Join America and go….

Casual for a Cause…

Blue Jean Fridays are a fun and easy way to show your support for
OUR  local and national Military.
Join America and go….

Showing support for our local  military is as easy as 1,2,3…4

Contact us today to schedule your "Casual For A Cause" Blue Jean date…
1. Pick a  Friday (or even a whole week) to let your employees  or  
group go "Casual For A Cause"

2. We supply you the advertisement and participation "Freedom
Bracelets" (FREE to your company or group ),  then your employees or
group sign up and make a small donation to Our Fallen Soldier  to
participate in the event - your almost done!

3. On the set date, everyone wears "Casual" clothes or Blue Jeans to
support our cause.

4. We pick up the donations, or you can mail them, and we send your
employee " Certificate of Appreciation" to hang in your office  or group -   
It's that EASY!!!

All the money raised goes to the LOCAL military to assist in Our Heroes
Journey  adoption program.  This program provides much needed
assistance to Marines, Soldiers, and their families before, during and
after deployment.