ours has just begun.

Currently there are thousands of
troops deployed. Over 6500 of our
patriots have given their lives for our
freedom. Each and every one of them
must be remembered. Remembered
for their valor, loyalty to the United
States of America, and willingness to
lay down their lives for us and the
liberation of our fellow man in distant

Current technologies have provided a
world wide forum. This website is for
the use of the families and friends of
fallen soldiers. Memorial pages will be
established for each soldier. Words,
pictures and music can be placed on
the pages. This is at no charge. The
memorial page will remain on the
website indefinitely.
Our Fallen Soldier was granted IRS
non profit status effective January
18, 2007. All contributions are tax
Kyle's Family
Father Jack, Brothers Kris and Kurt
Texas Mom Pam, Sister Kelly, Nephew Brad,
Kurt's Wife Danny, Kelly's Husband Rich
Nephews Nick, Red, Alex and River
Christmas Parade
Baker City, Oregon
Float  sponsored by Marvin Wood
Brothers Kurt and Kris Colnot
Manning OFS Booth at the parade
The OFS Table
Baker City, Oregon
About Us
          (Nicole Frugé/Express-News)
Jack Colnot keeps the memory of his
son alive by maintaining a memorial
Web site for fallen troops.

"JC" Colnot     (210)
Founder and Board Member

Kelly Luisi                  (760)
Co-Founder/ CFO
National Director Our Heroes

Pam Colnot
Co-Founder/ Webmaster