Pvt. Reece D. Moreno
Prescott, Arizona

United States Army
24 November 2006, Balad, Iraq
January 16, 2007
Melinda More

My brother was an amazing person. He was so brave, he amazed me. Joining the army a week after
he graduated early I think took us all by surprise, but he graduated early just so he could go at
eighteen years old. Just a baby to me but he came back from boot camp a man. He was a wonderful
uncle to his neices and nephews, and looked forward to having kids someday. He wanted a little girl
more than anything. He proposed to his girlfriend Chelsea before he left for Iraq in October and I
certainly was looking forward to seeing him walk down the aisle. He loved to play the bass guitar
and we have the best movies of him in his garage band. I think most people will remember Reece's
laugh it was loud and hilarious. Just hearing it would make you join in with him even if you didn't
know what he was laughing about. Reece will be missed every second of our lives and I know we
can't wait to see him again and hear that laugh!

We love you Reece